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General for all fighting games and fighting game competitive scenes
2D, 3D, Anime, Tag-Teams, Platform, Shrek Super Slam
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does DOA count?i
I know soul calibur 6 has an armor break system that can take the enemies clothes off.


Just found this port of the old Naruto Super Smash Flash but it's only Naruto and Sasuke and you gotta play for both of them. It's a bit stupid but quite nostalgic.


File: 1633563754528.gif (955.96 KB, 498x281, dress-break.gif)

>soul calibur 6 has an armor break system that can take the enemies clothes off.
Feels more accidental… also I thought of pic related LOL


doa is a Sega/Tecmo game with big boobies and hundreds of dollars of costumes to download


There used to be a plans for a (cancelled) Japanese bara fighting game that would've had clothing damage. But I can't find the blog that had the concept art anymore. This was back in 2013-2014, /blog/ talked about it on /vg/.


Aaaaaaah, ok

>bara stripping


strive died already ? I know the big streamers jumped on melty blood to get views and it probably influence the community very hard,but damn.


>melty blood
Oh, that's the game, right? The "fotm" that killed Strive?


Honestly,I feel it didn't "kill" strive,but there was quite a number of top players that simply didnn't like strive (and kept playing it for money),so they move on with the community following,and with how shit the network was at launch,melty also got shat on on twitter.
And now the nickelodeon smash game is the new Fotm,until king of fighters 15,then SF6,etc etc,it's a big celebrity contest where every game series end up with it's own niche (For Honor is unironically still alive for exemple)
Also there is a cheat script coming to strive recently,but it's not an epidemic for now,and I've only seen one Ram player using their own.


>>12866 (me)
To add more data to my analysis,by double checking the steam charts,it's the worst game of the current fighting game with Fighter Z in terms of number just behind MK11,at 3x less than melty/SF/DOA at 1K players.
Tekken is the best of the lot at 8K concurrent players on steam.
If you're playing on console (old gen),you can at least give a x1.5 to all those numbers,and add it if crossplay exist.
You're gonna run a lot into the same people at your rank,but other than that it should be playable.
Even the nickelodeon game is worse than tekken even tho it came out the 5th of this month,and it's way more casual friendly,but I guess there has not been a lot of content creator hype for now.
Fighting games have always been a niche genre,so the more games exists,the more fractured the community is,it's just how it is.
It kept its numbers quite decently before this huge 2-month drop,so I can see why the feeling is that it's "dead".



Muscle memory vs improvisation




I'm down with making an Alunya if you can sprite.

Man, Core-A vids are so good.
I personally lack the discipline and drive to be a good honer and the actual intellect to be an innovator.


Local Lucky Chloe main attempts 11 backswing blows against top tier Pakistani Gouki main.
The results will shock you.


is leffen a nazi


>44 minutes
uigher ain't nobody got time that for that
just tell me what did the piss hair do or say


Death Note + Hitler = Leffen


>sum up 10+ years of shittery for me
44 minutes is too short tbh
Imagine haz and lowtiergod combined but good at a children's game


>good at a children's game
noooo but he spent years doing what he loves, and he's rich and famous, how dare you


I miss tag 2 bros..


does anyone wanna play strive?


I don't play cancerous trash unfortunately. However, I'll gladly play Guilty Gear XX #Reload PC netplay with anyone who wants to fite me.



What's the cope, exactly?


I'd like, but I'm in a meme region (latam).


1. Who the fuck plays #Reload over Accent Core.
2. Say what you want, Strive was built ground up with rollback optimization in mind.


>1. Who the fuck plays #Reload over Accent Core.
People who don't want Valve's hand shoved up their ass while playing.

>Say what you want

I will. Xrd is dumbed down horseshit for retards and no amount of netcode can rescue that fact.


>abloobloo valve
You have no choice here, fighters have to go were the community is unless you are one of the shitters that play single player in which case lmao at your life.


Interesting how one can still encounter spineless consumer whores on a lefty image board.


that's it anon, fight the good fight, I'm sure you badgering everyone who spends money on games is achieving something, somehow


With fighting games you're constantly held hostage to what the community has decided to do, not the best genre to be a special snowflake.


I know sega is fucking lazy but come on! This is way bellow corporate level of lazy.




I like the ink effects and overall going back to 3S' hip hop aesthetic, but I'm still mixed on the realistic models. They look weird at times in motion, hopefully they fix it by release. It seems they learned their lesson with 5 since they pushed the single player (seems like a create-a-fighter type thing similar to that one street fighter EX game) and online lobbies hard in the trailer. The Drive System sounds interesting, but I'll have to see more gameplay and try it myself before I make any final judgements. Glad the timeline is finally moving past 3S.


File: 1654257072803.png (2.09 MB, 1059x1067, ClipboardImage.png)

i love china
no reason.

where is that slingshot kimono wearing girl from tho?
y'know where she's accompanied by a guy in a trucker hat?

there are way too many fighting games from the 80s


Weird how they keep using stereotypical looking Native Americans to represent Mexico, KOF and Tekken do the Latinx rep better. At least she (I think her name is Lily?) is kind of cute.


All games that aren’t melee require 0 skill


>where is that slingshot kimono wearing girl from tho?
>y'know where she's accompanied by a guy in a trucker hat?
Do you mean Mai and Terry? They're from Fatal Fury and I don't think they'll show up in this game




Damnit, Zangief was from USSR, not the Russian Federation.


>Native American girl gets considered Mexican by the SF devs
BBBBBBASED Capcom doesn't recognize the Guadalupe-Hidalgo treaty.


what is the connection between native americans and mexicans? were they one and the same?


Most mexicans are mestizo which is a mix of mesoamerican ancestry and spanish ancestry. Most native americans in the us are mixed as well, but the US reservation system stipulates that you only qualify for tribal citizenship if you have at least 1/16th native american genes, which is why so many americans claim to be "1/16th native" but without ever really applying for tribal citizenship.


Pretty sure there were/are native Americans in Mexico too


1/16th? WTF? How the hell is it that small now? It's time for the tribes to admit that they don't actually have a "people" anymore.


They don't use the type of clothes and weapons the girl in he picture has.


fair point


T. Hawk is canonically from the US, but they thought they had to many characters from there so his story takes place in Mexico. Though a lot of people, like the Apache, were between both countries.


I like ssbu but the constant camera motion and fx attached to seemingly every move along with the small ass stadiums makes it hard for me to figure out wtf is going on in some games especially when watching replays or tournies

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