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It's almost been 4 years since Square Enix stopped production of the series, leaving it on the biggest cliffhanger imaginable.

Will the series ever get picked up again? And if so, do you think the original plans will have been abandoned?


Prequels are gay tbh. The derided 4 buttons endings were actually a fine conclusion for DXHR.


Prequels are great.
Mankind Divided is one of the best games ever imo. The amount of choice, masterful level design, and use of the interactive medium is pretty much unparalleled in gaming. It's a real shame the gaming community overlooked it over some stupid memes like it being 2 hours long (when it's the longest Deus Ex game).

I never understood why Human Revolution got shit for its button ending whilst Deus Ex didn't - they're pretty much the same.
Mankind Divided at least doesn't rely on a button choice - you choose which objective to do, no button to push. You're not even told you can do both objectives if you're fast enough.

Human Revolution could've been a fine conclusion for Jensen, and the sequel could've had a new protagonist, but what they did with the clone/altered memories conspiracy that you can find on your own is exceptional - there's nothing else like it.


How does Human Revolution compare with the original in terms of gameplay and story?

How would the series improve with a sequel/prequel?


Gameplay is actually the best since the first game, especially since they removed most of the hand-holding. Most of the bad rep comes from the fact that it's short and it ends right as both the plot and gameplay pick up. Story is debatable. Overall I'd say it's good if it were to get the sequel its obviously setting up especially with some of the hints that it just throws up in the air, one quest just ends with literally "what do you think smart ass?"which if you do some sneaking later in a vault you find the answer to but it's incredibly out of the way: *Spoiler* Jensen is a clone, all his parts have new serial numbers and there's a frozen Jensen body in the vault and you mostly have to figure this out on your own and was supposed to have massive reputations in the next game except funding got pulled, the marketing was poor, usual AAA gaming industry bullshit. Basically the game's built off what they learned what not to do with HR but were only able to make half a game, whether that full game would have looked any good is anyone's guess. Thematically it's like the NV of Deus Ex in terms of returning to roots and sucking thanks to the devs getting screwed.


>stopped production of the series
So will there never be any new games for the foreseeable future? that fucking sucks. I loved MD. Its the reason I'm waiting for Cyberpunk 2077 so much, it gives somewhat of an impression of similar playstyle of sorts of that game.


The new deus ex games have amazing art direction. Coolest looking cybernetics in fiction.


>After forcing them to make the Thief reboot which sucked, Square Enix forced Edios to split Mankind Divided into two games. That's why the game ends the way it does.

>In the second games place, they demanded micro-transactions in the form of that augument your preorder shit, Breach mode, and pre-order DLC you can only use once (the latter two are actually absent in the GoG version of the game and cuts down the download by almost 20gb)

>people complained that the game abruptly ends because they didn't know Square cut the game in half against EM's wishes, leading to hurt critical reception and sales

>because Square has unreasonable sales expectations for all their games because FF and KH print money - they announced that Tomb Raider '13 "fell below expectations" because it ONLY sold 3.6m instead of 4m - they shelved Deus Ex indefinitely and relegated Edios Montreal to being a support studio for the dogshit tomb raider reboots and microtransaction-ridden Avengers kusoge

SE had the last remaining old guard of the immersive sim and brutally murdered two of them whilst iO barely got away with their life. I have nothing but contempt for them for that and I hope that them funneling a quadrillion dollars into live service Marvel tie-ins and Nomura fanfiction implodes spectacularly.


File: 1608527760106.jpg (1.28 MB, 2560x1920, deus ex.jpg)

Why do I suck at this game so badly?


I find it's pretty much necessary to savescum in this due to the janky rng stealth mechanics.


SE are known for fucking over anything that isn't the latest passion project from the same clique, shit just got even worse for gaijins.
Nier Automata only got made because the Dragon Quest producer threatened to leave, Kawazu spent almost a decade (or a decade if you don't count The Last Remmant) in gacha hell until he was able to make a new game, and Yoshida's team keeps getting money and manpower siphoned away even after saving the Final Fantasy brand.


Anybody have the secret society political compass? It has illuminati on authleft, bilderberg on center, templars on authright, masons on libright and the reason i wanna see it again is because i forgot what libleft is


Just use the Chinese dragon sword and it becomes a lot easier


>It's a real shame the gaming community overlooked it over some stupid memes like it being 2 hours long (when it's the longest Deus Ex game).
It didn’t feel short just really inconclusive. Too many loose ends. When I heard it was originally meant to be a two part series, everything made so much sense.

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