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it's either this or people who spend exorbitant amounts of time just configuring custom emotes and models so they can epic prank some famous streamer when they decide to show their face around


You may cringe at gay weeb erp but this is the future and the weebs and furries are vanguard.


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oh loook a bougeois thread about expensive toys no one else can afford.


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Yes we shouldn't talk about videogames at all because after all not everyone can afford a PC to play them on. Actually I think we better shut the site down too since not everyone can access it. Fuckwit.


(not the guy you were replying to)
Most people definitely can afford computers, today termed 'smartphones', but not VR gaming consoles.
This image is a great example of the brainrot of gamers. It's a practically reactionary edit on an otherwise revolutionary image.

Consumerism pacifies and is among the biggest hurdles to the revolution. That bunkerchan has a board for it just proves how non-serious it actually is.


My wage is $750 a month and I was able to afford PC and a headset after a bit of saving up. Of course not spending all my free time staring at drywall or re-reading capital making me bourgeois but can we talk about video games on a video game board without pointing that out?


Do all these retards replying here realize you don't even need a VR headset to play this?

Stop replying if you have no clue what you're talking about. I bet you were that kid in school who embarrassed himself everytime he said some stupid shit without thinking twice.


I find it fascinating but I can't justify spending 700€ for the headset, and playing with keyboard+mouse is just not the same.


I don't have a good gaming computer. I like to look at videos and I find the concept absolutely fascinating. If I did have one, I would probably not play. Maybe I'd play if it were with IRL friends or somethin, but IDK.


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Is this even a game?


File: 1608527927358.png (869.81 KB, 2100x1398, (you)_games.png)



Well, is it?


VR has activities which fit the bill, yes.


My friends and I can toss around a bag of shit and call that a game too, but that doesn't make the bag of shit itself a game.


The activity of tossing it is a game. Projectile can be anything. VR is more analogous to the real world and its laws of physics that allow you to play.


It's a fuckin joke you idiot. Also how is anime-furry solidarity 'reactionary' anyways


Looks like the average /GET/ thread

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