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File: 1608528119901.jpeg (205.98 KB, 1340x769, discoelysium2_0.jpeg)


Is there any game as class conscious as Disco Elysium?


The Deserter did nothing wrong.


Only deus ex comes to mind to tackle real world issues in a similar direct way.


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File: 1608528120457.jpg (61.16 KB, 728x410, disco-elysium-artwork-alek….jpg)

I haven't played it, but I should.
Glad you share my opinion.


It's the only game worth playing for a leftist.


File: 1608528120605.jpg (261.86 KB, 699x917, disco elysium last comm.jpg)

this is basically leftypol


Doos ex is close but too idealist and conspiracy-pilled to be a true proletarian game.


Life must be an incredibly painful experience if you're incapable of enjoying yourself unless everything blows smoke up your ass with politics you agree with.


Please check the catalog before making a thread.


I agree with your post but Disco Elysium is far more than your average """leftist""" handwaving in media.


My thread has been redirected from /leftypol/.


I do not agree with all the politics of disco Elysium.
But, most video game are, to me, alienation. Video games are mostly a waste of your free brain time. Most of the the time only mindless violence.
So I stand by what I said, it’s the only game worth your time for a leftist. Or at least one of the few.

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