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Daggerfall Unity only takes 1 minute to install and mods are easy.

Follow the video instructions. The files needed are here:
Game files:

Daggerfall Unity:

Recommend these videos for info on mods:


Mods are easy to install. All you have to do for most of the mods is go through to DaggerfallUnity_Data > StreamingAssets > Mods – dump the dfmod files in the mod folder… But certain mods will have questpacks and instructions. You place the questpacks in a questpack folder and sometimes another folder depending on the mod.

Recommended Mods:
Mountains and Hills
Handpainted Models
Post Processing
DREAM - (but cut out interface/UI and mobs, imo–might have to delete part of that in the folder–changes cursor. I deleted UI, mobs, portraits, and sounds)
Wilderness NPCs (remember to edit this one; it's easy to edit mods via launcher)
Convenient Clock
Loading Screens
Filling Food
Tedious Travel (for RP extra travel–takes away fast travel)
Quest Pack 1
Warm Ashes (quest pack; pay attention to installation instructions)

This thread is for sharing screencaps/stories/character details and anything else related to DFU.


One thing I need to stress!
Don't do one thing that the installation video does – don't put them in a single folder.
Make two separate folders w/ the Daggerfall Unity files and the gamefileszip. Put the gamefileszip folder somewhere in the (C:) drive folders, like program files, and once you make a shortcut of Daggerfall Unity application – launch it and select the gamefilezip folder from there with those contents–but keep the daggerfall unity itself folder separate.
It makes re-installing a new updated version of Daggerfall easier AND it helps prevent potential problems.
I recommend getting the version of Daggerfall Unity from early this February and not late February. Modders are still adjusting to the new version and there might be problems. It's better to stick w/ the previous version for now.


File: 1608527548356.gif (342.34 KB, 497x361, ezgif-1-f12649aa1148.gif)

I recommend getting version Alpha 0.10.19 from 08 February 2019 for now for mod compatibility.


File: 1608527548602.gif (163.62 KB, 234x266, ezgif-1-406f9c6e5640.gif)

In character creation, I recommend making a custom class (or taking nightblade) as people advise… And when you answer 12 questions, pick the ebony dagger always.
Luck and Personality are the ones you can sacrifice the most in class creation.
You're free may take 25-35 points off Personality.
You're may take 13 points off Luck.
You may take 3-5 points off Endurance.
Int and willpower are best for point distribution.
Str, Agi, and Spd
Critical strike is a valuable primary skill, likewise dodge–and 1 fav weapon skill.
I recommend getting a slot for Mysticism no matter what character you create. Mysticism is extremely useful for recall spell at the beginning of dungeons–dungeons are long in Daggerfall.
Language skills are mostly useless. Don't make them major or minor. Better to have minor slots for Restoration and jumping/climbing/running and stuff.
When you're doing advantages and disadvantages, I recommend this:
Get Immunity to Magic
And get Critical Weakness to Disease.
That will allow you to get a few more advantages and make leveling easier.
Because Immunity to Magic also makes you immune to diseases.


File: 1608527548773.gif (92.28 KB, 194x306, 1513868218-141642249.gif)

You can play a rogue/thief like character.
Those usually have critical strike still in primary along with dodging w/ short blades.
And backstab somewhere in major.
Illusion and mysticism might also work well with that build.


Where can I find daggerfall mods?


I was unaware this game is still as popular as it is.


Underking > King of worms > Humans vs Orcs >>>> Emperor >> Sentinel > Daggerfall >>>>>>>>>>>> Wayrest


File: 1608527549384.jpeg (37.24 KB, 474x618, 423535t34t34.jpeg)

So, I am at the part of the game where you have to go talk to the royals of wayrest && daggerfall and shit, but, they all hate me cause I am an argonian and I only made Royals hate the shit out of me cause I am a larping communist retard.

What do? Who the fuck am I actually supposed to talk to because the kings and queens don't actually give me information. The queen of daggerfall has a quest for me, but, I can't do it yet until I am a higher level. Do I just have to keep doing quests for the nobles?

Also, how do I recognize these fuckers?

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