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>24 years and 1 month after the game was released
I'm pretty sure someone knew this entire time, but decided to be cheeky and release it when the numbers matched up


absolutely had to have done.
No way it was by chance


L from death note? I don't understand.


Go to the fourth floor of the castle. You'll know.


File: 1608527897998.mp4 (3.23 MB, 640x360, L.mp4)



Obviously it’s a fake leak by either the discord fags for cred because the Pokemon beta designs shit is boring as fuck or by the /v/ hype tards.
No way something like this escaped the thousands of people that make speed runs and romhacks that know everything about how SM64 works to an autistic detail


this is a release of an early beta of SM64, not a crack of the existing game. Hell, I am pretty sure the game has a functional port to PC now (outside of emulation obviously).


Shit like those OoT item renders on absurd resolutions are probably the best part of the leak.


File: 1608527898744-0.png (1.19 MB, 10000x10000, 1595840740739.png)

File: 1608527898744-1.webm (2.88 MB, 1536x672, yoshi island.webm)

Shit like those OoT item renders on absurd resolutions are probably the best part of the leak.
Also, the cut Yoshi Island map.


In fact, can you direct me to these leaked ROM downloads? I'd like to correct this travesty with a proper animation.


Is Mario 64 the best game of all time or at the very least the best Mario game?
It's just pure fun, not some complex story driven game trying to make a statement and it isn't simplistic enough that you get bored of playing it after 20 minutes like Tetris or Pong.
24 years later and it still has a very active community too


I certainly like the game a lot, and as someone who's played a shitton of it for a long time its controls are pretty decent,
but for the average shlep who's not played before, the controls are in fact kind of jankass.
It is the most 'game' kind of 3d platformer though and I think that does make it great; the whole crux of it is the gameplay, and 'the game is fun.'
The fact that people are constantly making genuinely well designed mods for it is great too, and you can always count on a Simpleflips competition to bring in a burst of good romhacks.

I do wish we could have a game like 64 with the sheer sleekness of Odyssey's controls though.


the controls are more than forgivable, especially since mario 64 was a pioneer into the 3d platform genre and camera controls and movement in a 3d space were still being figured out.


It's pretty good, but it's hardly comparable to better games like the original 2D Mario games.


To this day I don't understand the bitching about SM64's controls. The camera is fine.


>better games like the original 2D Mario games.


Yup, they have way better pacing.




Lol then is why everyone so hyped about Luigi being found if it's only in an old beta? It was common knowledge that a co-op mode was scrapped so of course a Luigi model would've been designed at some point


there is an official model of a SM64 Luigi now, which was thought to be something that no longer existed
Also the whole L is real thing, and right before this released there was that SM64 iceberg meme which likely just coincidentally happened right before this which talked about it

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