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Alas, nobody else.
I'm bored and it is incredibly difficult to find new friends to play video games together. It was easier back in the day when you could find players through custom games and matchmaking…
Games I like:
>Warcraft 3 custom games
>Morrowind multiplayer
>LOTR Battle for Middle Earth II
>Stronghold series
>SCP Secret Laboratory
>COD World at War (nazi zombies)
>Ages of Empire
>zoo tycoon
>TES Oblivion
I dislike most paradox games.

What do you do when you're lonely and need social interaction? Do you play an MMO? Find a matchmaking game? What are fun games to make friends in?


I idle in a netplay IRC channel and arrange games with other enthusiasts when I'm bored.


The last time I made a friend to play games with was when I posted my PSN in some /v/ thread and of the 15+ people I added one guy and I would play fighting games together. I was like 14 then, I turn 22 this year. The only multiplayer games I really play nowadays is Monster Hunter World and Apex Legends.


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Bunkerchan Freeciv game when?


should we make a bunker/games/ Matrix/Element server?


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I only play solo games fam.


You aren't missing out on much.


Missing out on much?
There must be something worthwhile to do with other people… but I have tried a few games on gameranger.
OP is mostly about games that are good for socializing, like MMOs or matchmaking, but finding about what genre and games are good for it.


Then go ahead and try it, I have based my opinion over experiences in a very large timeframe. Most of it just very shallow, you are much better off actually going outside and doing something with people.

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