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File: 1608527914132.png (31.45 KB, 455x420, e2l3v5lb44j21.png)


ss13 thread
what servers do you usually play on?
what do you think of offshoots such as SS14 or unity station?
any greentext moments you want to share?


File: 1608527992464.png (290.41 KB, 1000x1000, 1440307608201.png)

/vg/station, because I don't have to walk on faggot ass eggshells.
>what do you think of offshoots such as SS14 or unity station?


/tg/station is alright. But the jannies on it are being cunts currently.


Of course, they're from /tg/.


It's "TG", as in "TGstation". It hasn't been /tg/ in a very, very long time.


i'm like 5 months clean
I want to take one hit, maybe just a nice few rounds as tr*der or atmos tech on a saturday. There's like a 40% chance I would relapse hard and fuck up my shit though.


SS14 actually seems to be coming along nicely. Will be nice to get away from the byond spaghetti code.


isn't that underaged euro c*der driving everyone away from the project?


I know personally one of the jannies on fulpstation before he became one,so we played there.
its alright,they're on an autistic crusade against the cat people because of muh ERP but other than that it's fine even if it's much more strict with the rules if you already know how to abuse the game,which I don't.
>SS14 or unity station
The playerbase will probably never move there,and especially not the admins in charge.


trying to get back into ss13 after a few years away. seems all the main servers have turned into super tight-assed places, walking on eggshells with words/actions and all the mods/admins being literal cocksucking faggots who are all best friends and apply their authority with impunity. im doing ok but its really fucking annoying to dance around and i feel like some of the chaos and unhinged nature is neutered somewhat, but its not too bad. all i know of that are worthwhile are fulp, tg, and bee, all of which suffer from the faggotry i mentioned earlier but at least are fun. please tell me people are still playing, this is the only game im into anymore.


update: ok it seems my best friend has been permabanned from fulpstation for calling the admins gay. are the available servers really such slim pickins these days or am i just missing quality options?


>underaged euro c*der


it is clear comrades. we must start our own server



whats stopping us? new, competent servers are always appreciated for SS13, and we can give it our own little twists, and ultimately, not having fucking SHIT ADMINS ruining the chaotic fun.

I'm 100% on board - are *you*?


well does anyone here have the know-how or money, lol
and what kind of twists do you propose? maybe the station can be commie and the traitors are nanotrasen agents, shrug
or do you mean smaller 'twsts'



this shit requires me to download some weird ass client that’s buggy and slow as hell


yes, thats byond, people have been using it to play SS13 for over 15 years, suck it up buttercup and git gud with us


I have the know-how and money but it sounds bothersome so I'd rather just play on TG


will you do it if we have gay kinky bunker sex







Never plated SS13 before, but it looks interesting. How to get into it?


Read the wiki and play a job with little responsibility your first few rounds. Assistant, janny, cargo, something like that.


is starting my own server a good idea if i have very little idea how to actually play? i could just give admin to some of you lot or something




we seriously need to get our own server up
i really would like to see a medium-low RP server that has a feel more like older styles of play where people just had to git gud and suck it up.


Running a server is pretty easy, it just comes down to how far we wanna go with it. Do we just host a stock copy of /TG/station/some other branch, or do we wanna make our own custom shit?


Run a /vg/ branch.

Honestly I'd love an NTcode server but it doesnt' compile on modern byond.
If we could get it running…


Have you guys heard of shiptest? I want to play it but I hardly ever bother playing.
cud b fun


Suppose I should copy the description too:
<Shiptest 13 is a fork of Space Station 13 (specifically /tg/station-whitesands code) centering around exploration of the universe. Gameplay takes place on ships, which can be flown in an "overmap" which represents areas you can travel in solar systems and beyond.


I mean this is a cool idea, I just want classic SS13 chaos and hell and people being shitwaffles to one another telling you to get gud if you dont' wanna get griffed


I'll set up a server tomorrow, we'll start with /VG/ station and go from there


What's the draw of SS13? I've seen people talk about it for years like it's some kind of drug they can't get away from.


Basically, there's a lot of room for creativity. Over the years, it's had tons of mechanics added, removed, and reworked as well as having many branches with their own custom changes. It's practically a greentext generator with all the stories that come out of it.


>>19975 (me)
Sorry space comrades, I was unexpectedly busy today, maybe tomorrow


Got a server set up, running stock /vg/station like I said. Who's up?


Here's the server address: byond://leftystation.freemyip.com:1917
I'll keep it up as long as there's demand; feel free to practice or fuck around until we get enough people for a round or two.


File: 1657499790750.png (42.16 KB, 480x480, ClipboardImage.png)

old-school anon who showed interest in this: I will 100% be in to this some time this week. I am very. very excited to see how the game has changed since it moved away from the exadv1 and the BYOND community… and get autist-angry when one of you hits me in the head with a toolbox and locks me in a closet within minutes of trying because some things i know never change.
Thanks anon!
<pic of the bridge the last time i played the game


Jesus, now that's old school. Earliest I played was in 2012, and it was already much better looking than that


I'm checking the server out. Will definitely try to get some people on if I can but it's hard to get people interested in ss13, let alone lefties


Right, so, if anyone wants to do old-ass SS13 server, we could in fact do it by running old versions of byond that are still hosted.
This should absolutely run NTcode.


Byond has legacy downloads going back to 2008.
We could probably actually host this >>20058 if we wanted to.


This is older than 2008, maybe 2003-2006 i think, although i am very fuzzy on when the map was changed to this version and when some of those items were added.
I was reminicing about it last night with my little brother, funny how we still remember so much of the map, like where the hidden revolver was, how you could speedrun your way to SWAT station and come back to the station tac-suited up to re-rake it, all the times we did crimes to go and take over the prison station, doing really fun doctor RP's a lot to make some of the best traitor rounds when you are picked, the time Hi-Guy took all the wrenches from the left side of the station and re-created the berlin wall.
Are people commited to RP or what? How long does a round usually last now and what new modes are there, where do people commonly play?
Unfortunately I am going to have to wait until i am in front of a windows as byond never did linux gui.
>let alone lefties
It is ultimately a ame about co-operation though. I am biased because i always tended towards roleplaying games but i dont see why leftists would be turned away from more communal and less directly adversarial (depending on mode, but i hear CTF (my favorite mode :( ) was taken out?) video games.


Byond didn't cut out much functionality. The biggest one was 512 which broke certain complicated older games (like SS13) which relied on deprecated functions that were finally taken out. Getting a Byond build from 2008 should probably support a 2004 SS13 build.

Some people are genuinely committed to roleplay now. Others not so much. The most important aspect of SS13 has come to be the fact that every server has its own codebase, has its own comunity, plays different. THere are 2-3000 daily listed SS13 players now and probably a fair handful that are unlisted. Taking into account how things like Lifeweb exist, SS13 has become something closer to a GMod-esque family of related games rather than one singular game. Things like CTF tend to exist usually more as a mini-game for the ghosts.

I would recommend checking out some of the server wikis.
Here's the wiki for this current server being run. https://ss13.moe/wiki/
Here's "mainstream" TG https://tgstation13.org/wiki
Goonstation (not really associated with SA anymore)


oh btw when i was talking about this to one of my siblings told me my father asked him if i wanted some old PC's that are in the loft. so MAYBE, MAYBE we might get a very, very vintage versions of ss13. \o/


To the anon I played with last night, you're cool, and I hope we can get a few more comrades like you to play


>Unfortunately I am going to have to wait until i am in front of a windows as byond never did linux gui.
Im new to linux, can you not use WINE or is it not gonna cut it?


NTA, but while there's a WINE guide on the byond forums, I haven't tried it and I'm not sure how well it'll work with old byond



File: 1657577474263-0.gif (6.5 KB, 32x32, AI.gif)

File: 1657577474263-1.gif (60.74 KB, 204x48, good luck.gif)

Also there's people who will recommend using Virtualbox running Windows 7


Heads up, server will probably be down for a good portion of tomorrow, been having intermittent internet issues and my ISP will be working on it


Should be back up


I'm going to join today, anon. Looking forward to it!


ey. who's available?
i'll be up for it this weekend.


I haven't been on much myself admittedly, I'll try to be on in the afternoons this week.


am free wednesday and fridays if any anons wanna shoot the shit on a serber! no metagaming, but I'd like to have comrades in mind as we play :>


File: 1660402990221.png (175.2 KB, 580x575, ClipboardImage.png)

Ey, who's up for playing this weekend?


File: 1660406288570.png (392.06 KB, 680x432, ClipboardImage.png)

We need to get people interesteed in running a Classic SS13 server.


OK, so let's suppose I've been living under a rock and never heard of that game. What is it about basically?

Also, if other comrades are playing it, I might be interested :3


You are a spaceman living on a space station run by a meme evil/uncaring corporation and you attempt to stamp the paperwork for crates so your friends can build a solar panel (that actually works and has requirements) but there is a clown who thinks it's funny to keep stealing all the tools from your cargo bay warehouse when you're not looking.
Then the station catches fire because someone else who just started playing yesterday tried to figure out how to make a bomb and flooded the science department with toxic, flammable gasses.
You attempt to leave via the shuttle only to find the clown used his stolen tools to weld every door shut. He honks at you through the airlock windows as he hacks the escape shuttle to leave alone.



OK, so it's AMOGUS: Clusterfuck Edition basically. It's a browser game?
The description you gave me is a true story, isn't it?


File: 1660408214094-0.png (146.29 KB, 669x358, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1660408214094-1.png (706.1 KB, 640x729, ClipboardImage.png)

amogus was more or less based on an extremely pared down version of SS13. The difference being SS13 is such an extremely intensively detailed game where every single part of the game tends to be a real, constructible, tangible thing.
Nothing stops you from re-building an entire new station that actually works in SS13. Meanwhile, since the game actually measures power outputs and the like, you can do things like overload the engine, steal batteries to depower rooms, shock doors to instantly lethal levels. And if you want that power to work, better actually set up a working engine.


Also, if you want to get it
go here
download the windows .exe installer. (if you play on linux, good luck, honkmother be with ye, you will need to google it)
make an account
find a server you want (TG is the big community a lot of people start on now)
get the wiki open for THAT server (different servers are all coded differently)
good luck meatbag


Thank you for the info! I'll try to check it out if I have some time.


>(if you play on linux, good luck, honkmother be with ye, you will need to google it)
The rule for playing through wine is that if the server looks newer than 2014 it probably won't work
This is because BYOND uses Internet Explorer to for the game and versions above ie8 don't work through wine so for example the chat won't work on TG since it uses features from ie9 to ie11
So your options for playing on newer servers is another computer, VN with GPU passthrough or dual-booting.


File: 1660426759566-0.jpg (111.33 KB, 1079x1194, linux photoshop.jpg)

File: 1660426759566-1.png (200.41 KB, 1051x1281, linux projector.png)

it just werks


I've played on every major server through wine.
And besides, even if that doesn't work you can just boot up an virtual desktop.

The recent Linux hate is really bizarre. You know you can just try it right? It's completely free and easy to get going. Go try Linux Mint, and allow yourself to be surprised.


File: 1660507346113.png (6.75 KB, 922x47, ClipboardImage.png)


It's not easy to get going. 99% of it will work out of the box but you'll still have to waste hours fixing weird bullshit bugs and messing around in bullshit config files hidden in the archaic and retarded unix file structure. Especially because you either have to dual-boot(bugs) or use wine(more bugs) with whatever application doesn't have a functional Linux equivalent. This is all assuming you're using some shit like Ubuntu which is hardly better than windows anyways. Try a distro which is actually decent like Arch or actually makes improvements on Linux like NixOS and you will have way more bugs.

anyway check out my ss13 youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeJuXxaKoe1F3V38SzLyBzQ


I just cleared out windows 11 and put mint on. its been really fucking pleasant so far. i havent run into any bugs


Was already subbed lmao, loved the D-Class vid


Can i switch, somewhat, freely between windows and linux? I worry that some of the programs i use for myself and for college might not be compatible with it.


yeah it's called Multi-booting




I use VMware, works like a charm for most programs (amusingly, the only program I have not got working on either Linux or VM-windows is Flashpoint 10 and up, even though previous versions DID work).
VirtualBox is more popular, and seems do well for most people, but I'll leave that to another Anon to comment on.

Not necessary. If you really want to do this, get a windows laptop instead, much easier.

My post isn't speculation, I've done it and got a working Wine version running. I just used the /vg/station guide. Easy as pie.
Also, dual booting doesn't introduce bugs - do you know what dual booting is?

At some point you are going to run into a serious issue, and it is going to make you tear your hair out. That is part of learning the system and helps you'll build up a better understanding, Over time you become more and more capable of precisely searching for issues, and you will find that fixing things is often trivial - you just need to know where to look.
Here is my advice: stay the fuck away from the linux mint forum. That is THE WORST place to look for advice. Instead, look for advice on ubuntu fora.
Also, the man command is your friend.


I am dual booting right now, every time I boot into the other OS I have to reset the clock because it offsets it by like 8 hours. an issue with the way the system clock is used apparently. There was also some weird shit going on with my wifi where if I switched OS it would have trouble using the same wifi but I'm not sure that was dual boot related. At any rate the bugs are much less prevalant but still exist.

also running /vg/ station on wine barely counts as that doesn't use any new IE functions. Try running /tg/ or any newer codebase in wine and every UI window including the side panel will be broken


Works on my computer! By the way, it's TG, not "/tg/". Hasn't been in almost a decade.
>every time I boot into the other OS I have to reset the clock
This is not ok. Check your hardware.


Apologies comrades, I haven't really had the chance to play as much as I would like; The server is up and has been up this whole though, so if you need a host I'm up for it.


>Works on my computer! By the way, it's TG, not "/tg/". Hasn't been in almost a decade.
Could you tell me how you got the TGUI to work through wine?
>>every time I boot into the other OS I have to reset the clock
>This is not ok. Check your hardware.
It's caused by how Windows and Linux handle time, Windows sets the system to local time while Linux sets it to GMT+0 and displays the correct local time by looking at your locale


Second the request for TGUI on wine. Very curious on how you got that to work.

Also does anyone have a link to the latest Escalation iteration (discord or whatever is being used to coordinate it)? I want to get back into muh gritty realistic cold war gone hot simulator


Sorry I am retarded.
I tried it again and remembered that at some point I turned off the gooey, which gives you a pure text output as that is the fallback.
However, when I played last time the GUI didn't rely on dozens of fiddly buttons. It's still doable, but definitely not pleasant. As for how to turn off the GUI to force fallback, it had to do with fiddling with external display settings. I don't know how I did it, but I do recall grabbing it from a bbs forum, so probably TGs shithole.


File: 1662292062373.png (218.12 KB, 953x1054, squareworld.png)

trying to run this on linux with a virtual machine, joining servers results in this
i've cleared cache, installed drivers, tried numerous different servers but nothings working
any help?


SS13 through a VM requires GPU passthrough, without it SS13 looks like your picture.


Still no chance to run it on Linux? Recently ditched Windows and have been aching to play Lifeweb after months of not touching it, sad to read this thread and see people are even having trouble in VMs (after I tried various solutions myself ofc)
is dual-booting the only option? That would suck, setting up a dual-boot purely for Lifeweb might be crossing the line of excess for me


Wine no work?


Both of those are just some bullshit invented by people who don't understand what they are talking about and just heard something like "linux no photoshop". The one with projector is kinda stupid too, since if we are talking about classical tp like x220 they have both vga and hdmi connectors, you don't need to install any drivers to use those. I used tp x220 for quite a long time on all kinds of conferences and meetups and never had a problem, since most projectors have one of those connectors.


>I am dual booting right now, every time I boot into the other OS I have to reset the clock because it offsets it by like 8 hours.
It's not a bug. Also, it is caused by Windows. You have fucked up setting up the time zones when installinig OS, so they are fighting which one is right (rather you are fighting the windows resetting the hardware clock). Nothing to do with "bullshit config files hidden in the archaic and retarded unix file structure".

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