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I feel like the industry push towards micro transactions and away from fully developed product is a way to hinder piracy online.
I just download skyrim and the sims totally for free with no issues, but, I tried to download Starcraft II and It's a fucking mammoth of a task to get it to work properly with out an internet connect. How can we even go about pirating games that require online play or whatever nonsense they are trying to peddle to make virtually free and perfect commodities cost money,?

Does anyone else feel this way?


If they keep pushing (which they will), then it will lead to a gaming crash. However the indie devs will just fill the space in the mean time while the big boys are shitting themselves.
>SC can't run well without internet
Well it is an online mp game for the most part. Sure it has a campaign, but I'd say it's more like CoD's having campaigns, as in it's not the main deal and it's a bit meh anyway.


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It's not about unauthorized copying at all, these are simply tactics to maintain profitability in an industry where's it's always declining.


The source code is pretty much the mop in the software development industry. So yeah.


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Source code is not MOP but the end product itself. Means of production is, like, computers, internet, etc etc etc.
The internet is actually more the perfect commodity Marx talked about.

It's virtually free (in theory) and can do basically whatever we want.


It depends on the type of source code. Game engines, software libraries, etc. can definitely be a means of production.


I guess that's true. I am more of a code monkey rather than a developer for video games, but, I still think that ultimantly personal computers are what is and should be classified as a means of production.
Ultimately, after out time has come, the distinction will cease to exist, as, all personal computers will remain person computers.


Think of it this way: Who owns Unreal Engine? The source maybe be out there, but commercial developers cannot make use of it without paying rent to Epic Games.


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>hinder piracy
The push to fight piracy is itself driven by the same motive as the stubbornness with which even limited refunds were granted, the abolition of demos, the fight against used games, the industry's tempestuous relationship with streamers/LPs, and the shilling of preorders:

If people can try your game, they're less likely to buy trash.

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