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What qualities make an FPS game good? I'm doing this so others can reference, and out of my own curiosity, here's what I know so far: Make the weapons unique and serve different functions, make enemies aggresive and varied, levels shouldn't be corridors, anything else?


enemy behaviour that is predictable but not dumb (eg. an enemy will seek cover after being shot at)
enemy variety which each enemy having a specific role, being visually distinct and working well alongside other enemy variants (eg. halo combat evolved)
movement should be fluid and work alongside the levels, weapons and enemies well (an interesting failure in this part is HL2 imo as the AI does not get much time to shine due to the players absurd speed and firepower whilst the AI would be much more fitting in a slower paced game)


Forcing you to choose your targets and not just shooting everything in sight. shot impacts should have noticeable physical impact on the target hit.


thanks guys, uh, how does one make a good level or map?


well first you must ask yourself what kind of fps do you want to make - what do you have in mind anon?
also regenerating health is dumb, do not add it and do not accomodate your levels for it


The game is a marathon-esque game taking place on a spaess ship, I figure oxygen and health would be par for the course, along with prolly some armor, I'm considering just having armor and an ungodly small pool of regen heath, and by small I mean can be gibbed by a pistol small (assuming your unarmored) but that sounds stupid so I'll prolly go with conventional health


You want the world to feel vaguely real unless you're going for something incredibly arcadey. If the game feels like just travelling to generic arena after generic arena instead of actually traversing a world then you have to really hope that your gameplay and map design is top tier.


>marathon-esque game taking place on a spaess ship
What kind? Meme sci-fi ships or the O’Neil cylinder kind?
The space setting can be a very good place to create a movement shooter. Remove most hit scan enemies, allow the player to dodge most projectiles. That way you could keep the health system you already got.


Meme I guess, basically you're a cyborg fighting against aliens who've killed all of humanity up 'till they got to your asteroid colony ship, most enemies use projectiles if I recall my enemy list, and no one'll do enough damage to kill you in one go (assuming armor and health are at full)


It completely depends on the type of FPS. Arena, tacical, sim, and other variations of FPS all have different needs.


K, it is a sci-fi game where you fight aliens, there are 6 weapons, it is meant to control like doom or marathon or something and have sprite artwork, several enemies, big towering beasts that'll either charge you or mount gun turrets, alien bugs with guns, an oversized spider with a continueous laser rifle and the ability to mount passengers, an alien in a pressure suit that explodes when killed (occaisionally exploited, or wears heavy armor, the less armored guys attack from a distance and spread apart, also man weapons, feeble aliens w/ energy shields and exoskeletons, used as skirmishers, and big psionic aliens with cool abilities. your weapons in the order you get them are: an oversized taser with a scope and a charge up function, the normal shots do no damage but will garuntee a stun, and if enough of the land at once, they will blow up an enemy ignoring armor, charging it up will release an arc of electricty; a five shot pistol, accurate, dual-wieldable, it's the magnum from half-life; a plasma flame thrower with a secondary ability to charge up a little ball that acts like a grenade and leaves behind a fire; an assault rifle with an underslung shot gun; a shotgun minigun that winds up before firing and has an underslung rocket launcher, a four round missile launcher that needs to manually lock onto targets, will fire as many rockets as there are locked targets. please criticise and explain how one would theoretically make a good game out of this


the gunplay is one of the most important


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I made a large autistic post about this in the Halo thread: >>3331
But if there's one single piece of advice I can emphasize, it's that the game should have an automap function, so levels can be fearlessly designed with complexity and freedom justifying that.

Unless, of course, the player journeys to some kind of gimmicky madness, like the descent into hell in Doom, or inside the protag's nightmares in Marathon Infinity. Even then, somewhere more "normal" to compare it with is helpful in accentuating the weirdness of weird levels.

Your design's varied weapons and foes seem like the best area to add depth to its combat would be special interactions between enemies/weapons, and different damage types.

Have some enemies be bullet resistant, fireproof/flammable, electrically insulated/vulnerable, etc.

Have different "phases"/"modes" for tougher enemies to encourage weapon combos, like electrocuting an enemy to disable their shields, or using bullets to crack heavy sealed armor then ignite their ammo with flames, or the old standby of regenerating enemies that need to be hit with high explosives to be permakilled. Maybe add group dynamics so some enemies could blow out fires or supercharge each other.

And maybe environmental features, so electricity would be more effective against foes in water, flame would ignite some scenery, etc.


the idea behind the taser was that it would ignore armor and auto stun, unless you charged it, then it's subject to the same rules as anything else, each shot would do 10 (adjust later) "damage" which doesn't mean anything, a stunned enemy isn't anymore easier to kill than others, but if say, you shot an enemy with 100 health 10 time with the taser in quick succesion, they would explode. Your ideas on the more interactions are interesting and I will write some shit down, I had a feeling shields would stop tasers, maybe the taser and flamer (energy weapons) strip that shit down pretty quick like in halo. your comment on igniting ammo and enemies is a good idea, maybe armored grunts need to have their armor breached to prompt the use of a flamer on them, making big booms, I'd always envisioned them as slow shock troops that would march at you with flamers and plasma cannons and have no regard for personal space, so that would be a good counter. Regnerating enemies doesn't gel with the setting, but maybe it would be good to hear other ways explosives could distinguish themselves aside from splash damage. srsly, thanks man, those are good ideas I hadn't thought of

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