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File: 1608527949382.jpg (147.02 KB, 1280x720, Atomic Heart.jpg)


You know I'm surprised that there hasn't been a thread for this upcoming game yet, but the latest gameplay trailer has came out and good fucking god, it looks fun as fuck



Hasn't this game been stuck in development and mismanagement hell?


Probably, although judging by this trailer, they seem to have made some progress


The stamina bar (?) seems to jump up and down completely arbitrarily. I wonder why's that.


File: 1608527950425.jpg (210.26 KB, 1048x768, boredom.jpg)

>another snail-paced FPS trying to be a shitty movie
What's there to be excited for here? At this point I am legit concerned that FPS developers have completely lost all semblance of an understanding about game design.


File: 1608527951439.jpg (37.35 KB, 380x376, di18ar7jde2z.jpg)

>snail-paced FPS
Don't try to get me interested in this obscure Eurojank game famalam, I been searching for years for a FPS to match the sluggishness and tactile feel of the original STALKER and Killzone 2 in an era where everyone got to put an soy face streamer thumbnail to the latest DOOM.


File: 1608527951607.gif (1.02 MB, 299x169, not cool bro.gif)

>implying nuDoom is an acceptable alternative


What's wrong with it?


>supposed to be futuristic USSR
>other than statue of Lenin and a bunch of posters looks like generic modern burger sci-fi
Pretty sad tbh


Wait I just realized, this game seems to simply be an edgy re-imagining of that one episode of Nu Pogadi! where they go to the polytechnic institute https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ncHd3sxpEbo


Looks more like a soviet Bioshock to me.


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