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Let's play Oldschool Minecraft, /leftypol/!


<Want to play Oldschool Alpha / early Beta Minecraft from early 2010s?
The Minecraft version is b1.1_02
1. Download MultiMC
(Use 7zip or Winrar to open the zip file)
2. Open & right-click white background to "create instance".

3. Under "Filter" in the Create Instance window, check "Betas" & "Alphas".
(I do version b1.1_02 as an old beta)

4. Go to settings → Account – and add your Mojang or Microsoft account

5. Right-click your instance → do "edit instance" → Go to "Version" → Then on the side, click "add to minecraft.jar" → and add the AlphaPlace Client as it is zipped.
(do not unzip it).

6. Also on "Edit Instance" go to Settings and enable java arguments and paste
-Djava.util.Arrays.useLegacyMergeSort=true -Dhttp.proxyHost=betacraft.uk
This under Java arguments^ to fix skins + sound + crashfix

7. Go to "Servers" under Edit Instance, add a server, & set for address alpha.place OR alphaplace.net


File: 1718310099953-0.jpg (245.51 KB, 1361x610, Betacraft.jpg)

File: 1718310099953-2.png (62.75 KB, 780x466, Betacraft version.png)

Ok, I looked into playing the cracked version without a microsoft account or buying Minecraft:
If you want to play a cracked version for free and play Notch's old Minecraft alpha for free and without a microsoft account–, follow the instructions here
How to play Alpha Place without a MS acct:
Go to
Do "Download Latest Windows Version" or the other one.
Do "Select version" and select b1.1_02
Enter whatever name in the login – it doesn't matter – no account is needed.
To login to Alpha Place, write in the Multiplayer login: alpha.place
–If you want to find a skin, the skins come with names:
You can browse skins here^ with the names for Login.
–This tutorial video will also give you extra details.

This is the version of Notch's day before Microsoft.
It might ask you to install the latest java and send you to get the latest version when using betacraft to play.


The more I'm digging into this, the more unpalatable it seems for anons to get into. I'm not for certain you'll have to do this, but you might have to get whitelisted in order to play as a cracked user.
But if you are a cracked user & want to play on the server w/o having Minecraft or a MS Acct, I think you'll have to get whitelisted.
There is a Disc0rd invite on their website^
I think whitelisting works by choosing a random username & making a login for the server when whitelisted, but I'm not sure.
There is a whitelist section at the Alpha Place fbi.gov.
I know anons hate fbi.gov, so this is probably not viable. I don't think you have to use a phone number for fbi.gov, but you could make a throwaway account.


I talked with a moderator and they said that it takes 1 to 3 days to possibly get whitelisted.
–I don't think you have to give a phone number to use Disc0rd to get whitelisted, so it is possible to make a throwaway email with Tuta Mail / Tutanota & then a throwaway Disc0rd without using any phone numbers.
–BUT you will have to get the email verified + skip the Disc0rd tutorial thing.

The error I was having with "you have enough accounts 3/3" the moderator said was because you can only have so many accounts per IP or something like that – and the test account I made apparently the name I chose was already a registered name on Alpha Place, so you might have to talk with the mods to find the right name.


First you use that Betacraft launcher.

You can use Tuta Mail to make a disposable email:

Verify the email + skip the Disc0rd tips / tutorial by dismissing the orange glowing exclamation points…

I don't think you have to download Disc0rd to use Dis0ord, but you can use Disc0rd on your browser. Make a throwaway Disc0rd with that Tuta Mail and join the Alpha Place server fbi.gov under v General Chats & #cracked-user-whitelist.

Submit a name from namemc.com
The name you submit under the Whitelist -might- already be taken, so you might have to check with a mod like GG (gavin) or Windows7Ultimate or Noggisoggi later to get whitelisted.
Whitelisting could take 1 or 3 days, so be patient.

Voilà, you can play Minecraft Alpha without giving a phone number!

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