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Hello friends, since we're all bored I wondered if anyone wants to play competitive/team HOI? Ideally with like 6-7 players to hit all the major nations in whatever mod we end up playing, though perhaps more realistically 3-4. Anyone interested?


I'm pretty sure most here pirated HOI4


(you can still play online)


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Sure, I can certainly hop in in the near future depending on what the timetable for the session is. In terms of mods I suggest we play either Kaiserreich or some other total conversion mod.


KR is probably a good place to start yeah. Well, sounds good, let's see if we can rustle up some more players.


I would play but i've only pirated the game before so i'd need to know what version we're doing


The latest one I guess, I'll try help people out to get set up if we get a game together.


I would be interested


I'll just play safe as syndie France and build the uuhhhhhh Verdun line????? Cause the Maginot is in Alsace which belongs to the Germans and stuff…………


I'll play if I don't have to deal with water, I'm incompetent and don't know how to deal with Navy stuff


Submarine 3s. That's all you need.


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So when is the first session? I wanna reserve Finland.


File: 1608527515728.gif (1.14 MB, 279x219, 5bb.gif)

Forgot nametag.


Call Syndie France.


I'd be willing to play whichever major needs filling in. I've played most majors in KR, even if ones like Austria and Germany are snoozefests


Do multiple people wanna play America lol? That could be kinda fun.


So anyways, I get off work at about 5.30pm GMT today, do you guys want to try get set up for then? I will try post the stuff you will need to download by midday today so hopefully you can download and set it up in the meantime.


I'm fine with any time before 10 EST cause I got uhhhhh work.


Hello guys, please use this magnet link if you don't have a pirate copy, if you already have one then please be sure to update it to include all the DLCs including La Resistance


You'll also need this


and this


We might not get to play tonight, it depends how many people can get all the stuff, but once you have it downloaded, please check in in this thread with a name. Thanks!


I dunno whats up with that discord link.


As this is the new HoI4 thread, I guess I'll ask here.
The new demo for TNO just got released, however I have issues trying to download it from one of the third party steam downloaders. They seem to copy the mods folders, however they all are empty. Anyone got an idea how to get the mod without steam?




i uploaded this from the steam workshop download. you could just create a copy of your hoi4 and overwrite the vanilla files. can't remember how to use mods otherwise with a non-steam copy of hoi4


File: 1608527516532.png (108.15 KB, 300x300, d56.png)

I hope the game ain't happening tomorrow, cause I'm running a campaign of Star Wars RPG for my group for most of the day.


You sure that works? The file is a bit smaller than what I think it's supposed to be, and though it starts up, half of the new demo nations are glitched.



Okay, everyone who is interested in the same or to you personally, please join this link and I will try explain to you how it works, I know how to enable mods but it's too much of a pain in the ass for me to know how to type it out


*interested in the game.

As in, everyone who wants to play leftypol HOI please join also.


Try a channel that isn't spyware.


omg. Just use a third party client to connect to it if you want, but I'm not afraid of anyone spying on our HOI game.


Let me know when other people join.


Okay, there's 4 of us in the lobby now, and also we've had a change of plan, we're just gonna play with the legit game on Steam instead. So you only need to download Kaiserreich from the Steam Workshop. So cmon guys it's time to join already so we can play!




I'm sorry comrades but I don't have the time for a game rn


RIP, maybe another time.


Alright then people, anyone else wanna join? We might start playing today sometime!

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