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Post designs, tunes, and other lefty related Animal Crossing posts here.

Here's a yugo/polish anthem I saw online.


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more stuff i made.




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I don't tend to admire my reflection much, but I had a weird moment when the screen went dark in this game. Usually when you have the "black mirror" effect you look sad or stressed in my experience, but Animal Crossing is a pleasant experience, so I was also surprised to see that I looked relaxed and content. Not used to seeing my reflection looking happy, and it's pretty great tbqh.


did anyone figure a way to make the dolphin emulation multiplayer?


are you speaking of netplay specifically for AC City Life?
Cause I know some games have netplay over Dolphin for sure,
but I don't know if specific games need specific support.


I don't remember exactly, I just know someone mentioned a future of being able to play local multiplayer with bros online and thought that'd be kool.


Why play Animal Crossing when Stardew Valley is clearly superior?


Good point.


They're not the same game,and not even the same genre.
Stardew Valley is still better than the latest Harvest Moon tho.


gud gaem


I don't own the Switch, but watching videos of Animal Crossing I just never got the appeal. It seemed to be like Harvest Moon, only with a lot more repetitious tasks and annoying furries/childish cartoon characters.

Harvest moon seems more fun, even if it's capitalist.


It's more of a Sims kinda game rather than Harvest Moon kinda game.


But it is still shittier than Rune Factory 4

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