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covid 19 humble bundle is a deal.
play indigo prophecy, its the only good david cage game


Terrible Taste anon.
It's decent until the last half where it's QTE spam and the writer decided he didn't even care about what was happening anymore.
The only good David Cage game is The Nomad Soul.
Pretty good bundle.


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>Humble DRM Bundle
An infectious disease, just like coronavirus.


Thank you, anon!
And don't worry, I only took 3.


I sent TABS to a friend.
Based,but most of this can just be pirated with no repercussions.


Thanks, comrade.
I haven't played a Tropico since the first one, so this should be interesting.


the last half is when it gets good! suddenly 100 different crazy shit happens at once, like deus ex on steroids. I love the schlock.


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Indigo Prophecy / Fahrenheit starts off good but then becomes truly terrible. Fantastic start when you're cleaning up the murder and the mystery that surrounds it, but then the game takes a complete turn - all that stuff with the artificial intelligence and superpowers becomes too much.
Also, let's not forget David Cage wrote Carla to have sex with a corpse, providing sex scene and all.
Nevermind this



Tropico 4 is kind of the peak of the series. Later games streamline gameplay more. For example, you can no longer fine tune the wages, but rather have 3 or 4 money bags representing 3 or 4 tiers of wage distribution. On one hand, this is a marginal change in reality because wages were merely meant to draw scarce labor to different buildings, so they basically scaled it back to 4 levels of priority (which is probably plenty. The construction priority only has 3 tiers as well). On the other, it builds a general vibe that makes the games feel increasingly simplified. They're already relatively easy, so you start to feel like you're playing a phone game or something when they're made even simpler.


Took Wizard of Legend; thank you based anon


Took The Witness. Thanks anon!


I think the whole game is pretty good except for when you're doing the stealth bit playing as the kid which is god fucking awful, however the basketball scene alone makes everything worth it


>he buys his games


There aren't many, but some developers are worth supporting.

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