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Is it true the devs of this are actually critiquing venezeulan "socialism"? They're from there so I wouldn't be surprised.


Many things in it, not the least being set in a cyberpunk world, criticize capitalism quite harshly.
The government is controlled by corporations and the mayor is just a powerless distraction. All the bars are controlled by a monopoly which has allowed seedy and illicit operations to sprout by license-holders, and is now chopping down perfectly good bars to save their brand. They also own the apartment Jill is living in. Reckless use of nanomachines has led to everyone being asymptomatically infected with junk bots. The privatized cop-monopoly is corrupt.
Sure, the devs have gained inspiration from their own experiences, but I'd say it's criticism towards Venezuela is indirect, and could be seen to focus towards the capitalist elements of the country.

One could say that Glitch City can represent any exploited third-world country, it being an offshored testing-ground and play-pen for multinationals.


and it's supposed to be a worker cooperative, they might even be all socialists.


I think one of the devs on their personal tumblr mentioned in passing that one of the reasons behind making it was to escape Venezuela or whatever. That said, nothing on their blog really even remotely approaches the usual levels of gusano dumbassery you'd see elsewhere regarding the topic, so..


Pretty much. The blog post (from what I remember) was pretty much "We have to get out of this country it's going to shit" and that was all.


Lots of money goes into bashing the Venezuelan government and it's widely popular and encouraged.


Vuvuzela is a trotskist hellscape so it makes sense.

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