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What did you think of this game? Are the other worth it? What analysis can we make out of it?

I just beat it because I forgot I had it and it was great


What's so great about it exactly? Every time I hear about this game that discussion is always about the story and nothing else.


Gameplay isn't that incredible, in the end it's still just a RPG Maker game, but the way it's used is interesting. In Painful you don't have any good or bad choices, the game will just try to be cruel with you (by removing your arm thus decreasting you attack permanently for example, in the scenario you have the choice between this and killing your ally). I didn't find it as hard as people claim it to be though, the endgame is surprisingly easy (again I think it was intentional).


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some fanart I made


kino and soulful


I didn't really like or understand why Buddy hated Brad and what was her goal.


Nice! Seeing Brad with an apple made me smile.

She was never allowed to call him dad or seeing him as such growing up, he did drugs in front of her and forced her to kill people at a young age. She never got to discover the world or get in touch with others. Once she was kidnapped she realized how fucked up her situation was (in absolute, it's not more fucked up than any other options she has imo). I guess her goal was to get away from him and finding her own identity as soon as she knew this was possible. She probably doesn't have a lot of empathy as a (abused) child and even if she says she understood Brad's trauma, that's false. He never told her about Lisa.
Her character isn't that great or even likeable, but it's not a typical brat either. I don't get what are Austin's views of his female characters though, as he said that Lisa was the one behind all the mess in Painful.

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