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General for all fighting games and fighting game competitive scenes
2D, 3D, Anime, Tag-Teams, Platform, Shrek Super Slam
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lmao no it wasn't


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How is King of Fighters?


mortal kombat gang


Never could enjoy that short hop shit, tapping requires too much finesse for me.


Oh yeah, rise up


It seems like there's going to be a new Bloody Roar, thoughts on the game? Even though I'm not necessarily a fan of fighting games, I really had fun playing BR 3 and 4 enough to try and git gud with one of the characters (iron mole in 4 and the mole in 3)
Jenny and Shina best grills, Uriko a shit


I had probably >1000hrs in "Primal Fury", the gamecube version. Good lord, how I loved that game as a kid.


>Primal Fury
That's the one with the Elephant and the penguin right? I only played the ps1 and ps2 games, the chameleon had some bullshit moves in higher difficulties


wish i could but netherrealm killed the franchise


File: 1608528212061.jpg (282.14 KB, 854x1023, LongHuman.jpg)

Who's making it? As I understand it the rights moved to Konami when they bought out Hudson and because of that (and the disappointment that was BR4) Eighting hasn't been able to make any new ones since then. Primal Fury/Extreme was always my favorite 3D fighting game.


Dunno, I just saw on twitter about it getting new trade mark some months ago, but it doesn't seem to be for a videogame specifically inb4 is pachinko shit

what's wrong with BR4, I though it was fine, career mode could have been flesh out a bit more, but it was still fun


Bloody Roar 4 made it so that you had to drain the beast gauge in addition to health every single match to win, dragging fights out too long.


Oh fuck I remember, I always put the option of just one fight so I didn't have to deal with that.


File: 1608528213673.jpg (282.42 KB, 787x1023, XionHuman.jpg)

Y'all know that Dolphin has pretty good netplay, right? Imagine, playing Bloody Roar with the fans you never had in childhood…


Yes, the penguin was the final boss I think (lol).

Yooo that was my main! The spacebug / cyborg guy! Bro I'm boutta hop on that dolphin…


played the shit out of 99 as kid, pretty good from what I remember

XIII was really combo heavy and coming from SFIV after a long fightan break was tough since kof is a lot more strict with inputs, it was for the better though

XIV on the other hand feels actually dumber than Jive in a lot of ways


I'm trying to get into fighting games more seriously. Currently playing Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R (to play with friends) and Revelator. I could play Skullgirls too if I feel like it. I've never really been good at fighting games but to me playing with keyboard feels better than controller, but still not quite right. Would it be worth it to buy an arcade stick? Would I learn faster?


>76000 in 1
Did they accidentally type two extra zeros?


I play #Reload PC on my keyboard personally, and I'm skilled at all characters. I can tiger knee chemical love -> instant air dash with I-No to get a sense.


File: 1619446053627.gif (143.42 KB, 319x200, zan.gif)



someone did a video on these (jontron?) the games just repeat infinitely and they pretend that's multiple games


File: 1619591931882.jpg (1.05 MB, 1056x1440, __i_no_guilty_gear_and_1_m….jpg)

Anyone thinking about playing Guilty Gear Strive


I'd like to, but since I'm new I don't know what's wrong with newer GG games because apparently they're shit according to this thread


File: 1619618525190.png (308.03 KB, 538x412, Guilty Gear XX Accent Core….png)

Nope, I prefer to play good games rather than dumbed down cancerous trash.


>dumbed down cancerous trash.
explain please


Imagine, you just spent a decade fine-tuning a set of mechanics and a huge roster of characters to create one of the deepest and most balanced fighting games ever made. And then you realize: you're a capitalist. You have to compete with other developers. You have to expand your audience. And so you attempt to do so with another series at first called BlazBlue. This series is effectively Guilty Gear Lite. It shares some of its ideas but it doesn't have its depth. The idea being: only dumb games are popular. Well its experiment was reasonably successful, but that wasn't enough for you. It wasn't enough to have a side series with its own mechanics intended to appeal to its own audience. Development on that series ends/takes a long hiatus and now it's time to discard it and return to Guilty Gear. And now it's not enough to continue updating one of the most celebrated and respected fighting games ever. Now it's time to dumb down that series too. And so you discard over a decade of refinements to the characters and mechanics and make what is basically a mockery of the game and characters the fans loved. And of course, the players, the consumers, and especially the wannabe celebrities, who feel a compulsive need to compete in corporate-sponsored tournaments, are unable to say no and continue playing the superior game. Welcome to the fighting game industry. Where the quality of the game isn't what matters to people, only what's manufactured to be relevant by commercial interests.


>Where the quality of the game isn't what matters to people, only what's manufactured to be relevant by commercial
I think there are still street fighter 2X tournaments


Reads extremely salty but mostly true. One detail you missed is that the Guilty Gear IP was actually in legal hell for years (due to Sega I believe) so they had to pivot to BlazBlue until that was sorted out. Obviously I'm not saying this to excuse the direction they went with on the complexity / systems design.

Oh and despite AC+R being my favorite fighting game of all time and my main game since rollback patch, I won't pretend the game is perfect. There is so much kusoge degen shit it's unreal, and it exists all the way up to the highest level of play. Also the inputs are just absolutely brutal so if you're new you can't even do basic shit with your char. That is one thing that IMO has actually improved with modern games.


>the Guilty Gear IP was actually in legal hell for years (due to Sega I believe)
The claim was a conflict with Sammy, anyway, but I never came across a clear source that substantiated that claim beyond a rumor.

I don't feel that way at all about AC+R. I got into the series with Accent Core myself and I think its layers of depth make it actually highly appealing and approachable for newcomers. Will you be able to face off against a pro with any chance of survival? Of course not. But there absolutely is a large repertoire of basic shit to do with your character, Guilty Gear has very straightforward special move inputs compared to other fighters and quite a forgiving gatling combo input timing chain. The only real execution complaint I've ever had is the unnecessarily tight window on some Force Roman Cancels. But the solution could have been as simple as increasing the frame input window. They didn't need to dumb the game down by removing FRCs entirely.


>There is so much kusoge degen shit it's unreal, and it exists all the way up to the highest level of play.
What do you mean by that?


Probably referencing all the corner combo loops characters have gained since Accent Core. The wall stick and floor slide features and force break special moves really opened up a lot of new possibilities.


File: 1620438107932.jpg (97.08 KB, 725x700, 908885045f3e1d7ba91c38fb07….jpg)

Reminder that grapplerchads run the fucking world.


File: 1620441563796.jpg (361.11 KB, 786x776, Rainbow Buster.jpg)

What's so fun about playing Potemkin is it's basically you vs the game itself. And it's so well balanced that it's actually fun and interesting.


File: 1621384797865.mp4 (8.2 MB, 640x360, Arslan Ash Winning Moments….mp4)

Where were you when this Pakistani chad Arslan Ash defiled south korean pretty boy wannabe model knee?




>infinite combos that you can't escape
>good job with some of the mechanics
Pick one


Fighting games are just scams to sell DLC, and if you play them, you're a fag


I only play king


File: 1621867101119.jpg (214.68 KB, 1069x1049, 1557466759543.jpg)

Waiting for the inevitable "definitive" edition of Strive that makes the current game obsolete before I buy it


based furry


Finally, some respect


forgot link


File: 1623162486696.jpg (532.37 KB, 2048x1535, i.jpg)

well Strive is out


Tell me why I shouldn't play it anon


File: 1623172795576.png (308.03 KB, 538x412, Guilty Gear XX Accent Core….png)

Because a better Guilty Gear already exists.


Can't I just play both though?


What the fuck is VF? 3 buttons and joystick wiggle mechanics?

literally rock-paper-scissors with graphics


i am not seething that a generic mishima made it in and not a chad grappler like king


I'm getting into fighting games and if Strive is the "dumbed down" version, there's no way I could get into something like that.


Pretty much every arc fighting game is the same tbh

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