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>tfw I'll never get to waste thousands of hours playing Super Mario again


I've recently started playing Mario Odyssey and while the game is enjoyable I don't think I like it as much as the other main 3d Mario. I think the level design lost quit a bit because of the open-worldness and don't feel as interesting compared to the individual levels of the previous games. Moreover some of the power moons are really too easy or gimmicky.


File: 1608527561551.jpg (93.5 KB, 1000x1000, Super-Mario-64.jpg)

What is your favorite 3D mario game? Mine is Super Mario 64, but the DS version. It's what I grew up with and it still holds a special place for me


The original mario bros for the nes recently in the soeedrunning scene found its way to break 5 minutes in the any% route which is insane it was like 4:55 for several years.


Super Mario Galaxy and others coming to Switch. Nintendo has been serving a lot lately like
Brain Age, Ring Fit Adventure, Animal Crossing, etc. Their mind ugh it's so powerful it amazes me sometimes https://www.businessinsider.com/super-mario-64-galaxy-sunshine-remastered-nintendo-switch-report-2020-3


Anybody been playing the new AC?
I was gonna pick it up, but I had to choose between it and DOOM, and I chose the latter instead.


Yeah, it's more "story based" in the sense that you are building an island settlement from scratch. It's comfy same as it always has been, but it's nothing groundbreaking really. Just adopting some of the more common mechanics out there now like crafting. Haven't played enough to see how much content the characters have (the trend has been to get shallower), but the random interactions are pretty neat. I've caught some of them singing or trying to catch bugs and all that.

Pretty lame about the whole 1 island per console thing. Nintendo gets weird about DRM with stuff like this. They could figure it out. The game doesn't take up that much space to save your data. Same thing goes for split screen. It's weird that a second player is stuck following around player 1 if they're on the same system.

Odyssey is really weird with how it distributes the moons. You get one moon for talking to the right NPC or paying coins in the shop and you get one moon for doing some obscure and difficult challenge. I would have made it so there's 2 different kinds of moons - noob ones and pro ones. Then to advance through the levels you need X noob ones and Y pro ones. Then instead of giving you 3 moons for beating the kingdom boss, you get the easiest pro moon. And then you can lock some content behind collecting Z pro moons so if you're up for a challenge instead of 100% you can just ignore the easy gimmicky ones and look for the challenge areas.


Mario Sunshine for nostalgia (the first 3d Mario I ever completed) and the ambiance and Mario Galaxy 1/2 for the gameplay and level design. Never been able to enjoy Mario 64 because for some reason it gives me really strong motion sickness.


Galaxy because I grew up with it and I actually like the motion controls


File: 1608527562116.jpg (5.56 KB, 300x168, ijnbvcds.jpg)

Does anyone have any idea when the sequel to BOTW is coming out?


No, not even the developers.


Is Skyward Sword worth playing on emulator without a wii motionplus?
I tried to get into BotW but I think it's kinda tedious, I'd rather play one of the old, braindead 3D zeldas and SS is the only one I haven't played yet.

I grew up with 64 and it was the first videogame I beat all by myself, but I cannot go back to it, the camera controls require certain dedication to master and the worlds feel pretty soulless


The motion plus is what really makes SS gameplay special, especially certain boss fight, so I don't know how enjoyable the game would be without it.
>I grew up with 64 and it was the first videogame I beat all by myself
Speaking of first games, I remember the first game I completed by myself was Wario Land 1 when I was 5. I remember I would play it on rainy afternoons (because otherwise my mom would take me to the park) on my bed and she would bring me toasts with butter and I would smear grease all over my gameboy which made it more difficult to play. I took 1 whole year to complete it, I think the big sprites and the simple but memorable music made it mesmerizing for the little kid I was. Moreover, it's a slow paced platformer with emphasis on exploration so this might have helped me as a kid. I really miss the Wario Land games.


You 100% need the special snowflake controls for the game to work at all. They'll probably never be able to remaster it like they've done with the others as a result.

Mario Sunshine holds up pretty well except if you're a completionist (fucking blue coins). The worldbuilding was pretty incredible in context, since most games like that had totally disconnected worlds and it had everything in one cohesive setting. They really squeezed everything they could out of it, and the touches like seeing the other locations in the skybox was great.


Nintendo Direct Tomorrow



Aaaand it was fucking shit. Only a couple of decent announcements. Ironically they ended up doing what >>514 said would never happen


I am a big pokemon fan, and I am sad the series is ruined :'(brocialismBrocialism


In a socialist world, all videogames would become free and open source, and fans would be able to modify shitty modern games as they please.ak-47AK-47


anime titties wins again


I downloaded Project64 but I don't even know which games I should play. I got MM, OoT, Bomberman Hero, F-Zero X and Mario Party 1 and 2. I don't feel like playing Mario Kart or SSB so I didn't get those.

Any recs?


Oh and also, my cheap gamepad has shit analog stick sensitivity, so I would prefer games that don't need it to be pushed lightly or in very specific directions.


Doom 64
Command and Conquer
Turok 1 and 2
Tony Hawk Pro Skater
Perfect Dark
Goldeneye 64
Conker's Bad Fur Day
Star Fox 64
Blast Corps
Body Harvest


They sure are dragging their feet releasing new info on it. That’s normally not a good sign and I doubt it will come out on time.
I’m guessing you won’t see it until the next console comes out and they will release it on both like BOTW was also released on the wii u. They’re doing the same thing with the next Metroid Prime game. I’ve accepted that’s never seeing a release on the switch.
Then again, I didn’t expect No More Heroes 3 to get released after they overshot their release date but somehow it happened.
I’m willing to be surprised.


Paper Mario is pretty fun.

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