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>multiple 2TB hard drives full of games
>never touch them
>bought a PS4 back in 2018 and practically every game I would ever be interested in
>haven't beat one
>have every handheld modded and a PC that can run any emulator with high specs
>never play anyway

Is it possible to just completely lose interest in video games? I know people who played substantially more than me during their adolescence, yet their appetite for gaming doesn't seem to diminish.
I don't think it's burnout because no amount of time away is affecting my interest.


You're probably depressed like everyone else is.


Thanks for the blog update that happens to be tangentially related to the board topic, bro.


No need to be a prick about it, it's plenty related to the board.


You're that dude posting giantess porn in /GET aren't you? OP pic is part of that series where the same dude climbs a ladder into a pussy.


lmao no


A lot of video games are just a series of checklists that you fill out, or are empty vacant rooms that you're supposed to interact in.
This could be said about a lot of things though, but it is easy to start seeing multiple games of the same type as being too samey. There is also a lot of pressure to like games that you're "supposed" to like in order to be a based lord or whatever even if they aren't terribly appealing to your appetite.



This is why I pirate everything. I know that I have a tendency to play games for a couple of days at most and drop them.


Games you don't have to like:
>open world
Have a high tendency to be really boring, especially if they're made by Ubisoft.
>le Souls
Not everybody likes yet another Demon's Souls clone, even if they are "the only hard games ever made"


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that's called growing up

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