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You guys play osu! these days?
(pic unrelated)


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Have the maps for Osu! finally improved where they're not blatantly off rhythm yet? Also, has the fucking spyware been removed? (Do zoomers even know about that?)

Who K-shoot (RIP) and/or stepmania here?
Also, let's talk cabinets. What's the most dazzling cabinet you've played on? For me it'd be this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jnXIQ8blT38

Check out the Don-chan miniseries if you haven't yet. It's adorable and WILL give you heart attack!


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Don't know if it tells more about me or about the music, but I can't help but seem to hear gachi remix sounds in that first video


I used to play stepmania


I don't know about the spyware, can you expand on that?


For ages the game was packaged with a screen recorder, that automatically ran every time you started a game and send the recording to the server, and an input recorder (though that one has been turned into a feature). Eventually people found out and the then current maintainer defended the decision as an anti-cheating tool. It was slated to be removed, but I never checked if they actually did take it out of the code.


Development has been revived: https://www.stepmania.com/forums/news/show/62885
I still play it on occasion. Basically the same old, though some of the new themes are very fancy.

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