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>he doesn't roll with depleted uranium dice
What's your excuse?


How much do these cost op?


File: 1608528234801.jpg (336.19 KB, 863x485, 1471656346771.jpg)

They're in a museum so technically priceless. Also gives you cancer even if they're coated in nickel.

A more affordable choice if you aren't into breaking into museums is a set of dice made out of mammoth bone. Costs only $2400.


what even goes into a good die? why not just make it out of a lightweight titanium alloy and call it a day?


>what even goes into a good die?
If casino dice are anything to go by, they should be somewhat heavy, have sharp edges, and no air bubbles or weight shifts.


>generating random numbers with depleted uranium
Thanks for the idea anon


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God I hate when a d6 has an underlined 6.


yeah me too, i especially hate underlined 2s


>tfw successfully convinced people that I rolled 999 with 3d6
What can I say? They played their INT 1 characters well



Numberphile has interesting videos on dice, got me interested in using casino dice for dnd stat rolls


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