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Always wanted to make this thread, but could never find time for it until now. Discuss lore, art, modding, headcanons, C0DA and other stuff related to the games.


Personally I feel morrowind and Skyrim leaned way to heavily on their rpg mechanics thus breaking each games progression and sense of realism needed to promote immersion in the lands of Tamriel.


Not a fan of TES series, cuz Bethesda design philosophy, but leveling skills by using them is such an immersive, roleplay friendly and obvious thing. You like certain playstyle, or certain character build, and you progress through it by just playing it. Genius. Makes me wonder why most RPGs keep sticking to standard "stab 500 goblins to get better at oration" approach. I really dislike it because I dont like playing a murderhobo, I like roleplaying, in particular I like to avoid hurting animals in games, but XP-for-kill mechanic incentivizes towards becoming one man extinction event. Which as a rule carries no moral weight, game portrays you as a hero even though you are effectively some kind of life-force vampire, murdering everything around you top get stronger. Undertale genocide run is just default setting of wast majority of RPGs.


Just getting back into the series and SPID and KID for Skyrim has been a godsend for follower mods, paired with Nether's Follower Framework you can have a full party that levels with you and gets perks as they level. I've been distributing perks and spells to NPCs too and it's a ton of fun, mages are way scarier now and will actively banish/turn your summons. Walking into a mage dungeon is pandemonium, there's constant explosions and you need to stack resists to have a chance of surviving. I'll have to make AI packages so they use fear/fury effects properly, and maybe set up ASIS to increase spawns or just hand-place some more enemies with group utility skills so they aren't steamrolled when my party gets better equipped.


Did anyone else get hard filtered by the Oblivion gates? I was young when that game dropped and it took me years and years to beat it because my playthroughs would end after getting lost in the Daedric planes.


I always avoided the main story because I hated NPCs getting killed and the mobs only got deadlier the longer you put it off, so I didn't beat the game until last year.


nah, if anything young me just stacked resists/athletics and hard skipped 99% of the getting to towers thru the bridge puzzles by literally just yeeting myself too the towers locations lol


an example


It’s such a shame that bethesdas devs didn’t have enough assets to fully flesh out the oblivion dimension. So much of the region contains copy pasted assets :(


So mods included, which TES would you say is the best? I played Morrowind and Skyrim for quite a lot, but never finished them. Oblivion made me drop it the moment I got into Imperial City and had to deal with the dialogue system, but I am thinking of giving it another try, but idk, dont want to spend a week modding it and then immediately drop it again.


morrowind by far, gives the player the most agency


You can get mods for oblivion that make the dialogue options give a better idea about what you're going to say


Games are basically the same wether or not they get modded. Just play the release that works the best for you


Finished Morrowind before the current userbase was born. Played the rest afterwards.
If I was pressed I'd say:
Morrowind > Daggerfall > Redguard > Arena > Battlespire > Skyrim > Oblivion
(I haven't played the mobile games)
however, it's worth noting that Skyrim and Oblivion are uniquely awful in their own ways. The only saving grace Oblivion has is that it at least alludes to the Colovian high culture and Nibenese intrigue.
I will NEVER forgive that cunt for ruining the lesser aedra and dragons in particular.

Reject Bethesda, embrace Team Rebuild Tamriel.


Have you played any of the pre-Morrowind titles some time in the last two decades? They havent aged well.


OpenMW is a beautiful vanilla mod, I love seeing the original game, looks great simply by using a fresh engine with far draw distance.
Morrowind is about awakening to your godlike powers, it fits


remember to honor the Sixth house and the tribe unmourned


Morrowind - Great. One of the games I never uninstall. No need to say much about it.
Oblivion - a shit, but a fun shit. Mechanically it's really bad. Also, the worst scenery ever, fuck this shit. I do like the quests, the voice acting and of course Shivering Isles.
Skyrim - cut out even more shit, while not being as retarded of a system as Oblivion. I kinda like it, but I only managed to finish it once. Still haven't beaten the Solstheim dlc. Very nice nature and overall atmosphere. Less funny than Oblivion.


The features you are alluding to miss have long since been added by excellent projects like daggerfall unity.
Criticizing a game for perceived antiquities is trite critique. Here especially, considering Oblivion plays worse regardless. Arena has terrible writing granted, though about as bad as Skyrim gets.


I don't think Redguard and Battlespire can really be compared to the other games, and saying either of them is better than Oblivion or Skyrim is ridiculous.
>ruining the lesser aedra and dragons in particular
What changes did you dislike? ESO has some ehlnofey characters in one of the High Rock and Valenwood zones iirc.

My main issue with Arena is that end-game fights turn into the same potion-chugging battles of attrition as in the later titles. The last dungeon specifically is a slog because they filled it with liches and called it a day.


File: 1685424087805.png (511.25 KB, 633x745, it's over.png)

What is the materialist explanation for nord rapefugees colonizing tamriel?


Only chinlets like medieval fantasy rpgs

Real communist like futuristic scy-fy ones


File: 1685428182007.png (2.53 MB, 1280x720, The-Outer-Worlds-scr1.png)

Outer Worlds has one of the worst art direction I have seen in a video game.


It's just a mediocre game in all aspects, with half baked itemization. I also remember being able to max quite a lot of skills, like it was impossible to not become a jack of all trades.


I am fervently unqualified to say anything about cgi but I have a term I like to call natural contrast. Basically it’s the idea that the colour variation of most levels should general adhere strongly to a single colour at a time because most of the light is coming only from one source whose frequency naturally shouldn’t change(unless it’s like exciting a material but even then you don’t need to go that deep with graphics).

When natural contrast is prioritized sets look boring but not visually overloading to the player but when it’s ignored it’s very distracting


File: 1685498276107.gif (3.99 MB, 360x360, dagoth ricardo.gif)

They basically remade the Morrowind engine from its precursor without any of Bethesda's original source code. Best of all, it is somehow even more stable and extensible than the original, especially with the shader and script support in recent versions and upcoming dehardcoding of gameplay mechanics as well as support for .bsa and .nif formats of future games.
Btw, if anyone wants a point to get started with OpenMW, there is modding-openmw.com that got various modlists for either quick modding, complete overhaul of the game or simply a better looking vanilla experience.
Also do not forget how they cut down the varieties of Daedra in Skyrim. Not including Scamps and Hungers is a downright criminal offense.


File: 1685498459130-0.png (348.57 KB, 1128x608, Iron Dagger.png)

Also, I have started working on something of a model remake project for MW. The starting point was the Iron Dagger model, and I am looking for what would be fun to redo next. Any ideas?


Enemy model variations.
Bethesda has a thing for faking diverse enemies through procedural algorithms


>Makes me wonder why most RPGs keep sticking to standard "stab 500 goblins to get better at oration" approach
One benefit of skill point buying systems is you have much finer control over the growth of your character and don't need to take time away from actual gameplay grinding out a single skill (although players might end up grinding character levels rather than individual skill levels regardless). It's particularly hard to raise skills like mercantile or, in Daggerfall, passive skills like medical or languages in a way where they'll keep up with the rest of the player's skills, so more often than not they end up on the chopping block/merged with other skills in later games to fit with usage-based leveling mechanics. Adding in skill trainers can help somewhat and cut down on grinding but it defeats the whole point of needing to use skills to level up, it's just point buying but as a money sink.

In the future I hope they use some kind of hybrid model where you can allocate perks by using the skill as normal and leveling up, or by completing quests and earning perks/levels which you can distribute as you see fit. I feel like character/skill level-based progression is sorta dated now but any other system I can think of basically reinvents it. You either end up perpetually short on perks or as a jack of all trades able to unlock everything. Or maybe they could take a page out of Runescape's book by deriving character level from combat skills only, but now I'm getting way off topic.


File: 1685522065519.jpg (21.28 KB, 640x533, zzcrd7vvz67z.jpg)

based free software gaming enjoyer
OpenMW could be a good basis for more action RPG, much like how the Quake engines are still used for lots of games, even commercial ones (licensed freely, at least the code)


I disagree with this statement (although the fandom indeed can be kind of chinletdish at times), but Starwind is very gud. Pretty much an indie Star Wars RPG made on Morrowind's engine with a lot of playable species, locations, quests and other stuff.


I’ll be honest. I don’t like it, not for what it represented for its time but for what it is today. Daggerfall is an unfinished game by todays standards, not for its graphics but for its content. The world is one of the largest open worlds but there’s very little reason to explore any of it, it’s dungeons use copy pasted assets with little sign of puzzle solving or storytelling aspects to them(the ladder is fine by itself but the former does make exploring these labyrinths really repetitive). There’s no naturally occurring mob spawns anywhere or even roads meaning you won’t find any enemies in the wilderness or NPCs you can talk to making the open world completely barren all stacked on top of no unique structures or inside of small towns, “caves” and dungeons

Obviously there’s mods to fix these aspects of daggerfall through the unity ported version which I’m planning to learn to mod myself with all the assets I’ve made through blender but for now, this game is really disappointing for me after oblivion


Join: https://www.tamriel-rebuilt.org/ and their dicksword
They'll give you plenty to do.


Daggerfall… home.

It's helpful to know what you're in for when playing Daggerfall, I'd compare it more to Dwarf Fortress adventure mode than the later titles in the series: the adventuring is much more self-directed and slower paced and the world design means you won't just chance upon interesting locations while exploring. Most of the worldbuilding is done through books rather than factions and quests so there isn't a lot of storytelling or intrigue to hook players who like that sort of thing. Dungeons are generated procedurally in blocks, which is why they can feel samey and easy to get lost in. It's not for everyone but I like it a lot, it's a strict improvement over Arena and I come back to it more than I do Oblivion, plus the mods in the last few years have been great both for quality of life and replayability.


Why do people care about the "lore" of these games so much? They're so cookie-cutter. It's the questlines and characters that make them appealing.


File: 1685827473503.gif (9.99 MB, 575x324, cheetah rain.gif)

I think it is mostly Morrowind that was richest in worldbuilding, both in-game and in books. Oblivion and Skyrim on the other hand boiled it all down to Tolkien and GRRM respectively, with most of the more interesting lore stuff in those being part of books or easily missable sidequests or expansion packs. As for characters and questlines, yeah these are the bread and butter of the franchise but I wish they were more fleshed out. Both Oblivion and Skyrim left me wanting for more ways to advance and solve certain quests, and the vast majority of Skyrim's characters felt awfully one-dimensional due to most of them having at best a couple of dialogue options and none at worst.


That's conflating the fluff in the games with all the supplemental world building (which at this point has become its own beast and has been for a while). The Wheel is I, reach heaven by violence, WELCOME TO THE HOUSE OF WE, etc.


Also, would be remiss of me to not mention that some of TES' best ideas come from RuneQuest, which is also great though I prefer Kirkbride's and Kuhlmanns prose myself.
Anyway, that as a sincere answer to your bait question. Satisfied? Learned something?


File: 1685957508488.png (38.07 KB, 750x444, mk.png)

It's interesting that the series survived where so many western CRPGs (and the game studios that made them) died or faded away all around the same time in the late 90s/early 2000s: Wizardry, Ultima, Might & Magic, Bard's Tale, hell even Fallout which was resurrected by Bethesda themselves. The ones that DID survive like Bethesda and Bioware fully embraced more action-oriented real-time combat and consoles. There doesn't seem to have been a similar reckoning in Japan, I wonder what caused it.

In-game lorebooks probably get people interested, and the lore has had multiple writers and influences over its almost 30 years of existence. Plus Kirkbride's writing (both in-game and in quasi-official sources like the imperial library) is so strange for a lot of people that they end up digging deeper to find out more. The 36 Sermons are pretty much straight from Crowley/Thelema and he apparently believes in and practices gnostic mysticism stuff. In pic related he's cautioning someone against reading one of his imperial library posts too carelessly because it's magical.


Who lives in Red Mountain under debris?
Dagoth Ur-Ur
How grand and intoxicating is he?
Dagoth Ur-Ur
If corprus and blight is something you wish
Dagoth Ur-Ur
He's a god and you're slaughterfish
Dagoth Ur-Ur


File: 1686034957879.png (52.78 KB, 933x350, sir-tech.png)

>>28220 (me)
I was reading more into it and I guess there was a wave of consolidations around that period that saw a ton of studios go under or get acquired for their IP and dissolved by bigger players. There's an interview from 1998 with one of the founders of Sir-Tech (the company behind Wizardry) as it was partially shutting down, in which he said the level of investment and negotiating power needed to create and market new titles was increasingly out of reach for mid-size companies, he even mentions Bethesda in particular as one he expects to go under in the near future. Bethesda founded Zenimax the next year and probably got enough money to stay afloat from that, and ended up with a lot of well-connected people on its board of directors like Donald Trump's brother, Robert.

Full interview if anyone else finds it interesting: https://www.ign.com/articles/1998/10/16/sir-techs-last-words


File: 1687108260097.jpg (147.72 KB, 997x1200, 36 lessons of vivec.jpg)

Lets just say that Kirkbride is pretty amazing as a person. He is very outreaching to people who ask him questions about various text or lore events, also advocating for the canon being more open to interpretation and allowing writers to make their own stories, fill in gaps in lore and even create micro-settings within the established Elder Scrolls universe without worrying about it possibly clashing with the canon.


File: 1689956903803-0.png (1.76 MB, 1366x768, ScreenShot23.png)

File: 1689956903803-1.png (975.7 KB, 1366x768, ScreenShot35.png)

What is everyone's opinion on the SimonRim series of Skyrim overhaul mods? I honestly find them a very good alternative to overloaded total overhaul mods like Requiem because they do not suffer from feature creep as much and play very nicely with other mods, so if you for example do not like Adamant's perks you can substitute it with Ordinator or another perk tree mod without worrying about compatibility much.


I definitely prefer Simon's to EnaiSiaion's stuff, the latter is just way too out there for me. SPERG is nice and simple too.

Requiem is sort of in a league of its own, development is going along at a glacial pace and just getting everything to work is a pain in the ass. There are so many different versions and tools needed out there for all the different modpacks (Wildlander, Serenity 2, etc) that it's easier to just use Wabbajack at this point rather than trying to put it together yourself. I appreciate what they were going for but it takes a while to get your character decent and I can't keep interested after level 20 or so when it loses the challenge. And it's a shame that so many of their features are tied into the overhaul, a lot of their extra spells are cool and I wish they could be easily used without Requiem.


To me skyrim doesn’t need an overhaul of its systems it needs balance and a lot more levels to justify the size of its map


File: 1690306831541-0.png (1.16 MB, 1366x768, ScreenShot43.png)

File: 1690306831541-1.png (1.7 MB, 1366x768, ScreenShot31.png)

Thats why I go with Simon's mods. They are more concerned with changing the balance and refining the existing systems than tacking tons of stuff on top. Races get more fleshed out ability pools that reflect their lore better, perk trees are redesigned to both encourage specialization and make leveling more rewarding, encounter zones outside dungeons spawn enemies the same level as inside, magic is made both more powerful and more costly and a long term specialist investment etc. Most serious changes to the combat system come from the Blade & Blunt mod, but it feels more of an organic expansion and refinement of Skyrim's vanilla combat than trying to be Soulsborne (though combined with CGO it feels kind of like Severance). As for levels, all this stuff is built to mesh well with quest mods, so most of the time you can install Falskaar, VIGILANT, Carved Brink, Project AHO and others and won't encounter much balancing issues or need patches unlike bigger rebalance mods.


Also, OpenMW 0.48.0 has gone stable:
Lets see what will come out of it. The Lua script engine thing is pretty lit, as is the built-in post-processing/shader thing. Not as powerful as MGE/MWSE yet, but very close to leveling the field and some MWSE mods might be ported over to it soon.


OpenMW-lua isn't anything to write home about yet. Even says so in the release article. The lack of a video is going to hurt them, much like TR reports going from monthly to bimonthly is hurting that project.

>Not as powerful as MGE/MWSE

OpenMW is already "more powerful". OpenMW-lua specifically doesn't have feature parity with MWSE.

>very close to leveling the field (with MWSE)

lol. Here's a tip: don't write so much about shit you don't understand. You could've just posted the article with something along the lines of "Neat, there's a new version of OpenMW!" Would have spared your face from the egg.


File: 1690322937661.gif (726.04 KB, 320x240, output_5FtJNR.gif)

Yeah, I have worded it a bit poorly sorry. I indeed did not mean the engine itself is not up to par to MGE-MWSE (the engine is all in all much more stable and moddable than the vanilla one obviously besides that), but rather that the Lua scripting engine is currently lacking in comparison to the other one and needs to be expanded to be brought on par, like support for adding custom skills to be displayed in the inventory's skill list (see: Ashfall). OMW-Lua seems to be actually better documented than MWSE-Lua so maybe that can give it a better headstart, but as you said the defining issue here is lack of exposure. They still rely too much on blogposts and word of mouth within the TES community itself, when a video showcase would have garnered more attention overall through the social media as well as give more of an idea how each feature actually affects the overall game and its modding environment.


Appreciate the reply, that took guts.
I agree. OpenMW benefits from an inherently better position over wrappers/injectors. It really is only a question of *when* it will take off in the mod scene. See also TR (and by extension PT) waiting on cell based water height (among other things).


File: 1697784133576-0.png (22.79 KB, 1041x200, 36 lessons.png)

File: 1697784133576-1.png (85.69 KB, 1730x458, red year.png)

I've been binge-reading the collected posts of MK (PBUH) and there's a ton of interesting tidbits. Apparently the 36 sermons weren't written on LSD after all, and he and some other people REALLY dislike the names of provinces and the Red Year was meant to allow a redo of some of them (there's also an interview with an Arena dev who lamented the names of provinces, Summerset especially, and some place names as well, but pretty much anyone at the office or their friends/family could put markers on the map and name their own locations). To think we could have had a Bloodborne: Valenwood Edition.


Relatedly Kurt Kuhlmann has apparently been let go by Bethesda and not of his own initiative according to MK, also TESVI apparently has no plot written so far and is likely to be doomed with Kurt having been the last hope for TES lore and good writing for it.


Well fuck. I guess that makes ESO the torchbearer for lore now. This truly is the darkest timeline.


the name 'elswyr' makes me want to kill myself


File: 1697816433862.png (550.75 KB, 824x549, kot hazmat blini.png)

Starfield lead writer got laid off just after the release so I am not surprised now tbh. They clearly do not even care about the lore anymore as can be seen with BGS releasing a Fallout Shelter clone with a painfully generic fantasy aesthetic.
Someone in the team really does not like cat people. Pellitine is not much better tho and registers with cat toilet filler for me.


could be gemmy, but poorly executed


File: 1699603584435.png (993.32 KB, 600x1000, ClipboardImage.png)

>religious fanatic leading a group of well-organized and equipped cultists
>attacks the center of the world's largest empire
>brings down the White Tower, metaphysically and psychologically striking at the fabric of reality and causing the world to enter a new era
>imperial agents raid his faction's secret cave base but he narrowly escapes
>they find him a long time later in a compound with his family members and kill him but it's too late to affect his plans
Is he Osama


does he have bible black on his pc?


he probably has a few copies of the lusty argonian maid laying around, and some chokeweed/marshweed to make him horny for argonians


What are some good quest mods there are for Morrowind? Already have Tamriel Rebuilt and towards something closer to a questline than a new lands mod.


elder scrolls 6 is going to cause a massive wave of steppe-ass white boys. went through a bethesda art directors pinterest and i saw so many ian connor pictures, errolson pictures, and pictures of rick owen lug tractor boots i am speechless


File: 1702271761108.jpg (44.51 KB, 739x415, elco5wopt1e81.jpg)

>all this ethnic and desertpunk stuff
Seems like it is going to be Hammerfell after all yeah.


File: 1703009417123.jpg (199.69 KB, 1119x1737, GBUGM31WIAADGIf.jpg)

>Avellone stated that the team had presented numerous ideas for a new Fallout game to Bethesda, but unfortunately, all were turned down. Moreover, Avellone alleged that Obsidian even approached Bethesda with a proposal to develop spin-offs similar to FNV for The Elder Scrolls franchise, but these suggestions were also met with rejection.
We could have had Skyrim but with an actually good series of interlocking quests.

> This is true. One of the Elder Scrolls proposals (which I pitched) was intended to serve the same function as FNV did between F3 and F4, to provide more adventures in the setting during the years before the next Bethesda release.

> I thought it couldn't hurt to try and push a similar system to what Treyarch/Activision had going with Call of Duty at the time (but hopefully less rushed). Bethesda could do a core release, then we'd release a TES title (in same world or a divergent timeline/era) before the next big Beths. push.


Damn, that could have been pretty cool. Sucks that Bethesda screwed them over.


What a shame


File: 1703033741282.png (584.37 KB, 808x880, ClipboardImage.png)

He can't keep getting away with it.


i honestly can't tell if all the Deep Lore™ of Elder Scrolls is brilliant or incoherent rambling, maybe both


both. they used to have some great writer in bethesda who tried to make sense of the lore but he isnt working there anymore sadly


>the lore is incoherent rambling
so just like real life lore


I do not know of any other games that both have a detailed world like this that is both coherent and retains enough mystery for the players to write their own stuff around. D&D-ish on surface, yet more and more divergent from conventional fantasy the more you dig into it, like the sun actually being a hole in reality from which magic seeps into Mundus that is gradually shrinking, or Talos being actually a composite of three people. Most of the lore is written in a manner where certain events are described from different biased perspectives, so deciding on what might be the truth is up to you.


>maybe both


It's fun to read and build things on top of, that's what I care about.


This is the best take away you can have, and I am happy you see it that way.
(We've already had this exchange in the other thread. c:)


File: 1703449624651.jpg (1.52 MB, 1060x2000, chmonya purse.jpg)

I am thinking about getting that one idea of an OpenMW fangame/conversion out of the backburner seeing the recent developments with the engine and now that I have free time for that. Still grounded in the TES setting and still having the original races and concepts, but set on an island rather than the continent and featuring a set of its own organizations, characters, species, concepts and so on. So far I have a vague idea of it being about a conflict between two colonial powers (Empire and Dominion, or maybe of the Akaviri kingdoms?) and the island's natives somewhere in the post-Morrowind timeframe, but have not got a map ready yet. Not sure if I will be able to actually cobble much of the game together, but I will try to get help for it and in turn make some materials to help other modders.


Take extensive notes. Even if this project will go under (and chances are it will, failure is mandatory for learning), you are likely able to use ideas and concepts in other projects. I'd tell you to keep the scale small, but I'm terrible with that myself so just focus on doing shit instead :)


it's super cool but reading some of the Kirkbride stuff just melts my brain lmao.


Daggerfall Unity 1.0 came out.


How so compared to Morrowind's slavery apologia?


Depicting slavery within a game is not the same thing as apologizing for slavery. Morrowind explicitly made the dunmer look like dickheads for keeping khajiit or argonian slaves. It was a pretty progressive game for its time and it did a good job of making sure you the player knew that slavery was bad.


It was a theme park, shallow depiction of slavery that only made most people think it is okay because they enslave literal animals.


Awesome, I never had problems with bugs or crashes but it's great that they're confident with a stable release. I've been meaning to try it with mods, now seems as good a time as any.


There's an abolition faction that is PAINFULLY clearly made out to be the good guys. What are you talking about.


This does not change dichotomy that the only alternative to the imperial invaders is letting the dark elves continue their slavery.


The abolitionists are dunmeri. The imperial ties you allude to are circumstantial, and inherited from the Hlaalu-Empire relationship.
The slavery dichotomy isn't even "yay" vs "nay", but naked chattel slavery (Telvanni, Dres) vs indentured servitude and serfdom (Hlaalu, Velothi).


Item physics based on the Bullet physics engine in an experimental OpenMW fork by Max Yari. Not fully ironed out yet, but items can be tipped over, thrown and can deal damage to characters when colliding with sufficent velocity. Kind of reminds me of GMod and DUSK at the same time.


But I like stacking arrows in DNA spirals :(


I feel like the mod should have a way to freeze placed items in place, or items should be freezed in place unless picked up or hit by weapon or spell. That would be good both for players setting up scenes and for the game performance.


has openmw attracted any good writers? has anybody made any cool quests for the game?

why don't modders ever make cool new levels and quests and shit like that for games?


Check out MelchiorDahrk's mods for starters, like Secrets of the Crystal City and the Imperial Mananaut one. Also there just happened to be a wave of good OpenMW-compatible quest mods recently, so just lurk around Nexus.


File: 1704755290625.png (520.4 KB, 700x1010, 9auffj7vr0o61.png)

Some hidden content in these games is pretty funny.
>Kill Me is a blindfolded Breton acrobat found in the interior test cell TestAlan. When you attempt to activate him, a message box which reads: "I'm growing!" pops up. When you kill him, "You killed me!" pops up. Trying to loot him will still activate his script and you won't be able to access his inventory.


I dunno man, maybe take a fucking gander at the popular mods before you start making wild claims.
What a dumb fucking post.


File: 1704822532913.png (333.17 KB, 630x630, ClipboardImage.png)

skyrim came out closer to the '90s than to today


File: 1704829729780.jpg (24.52 KB, 531x451, limecat.jpg)

What do you even mean? It is just a bit more than a decade old.


2011 (Skyrim) was 12 years after 1999. 2024 is 13 years after 2011. Skyrim's release is closer to the 90s than to today.

Btw Morrowind and Oblivion came out between Skyrim and the 90s and only TESO has come out since Skyrim and today.


started playing eso recently, it's ok. lots of new content I've never seen before. I'm still trying to figure out how I'll make my build, but in general it's going well.


File: 1704951763348.png (1.51 MB, 2048x2048, Khajiit swordsman.png)

I wanted to have a go at it to see their version of Elsweyr, but apparently that questline is paid,and honestly from what I have seen they did not do good job at portraying the province. The cultural conflict between nomadic.northern and sedentary southern Khajiit is one of the interesting parts of their lore and ESO seems to sideline it heavily in favor of a dragons, Jagar Tharn's grandgrandma and cat daedra outbreaks. I am also not a fan of the game's rather boring art direction that looks like a crappy in-between of Skyrim and Oblivion to me, but sure the old SWTOR adds into it too.

As a heads up regarding my project thing, I am currently practicing my drawing skills and trying to pull myself to make a concept art library for it and anything else I would plan or would like to contribute to.


>hmmm, I wonder why they're called argonians, maybe it has to do with argon
>look up the etymology of argon
>Modern Latin, from Greek argon, neuter of argos "lazy, idle, not working the ground, living without labor," from a- "without" (see a- (3)) + ergon "work"
What did Todd mean by this?


that's nice art (if you did it)


I always thought it is a reference to Eye of Argon, aka the worst fantasy novel ever written, especially considering that one of the scrapped TES Adventures games was called Eye of Argonia.


Yep, thats my work. I have not really use any references during making it per se, but what was on my mind for the armor were Turkic, Arabic and Mongolian designs with thought put into physiological traits of Khajiit like sensitive ears. The clothing is wider at the sleeves in order to allow for better ventilation, while bracers are to be worn beneath the garment's sleeves themselves. I am thinking of ways the design could be expanded on, but in older drawings I thought of grotesque battle masks and face guards that accomodate to the shape of the wearer's face and protect it while still allowing them pick up scents and looking intimidating.


>paid content
True, but I've also heard you can exchange game currency/items for store currency with other players to buy dlcs and circumvent actually paying. I plan to join one of those groups eventually to get the right content to complete my class.


>Elder Scrolls
Literally far-right coded


File: 1705072861578.png (84.5 KB, 500x649, le happy thalmor.png)

Scrolls of the Elders of Alinor more like it.


>the n'wah know


It's a far-right coded series, the entire plot is literally about race wars, with the hooomans (obviously the white ppl) being portraited as the good guys despite being the only ones who commited genocides


In short, it's garbage, DnD is much better


>with the hooomans (obviously the white ppl) being portraited as the good guys


File: 1705266615661.jpg (25.23 KB, 570x366, ybAhGWai3k8.jpg)

Not sure if you are serious with your assessment, but…
The thing is that the.humans being portrayed as good guys here is acknowledged even in-universe as the works of Imperial hegemony while also showing multiple points of view on every major backstory event (just check out Battle for the Red Mountain lol). None of races in this setting is really inherently good or evil nor there is a rigid alignment system that keeps them in that way unlike D&D that you mention. Most of the ethnic conflicts happening in the series come off more as result of societal elites vying for more power, wealth or following some ideology than result of the supremacist ideologies being true, which for me is already better than most other fantasy universes that barely flesh out their peoples and do not bother with writing multiple PoV story pieces.


File: 1705335590767.jpg (701.26 KB, 2560x1600, char.jpg)

My unenjoyable time with NG+ in Starfield made me want to go back and finish 100%-ing Skyrim in vanilla and I just finished. Always wanted to try a sort of arcane berserker character that uses mage armor and a bound weapon, super flimsy until the dragonhide spell that lets you ignore 80% of damage. It's like a regular warrior character except you don't really feel that strong until level 50 when you've got all the potions and enchants you need, you need to recast your weapon any time you want to use any other spell, your damage output falls off in the late game, and you have downtime/casting times so if you get caught unaware without your spells up you're gonna get wrecked. I don't really like how big of a crutch alchemy and enchanting are for any character that isn't a stealth archer or sword and shield + heavy armor.

If nothing else it was a good reminder for why I use certain mods, and gave me reason to look up more mods for areas of the game I don't usually play.


>>33109 (me)
Also the shock cloak spell with associated perks is great for a melee character, it effectively reduces every enemy's health pool by 15% via disintegration and the range increases massively when dual cast and using buffs.


I want to start playing Skyrim, but I dont feel like installing more than couple mods (last time I did I spend more time doing that than actually playing game), so which overhaul mod do you think is the best in turning the game into an actual RPG? Requiem seems interesting, does anyone have experience with it?


Requiem works well for turning your game into hell with minimum hassle, yeah. Not exactly friendly with other gameplay and content mods without patches, but might be just the thing for you.


Depending on what you mean by actual RPG, Requiem should be fine. It doesn't change the bad storylines from vanilla but it does add better character progression. Only thing I don't like is there's a lot of game knowledge you need to know up front to build your character properly. It does require a bit of work to set up and tweak to your own tastes plus there are a lot of mods/patches for it (like 3Tweaks and Expanded Grimoire) that are worth using. It's a major overhaul so any mods will either need to be made specifically for Requiem or have patches to work properly with it. Other than Requiem I also enjoy SimonRim (although it's about 20 mods under one umbrella), it's more like vanilla+ than an overhaul but adds a lot of build variety and flavor to the game.

If you don't want to bother with hunting down mods and patching them you can use a premade modlist with Wabbajack: https://www.wabbajack.org/

The only downside with using Wabbajack is if you don't pay for Nexus you'll be stuck clicking "download" for a while depending on the modlist size (from one hour to many hours), but after it's done you're good to go. There was a good one for Requiem called Serenity 2 but it doesn't look like it's available anymore. I've also heard good things about Wildlander but haven't tried it, nor have I tried any of the SimonRim modlists.


I mean adding some sort of depth and meaningfulness to the progression, instead of Bethesdas "do anything, go anywhere, everything is the same". As for the main quest, I am just going to install Alternate Start mod, and roleplay a wizard sellsword.


Oh yeah, you'll probably like it then. My only advice is if you choose the prisoner start from the mod make sure you spend one of your first 3 perks in lockpicking or you won't be able to leave the cell lol


I prefer Skyrim Unbound since it does not even tie your start to being a prisoner and gives more character creation options like vampire/werewolf status, starting faction, gold and items, ability to use shouts and absorb dragon souls etc. Good compatibility with mods too.


File: 1705765481803.jpg (337.15 KB, 1920x1080, Oblivion_Mods_Guns.jpg)

You know what, fuck it, I cant be bothered to install all the stability and bugfix patches, on top of Requiem and custom start mod. I just installed Enderal instead.

Btw, I was thinking about giving Oblivion a try, and I am willing to put little more effort into modding by virtue of never actually playing it. Big thing I want to change is that god-awful leveling system, any mod recommendation on that front?


Instead of modding Oblivion just go full steam ahead and install Nehrim as well.


I tried, but really didnt like it. Dont even remember why, but I think it just lacked meaningful interactions with NPCs, I remember it being very dungeon-crawly.


This one gives you a +5 bonus no matter what whenever you level up: https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/2691
When I play Morrowind I like using a mod that just has attributes increase naturally as you increase related skills, but I've never tried the Oblivion equivalents so I dunno if they work or not.
You should also get a mod that reworks the ridiculous level scaling. I tried this one a while ago and it was good: https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/49194


Maskar's Oblivion Overhaul kind of deals with the leveling if I recall correctly. Can be also be safely combined with Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul, a earlier mod with similar aims.
Also can suggest looking into the Ascension mod.
Make sure to use Wrye Bash after installing these mods to eliminate any possible conflicts through merging the conflicting changes into a patch .esp.


File: 1705854021000.jpg (420.5 KB, 3072x1728, lziw0tu8jadc1.jpg)

Any thoughts on the new Daedric Prince? Aside from "I'm glad TESO isn't canon"


Not opposed to it outright, there's supposed to be countless Daedric Princes hanging around who don't really care about Nirn. Depending on how the story pans out maybe it'll be a good addition, but I doubt it. From what little I know there's hints of a multiverse, and fuck that.


Does "TESO writers should individually be made to put their hands inside a steel wrangler" fall under "I'm glad TESO isn't canon"?


The avatar's design is meh like most things in ESO and the whole fate-weaving thing is already Mephala's domain. I am not opposed to new princes being introduced, but the way Ithelia is being introduced is just lazy and reminds me of Games Workshop's approach to Warhammer lore.


File: 1706474326830.jpeg (386.96 KB, 1934x1826, tes races.jpeg)

Why's every war in the First Era a war of extermination/genocide?


Most things in that image being dead are Todd revisions.


Only the Lilmothiit who were introduced in Oblivion's 3rd edition of the Pocket Guide to the Empire as casualties of the Khanaten Flu and the Falmer. Imga are for some reason ignored by ZOS, as well as Tsaesci got turned into just a weebish human nation instead of vampiric snake samurai they were implied to be in earlier lore.


Because it was when human filth (settler colonizers) started to invade and infest Tamriel


Imga are still around. The Akaviri of all forms are still around, including the Tsaesci heading the Blades.
Falmer are a Todd-era invention and therefore irrelevant.
Black March inclusion is just idiotic in general. Might as well include the whole continent at that point.

Reject Todd revisionism, embrace C0DA canon.


>Black March inclusion is just idiotic in general
Lilmothiit, Kothringi, Orma, Horwalli, Yespest, and Barsaebic Ayleids all lived in Black Marsh but everyone except Argonians died or left, most of them without any explanation.


>Falmer are a Todd-era invention and therefore irrelevant.
What are you smoking man? They have been part of the setting since Daggerfall and Bloodmoon.
<"Such shy folk … I tried," Lucky faltered. "I did try. The ice elves were very hard to find, and not that friendly when I did find them."
Skyrim only introduced the dumb idea of them being turned into literal CHVDs by the Dwemer.
>Black March inclusion is just idiotic in general. Might as well include the whole continent at that point.
Well they did include the whole continent already and shat all over the lore to the point that UESP and even Imperial Library are not really reliable anymore if you consciously look to reject all of the shitty new lore.
Half of that is ESO bullshit and half of that is anti-Argonian slander to pin the blame for the extermination of Lilmothiit and other natives of Imperial-occupied parts of Black Marsh on them.


The not retarded ones are either MIA, or still around just not recently recorded.
Reject Todd revisionism.

The King Edward series is of dubious canonicity. Assuming it is veracious: the ice elves and snow elves are not the same thing. Specifically, the elves of the Fall of the Snow prince are implied to be a native culture of Solstheim that first empire men retroactively grouped with their mythical ice elves. It's a propaganda piece. Note the quests suggestion that the "Falmer" and "Riekling" are the same - it is not incidental.
I did forget Morrowind coined the term Falmer though, so my bad.

>shat all over the lore to the point that UESP and even Imperial Library are not really reliable anymore if you consciously look to reject all of the shitty new lore.

I have observed this too. The UESP has gotten significantly worse after the Morrowind faction of the staff gave up.
Luckily, the Project Tamriel team has their own wiki which is supposed to include non-stupid lore and their own additions.
Still pretty thin, but it has pages on the Masser colonies.

>Well they did include the whole continent already

fair lol




the elder scrolls series turned 30 today


yup, they don't make mods like they used to


Honestly I like skyrim the best. Morrowind is a pain to get into so I never did. Oblivion is good I still don't feel as immersed as I do in skyrim. I don't play with mods either. I also play on switch.


File: 1711475396076.jpg (22.12 KB, 500x500, 1467062925623.jpg)


I mean, it's just their preference. what's the issue with that? Although prefering vanilla Skyrim is kinda weird.


NTA but the leveling system alone makes vanilla Morrowind and Oblivion almost unplayable.


>consoles: good ports
>PC: good mods
Damn it, I dunno which one is better anymore.


First for OpenMW VR is very good.

Possible to underlevel, but difficult
You have to be retarded to fuck it up with so much static stuff in the world. Halo kiddies who got it with their xbox hueg console could handle it.


I dont mean unplayable as in hard, Morrowind if anything has exact opposite problem, there are so many ways to break the game player will inevitably do it just by accident. But I like roleplaying, and the leveling in those games is overly complicated, unintuitive, and encourages power-gaming.


>the leveling in those games is overly complicated, unintuitive, and encourages power-gaming
skill issue


File: 1711927976923-0.jpg (915.56 KB, 2134x1200, fnaf1.jpg)

File: 1711927976923-1.jpg (197.79 KB, 1280x960, fnaf2.jpg)

Why yes, I only use immersive mods. How could you tell?


for some reason I watched the whole thing


Skibidi Toilet mod when?


Sorry but toilets aren't lore-friendly. New Vegas has you covered. https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/85489


toilets would quickly get raided by orcs, who literally worship a pile of shit



File: 1712733304259.png (5.4 MB, 1212x2456, afinebook.png)

Hello guys. Want to hear something interesting? Did you know that real Cyrodiil patriots oppose the Imperial occupation of Morrowind? The Imperial elites are just Daedra-worshippers in disguise.


lizard hands typed this post


Just now realizing that Nords and Redguards have exactly the same racial backstory. How would you make them distinct, /leftytesg/?


File: 1713891313476.jpg (109.29 KB, 960x630, Yasuke-960x630.jpg)

I have been cooking up a headcanon that Redguards were from Akavir originally, then settled Yokuda and left it for Tamriel after the conflict rendered it inhospitable. Mostly because Redguards have snakes as a recurring motif in their stories and a bit of Japanese inspiration in their lore (which frankly is not much considering even the ham sandwich Nord race has that, lol @ wasabi shields).


File: 1713892045492.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.06 MB, 2120x1668, cf10ad3fdbd0f9011f1809f34a….jpg)

Made for BBC (Big Barbed Cock).


The snake thing makes too much sense to ignore. Would the Akavir->Yokuda migration take place around the other side of Nirn then? You a round-Nirner, anon?

I've been toying with the idea of Yokudans as analogues for the Roman Empire's foederati, where warring states of Hammerfell increasingly relied on their services (with gold and land as payment) until eventually they dominated the region militarily and started taking castles and forts for themselves when their patrons couldn't, or wouldn't, pay. For Nords I suppose they could stay the same. Or giving Nords the new Redguard backstory and having Redguards stay the same. I'm just wary of including TWO martial cultures with their own sacred cultural magic escaping from a doomed continent and killing all the elves they can find.


Only tangentially related, eventually I'll make a thread just for talking about games that are in development, but some of the original TES devs, Ted Peterson and Julian LeFay, are making an RPG called Wayward Realms with their new studio, OnceLost Games. I guess they've been working on it as a passion project for a while now but put it on kickstarter a few days ago and it's racked up 500k CAD so far. Obviously not a lot when it comes to game development but I guess the goal is to raise enough funds to be able to work on it full-time for a year so that they can cobble enough of a product to woo some publishers. They say it will be a spiritual successor to Daggerfall, complete with a huge procgen map, supposedly 500,000 square kilometers. That's huge.


>procedural generation

Oh boy….


Isn't that the case for a lot of TES games?


idk but they already have a problem with 'wide as an ocean deep as a puddle', a 500 sqkm world will just make things even worse


Yeah that's fair. I know Starfield was largely procgen and people seemed to hate it but so was Daggerfall and that game is beloved. Hopefully there's a tasteful way to do it because the scale of open world games has always felt off to me. Even if it's largely empty between POI's I'd still have fun romping around.


I mean Daggerfall came out like 30 years ago when people were more easily impressed.


It's still loved by modern audiences. The subreddit is in the top 5% of the site by userbase. On youtube, videos that are only weeks to months old have tens to hundreds of thousands of views, extend that search out to just a few years and it's in the millions. On Steam and GOG the ratings are very positive. Daggerfall Unity (a mod) was developed for nearly 15 years between 2009 and like 6 months ago and was finally completed. idk I dont think i'd even be talking about it right now if the game was merely coasting on 30 y/o nostalgia


I think its because people are starved for genuine sandbox games. Within RPG genre, what else is there?

Semi-off-topic, anyone here played Dread Delusion? Its been on my radar for some time and finally came out of early access, clear Morrowind influence.


New trailer for Avowed, which Im posting here because realistically this is the closest we are going to get to a good Elder Scrolls sequel.


>I think its because people are starved for genuine sandbox games. Within RPG genre, what else is there?
Capitalism doesn't like wide open sandbox RPGs because the average player is not going to see most of the content, which means that it's a "waste" to put all that effort in. The suits don't care about the art or about the fun, only the return on investment. That's why games tend so much towards being cinematic and on-rails.

The only way you can get away with something like Daggerfall in terms of scale is if you do it by procedural generation. Which is what they did back then. Today you could make it more hand-crafted, but the economics forbids it. And consumers aren't going to be as interested in exploring a procedurally generated open world, so even doing it that way would be hard to convince them would sell.


You're talking about Morrowind specifically right? There's already 5-7 TES games if you count TES6 and TES online


No, I am talking quality of Bethesda RPGs following consistend downwards trend and having no hope about TESVI changing it.


>Semi-off-topic, anyone here played Dread Delusion?
I played the demo. It was the definition of style over substance, extraordinarily barebones. The art direction was really good, and the only thing keeping me from dropping it. Everything else felt like a design by checklist open world.

We can hope that after Starflop they'll course correct and start making deep mechanics again right?


It was a massive commercial success, and with Fallout TV show bringing new casual audience to their Fallout, I cant see scenario in which they dont double down on slop, its clearly in demand.


After getting back into Starfield its clear now they just dont finish games on release. I like it way more now but the real crime is paid mod support, and mod support at all coming as late as it is


VGH the Third Era has fallen.


Any gameplay mod recommendations for OpenMW?


Here's what I've currently got loaded:
Attend Me
Persuasive Speech
Pursuit for OMW
CHIM - Movement and Stamina
Friendly Wildlife
NPC Schedules
Sensibile Races and Sensible Birthsigns

Also waiting on a good "survival" mod, a la ashfall. Frostwind doesn't do it for me.


Recommendations for must-have mods/mod packs for Daggerfall Unity? I would like to give it a try, but really dont want to spend entire weekend researching and installing mods.


>the closest we are going to get to a good Elder Scrolls sequel.
Kingdom Come: Deliverance was kind of like a good elder scrolls game in a lot of ways


Thanks. These seem to be what would make the game feel more alive. I have not found Friendly Wildlife, but I found Sei's Dynamic Wildlife which adds dynamic animal and monster spawns.


In that case it's probably my own mod. You can easily make your own by opening your editor of choice and changing the fight and alarm values to your liking.

I have over a 200 loaded, so way too many to list. My recommendation is to go look around on the nexus and grab whatever seems interesting.


File: 1718770806809-1.jpg (145.46 KB, 1024x768, 20240617235818_1.jpg)

Finally trying Morrowind and it's super fun. I played it briefly on Xbox when I was too young to appreciate it and didn't get much farther than seeing Tarhiel fall from the sky and being attacked by a Kwama. Pretty sure the relative lack of hand holding in general but particularly my inability to find Caius did me in. Now I'm ripping through the game with a build that ended up being pretty well suited for a completionist playthrough, to the extent that it's possible. Picked Redguard because I wanted to be a stereotypical warrior and tend to be intimidated by being a mage in these games but the character creation quiz suggested I play as a Spellsword so I rolled with it. My birthsign is The Tower which in retrospect probably isn't the best–I never use Beggars Nose and it doesn't take long for the Tower Key, the thing I picked the sign for, to be made redundant–but at least RP wise it helps me justify being in all three guilds at the same time. Speaking of Guilds, their jobs, in addition to dungeon crawling is what I've spent most of my time doing. Otherwise I've gotten to the point in the main quest where you need to bust someone out of the Ministry of Truth and I've just joined but haven't yet done any work for House Redorans.
Since it's my first time I'm playing vanilla but there are two things that really annoy me and that I want to mod out asap. One is that shopkeepers will wear the armor/clothes that you sell them and two is that stupid shimmering neon glow that all of the enchanted items have.
First picrel is me and my wife. no but really why are all of the High Elves so hot 🥵. Seems to be a thing in the lore since one of the Altmers I talked to said something about being proud, wise and sexy
Second picrel is my bff for buying all of my skooma and moon sugar. I realize he's not the only one who buys it but since I was largely based out of Balmora and he's conveniently located between a silt rider and a guild guide he was my #1 customer


>orcish armor has less armor than glass
Medium armor bros, they did us dirty.


Didn't believe you at first but the wiki confirms it. The only glass armour I've found so far are boots and their AR is only 13 but I guess the AR for a particular piece is dependent on the corresponding level? I'm only realizing that now but it makes sense and explains why I rocked Orcish for so long despite wanting to use heavy armour;I was largely levelling medium and not heavy, which is now level 47 vs 36 respectively. I did find a Dreugh cuirass which is better than Orcish but still inferior to Glass and I finally got Daedric armour in the form of boots so I will sadly have to say goodbye to my spikey clown shoes. Looking at the wiki again it seems like Redoran and Indoril is the best medium armour but again still inferior to Glass. Pretty wack I have to agree. The unique armour is where it's at anyway. Not sure what the examples are for medium but my helmet, the mask of Clavicus Vile, currently has 96 AR and my gauntlets, the Fists of Randagulf are up to 108 AR, both with OP enchantments to boot.


>>orcish armor has less armor than glass
Is there a lore reason why they make weapons and armor out of glass of all things? It's not even like obsidian or something it doesn't seem.


Didn't see it explained in game but then again I haven't read many of the books. The wiki says the following:
>Glass weapons and armor are an ornate design: light and flexible, although very difficult to make and expensive. Glass armor is a lightweight armor created using rare metals studded with volcanic glass. The result is stronger than steel due to its ability to absorb and distribute shocks very well.
>Malachite, commonly known as glass (and not to be confused with common glass), is a rare, volcanic, milky translucent green crystal that absorbs magicka under the right conditions. It is most often used in creating strong, yet lightweight metallic armor and weapons. The material is similar to ebony, but is less durable and more lightweight. It bears no relation to the common, brittle glass used in windows and ornaments, as it is far stronger and has a much higher melting point. It is most commonly found in Morrowind on the volcanic island of Vvardenfell, but ore veins can also be found all across Tamriel.
>The knowledge of using glass and moonstone to craft elven armor started with the Altmer in Summerset, and was once a closely guarded secret on the isle, but a Dunmer slave Ulvul Llaren, who worked under the isle's master smith escaped and as an act of revenge, revealed the secrets of its creation to the rest of Nirn. Thanks to his contribution, it is now known that glass armor is made using rare metals such as moonstone in order to give it the right strength, and is studded with malachite to create an armor stronger than steel due to its ability to absorb and distribute shock. The use of malachite among non-Altmer, however, predates Llaren's contributions, both among the other mer and men. Glass armor is considered the pinnacle of masterful Dunmeri light armor design. Similarly, Elven-made glass weapons feature extravagant use of rare metals and cutting edges made from crystalline volcanic glass to produce blades of virtually unparalleled sharpness and light weight. Glass weapons wear down quickly, however, and require frequent repair.
I figured it was justified in the lore but the fact that it's better than all(?) medium armour seems like a mistake gameplay wise. I suppose the trade-off is that it's relatively rare, expensive and the wiki says weapons wear down quickly which I've definitely noticed but not sure if that applies to the armour too. Still left thinking that theres no good reason to pick medium armour over light or heavy other than the fact that Orcish armour looks badass


I forgot there are a couple good unique armors in medium, but the best light being better than the best vanilla medium I never understood. Orcish armor in Morrowind looks so much better than Skyrim or Oblivion.


File: 1718936067140.png (413.77 KB, 500x358, ClipboardImage.png)

Weird, the design doesn't really look like volcanic glass. If it's like IRL volcanic glass it would be breaking into pieces when it gets hit so not great as armor, but a high damage weapon that degrades quickly makes sense. Then again, Nirn operates on dream logic.


Glass is refined ligament of a long dead god wot scattered over Nirn. That is why there is relatively much of it on Vvardenfell.

When sourcing the UESP on Morrowind, don't use general lore pages. They contradict each other. Better yet: just cite books directly from the Imperial Library.


looks gorgeous

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