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Let's end it once and for all


Like all forms of media they can be.


Only the Japanese ones.


Everything is art and it doesn't matter. Instead I prefer to measure games by their ability to foster the development of skill for entertainment purposes.


Only when they make my pp hard.


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Making any kind of game requires some sort of creative vision, whether its on the composer's, character artist's, script writer's or even the UI programmer's part. Each of them have some kind of idea in their head on what the end product will be, but in the end they are together working towards the same end goal and that is the game that they originally set out to make. It doesn't really matter what comes out in the end or even whether the end-user who eventually plays it likes the end product, what's important is that they all contributed to it in their own way and the game that was produced is their collective expression as creative beings.
TL;DR games are a form of creative expression on the part of the people making them and thus should by all accounts be considered art.

T. Game Dev


All art is stripped of meaning when transformed into a commodity. Therefore, the most artful video games are freeware.


File: 1608527897150.png (97.59 KB, 612x491, c7c.png)

Correct me if I'm wrong, but are you saying that anything with a pricetag attached to it should not be considered "proper" art? I'm honestly confused here.




So I shit on the street, thats art, as it is not a commodity. But as soon as I put a price tag on it, its loses its arthood




[b]This[/b] is art!



Does this not limit the production art purely to the people who are wealthy enough to spend all of their time doing art instead of working and making do?


yeah it's a known fact that the lower classes cannot produce art


Not on their own. But those given the appropriate amount of care and story can come off as interactive literature, though rarely.


File: 1608528072377.png (116.25 KB, 253x255, 1452040857502.png)

Niceu argumentu!


>Everything is art
This is your mind on PoMoism


File: 1608528072986.png (151.76 KB, 1268x463, Culture is proletarian.png)

Holy fuck you're retarded




No, Roger Ebert was 100% right.


then plays, books, movies and TV shows aren’t art.


I'm really curious if the "book" this poster is talking about actually exists because I have the strong suspicion that he's vastly exagerrating the idyllic character of this supposed pre-capitalist 1945 Arcadia, especially since he talks about mining as if that could be separated from modern industry.


Consumer products are not art.





if you’re an anprim maybe


The video game in itself isn’t art it’s a game.


Video games can integrate artistic elements via their background art&music, scenery and so on. But I wouldn't say the game itself is art, since it's about the gameplay and heavily commodified. I'd like some gsmes you or someone think are an exceptiom to this


Best response yet.

I'm not sure you're responding to the right post because I'm not seeing any mention of a book outside of a generic chan phrase of "read a book [faggot]" which given the context would imply; read socialist theory (Das Kapital) and/or historical accounts of working conditions and culture in X or Y era.

>he talks about mining as if that could be separated from modern industry

Mining and actually all sorts of industrial labour was done differently in the past (prospectors often worked small independent mines, rather than large consolidated ones) and there is no idealism, he's not saying it was all good and grand, he's saying that as capitalist infrastructure developed culture ebbed, as people had less and less time and more and more urbanized issues.
See link related about why most people have less free time today than peasants of the Medieval era.
Why People Don't Read Anymore: https://archive.is/w1f30


gameplay is like any song, movie, or book in that it can be used to build tension through consonance and dissonance. the only thing that separates it from those other art forms is that the consumer is forced to take part in it and make it happen rather than watch it from the sidelines. if anything, that’s better than art.
I don’t think the reason games are “too consumerist” is because they exist in a very specific time and place in capitalist culture where half of the first world is made up of couch potatoes that barely have energy to even think. it’s a trashy art form, but like all trashy art forms if you take a closer look you can find gems that understand that games can be used to add an extra dimension of tone to any piece, like the Japan Studio collection for example.


*I think the reason
*gameplay can be used to add


I think the problem is that interaction that would work in the context of an art piece and interaction that would work as the base of a gameplay loop for a 20+ hour entertainment product can be difficult to reconcile. that said interaction I.E. gameplay can absolutely be integrated into the art in a meaningful way. the way people dismiss the potential of interaction out of hand just seems arbitrary and lazy to me most of the time.


>like the Japan Studio collection for example
And Japan studio was/is a 50+ million dollar outfit with elite level talent in numerous technical fields, that's what is required if you want to make a notable work with a moderately high degree of fidelity. there's no getting around how suffocating those real world requirements are.


no you know, all the games have to wait for a remake in a post-capitalist world to be considered art just like any other media :^)


Sometimes, but they're never high art.



That depends what your definition of art is. A game with a good, sophisticated story that has elements of tragedy or comedy can be considered art. The gameplay itself is just competition, a sport like chess played between you and another player or an AI.
>inb4 muh graphics
>inb4 muh music
That's just the decoration, the essence is the story, in video games the graphics and the music are like satellites that orbit around the story.



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