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We have a HoI4 thread but why not just have a Grand Strategy general thread? I'm pretty sure there are plenty of people here who play the other grand stratgy games/think hoi4 is too dumbed down shit. Plus /gsg/ on 4chan is infected with /pol/yps and I really want an alternative place to discuss the games. So what's everyone been playing? Here's the results of my recent Serbia to Yugoslavia campaign.
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Why do they all do this???


>my gay niche ideology is acceleration isn’t so I’ll insert it into a mod where it’s prominent!
<wait why are they laughing at me?
<stop! take me seriously!
Most of the modding community for Hoi4 are autistic fashoids or liberals. Only a few are decent and most are non-Anglo mods.


>The Midnight Fan.
>The Ending the Kali-Yuga by A C C E L A R A T I N G right through it enjoyer


This is getting integrated to base tno now


I think it is some form of irony poisoning, where rootless young men spend so much time working on this ridiculous accelerationism shit in their mod 'as a meme', and because they have no real political grounding, they begin to internalise this obviously absurd ideology until they start thinking 'hey, maybe this isn't so crazy after all?'


>As plenty of people have pointed out Bataille's path for France is to put it bluntly "a disgrace", It is a complete misunderstanding of Bataille's real world economic and social views. George Bataille was not a cannibalistic rapist "WHAT IF THEY CONSENT THOUGH???" AnCap. And the stated goal of France in his path of "Creating a society based on its accursed share" is basically word salad.
I actually agree with this but if they make Bataille's path some sort of L/Acc shit will they still leave in the AnCap path but just change who Artuads second in command in it is?


From the comments it seems they are trying to get rid of all the old 'funni' routes. Which, I mean, I never really liked Red Flood that much but if you remove the meme value from it then I really don't see that there's anything left.


>Idea for something that should be in TNO / A submod.
Red-Flood crossover.
As a player controlled French state after you get curbstomped by Burgundy if you take a very certain choice or decision etc then Marc-Augier/Saint-Loup starts an UltraNat rebellion in Bordeaux in the same Vein as Long Yun.
Much like Long Yun your "bleeding out" with a constantly degrading negative national spirit but to balance it out your units have something like 20% attack org and defence for all your units. You can reduce the effects of the "bleeding out style focus" by taking decisions where you basically raze / loot states under your control for everything it can possibly give for the war effort reducing them to 1 infrastructure and destroying all factories in the process.
Once you capitulate the French State Burgundy and Brittany dogpile you.

Industrial Neo-Slavery Nazi + The Porkies profiting off of them v. AnPrim Gaul LARPer


File: 1622756413513.jpg (846.29 KB, 1065x1170, 1622756407351.jpg)

Anyone played Soviet Russia in kaiserredux after the update? From the teasers it looks to be one of the best soviet focus trees I've seen.


It looks incredible, only once played Kaiserredux. My "PC" is dogshit.


Why is kaiserredux so much better than the retarded kaiserreich bros?


>triumph of national bolshevism
that is the worst thing I could read all day


>Molotov was a """""""""""""'NAZBOL"""""""""""""
The person that made this should kts


Yeah it also has a path where Goebbels (leader of the socialist faction that's just "Bolshevik" put in google translate so is called Majority) goes into the communist meeting in Germany and is like "guise… wot if we had socialist with all the classes?" and all the communists become immediately convinced and become Strasserists.


Nah, that one is part of a submod for Kaiserredux, Roter Morgen it's called


When something is too silly for Kaiserredux, holy shit, it must be pretty silly.


No, someone just decided to make that submod, besides I wouldn't have been surprised if the actual Kaiserredux people would've done something similar with Goebbels tbh


rip white boy!


I'm trying to form Rûm as the Mamluks in EU4 but the Ottomans keep beating the shit out of me plz help D:


You have to kill them early.
>Ally Byzantium (or no cb and vassalize them) and some of the ottoman's rivals
>Galleys, bitch
>When they try to take constantinople, let they start the seige. Once they cross the straight, blockade it, so they cannot return to their capital.
>Don't be afraid of small peace treaties, they're quite tough early on
>Keep attacking the ottomans, slowly annexing their land war by war


File: 1623048459098.png (81.9 KB, 1823x1289, Clay_War.png)

Wanted to advertise this here, since y'all seem like the lot that would enjoy this type of game. Check it out, it would be more fun if we had more people involved
>come up with a country
>have autistic relations with other countries
>stealing clay is allowed (but not recommended in the early stages)


File: 1623513983830.png (4.64 MB, 3826x3090, TNOSiberianAnarchistCollap….png)

Anarchism finally got Nerfed in TNO.
Instead of the regular Siberian workers revolt it seems once you unify CentralSib+FarEast the entire Free territory explodes into a giant Heydrich Germany style cold civil war where you have to woo people to your side.


That's pretty cool tbh.


they're changing the ideologies?


They are renaming LibSoc to socialism and AuthSoc to Communism, while also doing some shuffling between the two (Nasseresque authsocs are now socialists, Sablin is communist etc). The idea is that Communism is Leninist and socialism is non-Leninist and sometimes non-Marxist.
They are also adding a crap ton of sub-ideologies to fill in further gaps. For instance we just saw a reveal that showed the Palestinians being MZT (Maoists).


I wonder, is the collapse guaranteed or are you able to avoid it or some shit?


Paths for Russian Empire in Hoi4 - Red flood.

Russian Empire wins the Summer coup war
>Kolchak Alive.
>Kolchak alive - Pick decision that results in Kolchak being couped after the war.
Mikhail Diterikhs (Reactionary / Black hundred's) Basically the worst one
>Kolchak dead.
Either the reactionary or despotic Romanov second cousin or whoever the fuck they are.

Novorossyia wins the summer coup war.
>Mikhail Drozdovsky
despotic Russian ultra-nationalist.
>Mladrossi coup.
Anastasia l T H E - R E G E N T - E N D U R E S


It seems like Krasnacht imploded. Most of the original creators left and they started to disassociate themselves with BTWH. Probably this have something to do with the kaiserboos taking over the project to try and make it line up with the updated lore.


I'm in the krasnacht discord and I can't find anything about them disassociating with bring the war home, as searching the acronym doesn't give any results, and the only mention of it directly is a link to the btwh discord (Although the link itself is invalid)


Could anyone help me find a HoI4 mod in development? I once saw it here under some sort of mod megalist. It was called The New Order but in some sort of latin (possibly French) language ("le ordo nouvo" is my aproximate butchery of the name). It was basically TNO, but in Kaiserreich cold war where Totalist right-wing syndicaliats won WW2. It had really in-depth DD about France, which basically became a corrupt fascist corporate state run by crooked syndicates. There was a guaranteed French civil war that wasn't actually a civil war but more a bunch of different army regiments trying to pull a fast, mostly undestructive infrastructure and civilian lives wise, coup. The most based outcome (in my eyes) was a "neosocialist" (basically ML in the right wing totalist-dominated world taking power and crearing a planned economy. Not sure about the rest of the world.


Neo-Rurikid Chads are redpilled across all timelines it seems.



yeah if you're gonna bring up some drama then link proof at least.


I got you fam
l'Ordre Nouveau
Here's the subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/leOrdreNouveau/


Thanks, thats the one


Judging from what can be seen on Discord, the devs are openly talking about "realigning" the mod to be more in line with Kaiserreich lore. There is also an announcement from early February that the dev team is undergoing a "reorganization". Ever since early March no new country teasers have been realesed. There has been also talk of changing Krasnacht lore to fit recent changes in Kaiserreich lore (France, India). This is probably just an excuse to change more shit with less resistance (if Kaiserreich changes something again will they start rewriting things again? also I thought the point of Krasnacht is/was that they are open to retconning Kaiserreich for the sake of realism/consistency/hismat). Most likely things are fucked, the devs are just good at keeping things quiet.


I feel like this doesn't really mean anything, the fact they haven't posted anything in a while isn't evidence of some schism or purge in the mod team.


What exactly is the drama with KR lore changes? I know there seems to be a schism almost in their community, but I didn't actively follow the mod for a long time. I know Russia is getting reworked into starting as a Savnikovist dictatorship or something, but that doesn't seem so large as to warrant a drama.


The Soviet Union is getting removed as a possible path for Russia which has pissed off some people


Wasn't there a leak that showed Kolontai and Radek as possible Syndie/Vanguardist leaders of Russia?


The most sketchy part is how the entire subreddit got redone. Most of the original moderators and regional lore people like mentalomega and sheev are gone. Now it’s only felina_bukharina left after the purging.
At least Red Night has the balls to stick to its own version of Kaiserreich canon and doesn’t have to do everything exactly like the retarded retcons.


>Load up TNO
>Loading screens
>"When one opens up a coffin, or one destroys it. Nevertheless a delicate odour of cedarwood will come forth" -

We gon get the funni boys




>DLC/expansion about USSR

>all the dev diaries are about Poland and Baltic States

What did they mean by this?


They will get to it


>They will get to it
>USSR the only major nation to had no focus tree rework since the HOI4 launch
>finally, USSR DLC. But they talk about Poland and Baltic States

Tell me you don't see what I am seeing


>Both democrats and anti-Soviet communists will also be able to declare the destruction of fascism a greater cause than the spread of socialism and align themselves with the British Empire. Doing so will allow Poland to renew her interests in colonialism and attempt to purchase colonies from Allied powers. By officially recognising the Maritime and Colonial League, Poland can purchase Madagascar, Palestine, and more. If any of your purchases are successful, Poland will have somewhere to build their forces in exile, should the front back home fail.

>anti-Soviet communists can buy colonies from the West

GUH, but also seems legit


Reads like something straight out of a fever dream from a pollack wank binge.


Never heard of foreplay?




The teases about USSR have shown at least half the Soviet focus tree being alternative history about Trotsky.


That sounds pretty cool to me. Also that's exaggeration, we just haven't seen the other alternative candidate yet.

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