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File: 1619752977125.mp4 (42.15 MB, 640x360, cowadoody.mp4)


Call of Duty Cold War "Bad" Ending


Given that this has been pretty much the US' army recruitment tool for the past decade, i thought it was pretty hilarious that this even existed.


*The call of duty franchise, i mean


Do people actually still play this crap?


File: 1619834900703-0.webm (1.85 MB, 640x360, WiC-SeattleNuke.webm)

File: 1619834900703-1.png (389.05 KB, 809x767, WiC-SeattleNuked.png)

It reminds me of World in Conflict. The US's plan B for a beach head in Seattle was to nuke the city of Seattle and this results in the USSR starting full scale nuclear attack on the USA.


I realize it's pointless to wind myself up about it, but the amount of completely baseless projection with regards to the USSR's attitudes toward nuclear arms and shit like that is so fucking staggering. Every step towards nuclear and military de-escalation was made by the Soviets, even if part of it came from an economic incentive. It's so funny how even when the yanks go back to Cold War-era red scare propaganda as a nostalgia trip, they're really still portraying their own worst qualities as villainous without even realizing it.


The worst part of this game was them making Gorbachev seem like a committed Communist when in reality he was a slimy traitor looking to dismantle the USSR. Other than that this is probably the most red-pilled a Cawadooty game can get from mentioning MK Ultra to having the twist be that you are a brainwashed ex-soviet agent to America placing nukes in all European capitals for fun etc.

Better than Black Ops 2 anyhow where you gun down Occupy Wall St and literally defend the president. At least im this game you can side with the Soviets at the end and the devs showed how awful the CIA is.


where have I heard that melody before?




lmao I get to shoot yanks for once in CoD?still not gonna play that trash


File: 1620385747270.jpeg (41.18 KB, 288x288, 3BAD430B-4B1C-4027-A537-C….jpeg)

I’m still salty as shit about that game.
>play the campaign and was kinda annoyed at how gung-ho retarded it was
>saw that they’re making a campaign on the Soviet side
>get hyped
>finally got the thing with the intro for invading Berlin
>still ended with the Soviet losing for no reason
I fucking hate burgers.


>I fucking hate burgers.
Don't buy their games then


File: 1620419646927.mp4 (28.46 MB, 1280x720, Wargame - European Escalat….mp4)

Just play the Eugen Systems, Wargame series in multiplayer. Most RTS players have forgotten World In Conflict existed and you can't be mad at the story if you don't play the single player campaign.


File: 1620426542826.jpeg (84.19 KB, 1280x720, 65876AA0-A756-4B2D-998F-0….jpeg)

>voting with your wallet


There is a difference between "if you don't buy someone's product you gonna affect what they produce" and "why do you play games that you obviously hate?". I know you are probably fell down a couple flights of stairs in your childhood, but try to muster whatever brain matter remained in this sorry excuse for a head of yours and notice this difference.


Who the fuck is actually playing COD anymore, even the 12 years old ae now into flavor of the year games like among us last year and that shitty newgrounds rhytm game now.


>imagine thinking vidja games are political
>Try to analyze politics in a video game for children


Are you the same retard on /anime/ saying that Russia banning isekai is the fault of leftist analysis of media?


First Russia didn’t ban anything and second you people see politics everywhere even in a retarded video game about shooting shit.


>game about war
>not politics


How can you hate something if you haven’t play it you retard? There’s a thing called gameplay out of a singleplayer campaign.
Get out with that gay shit. Unless you haven’t noticed, everything under the superstructure of any system of production reflect the base. Anything is and can be political.


>video game with war in it
It’s a video game for children, stop trying to see politics in everything

Word jargon blah blah, you still see politics in everything from 0’s and 1’s to books to tv shows. Its pathetic.


>It’s a video game for children
Are you from the 1980? Sony and Microsoft marked "real gaming" as only for teens and adults back with the PS2 and original Xbox.


Yeah and animal farm is not political because it’s used to brainwash children as well. Fuck sake, everything in entertainment is made with a political goal in mind. You’re just blind to it due to decades of liberal ingrained propaganda. Apolitics has only been a term since Thatcher and Raegan to make the people think neoliberalism has always been there since the dawn of time. Imagine still believing this shit when CoD literally take consultations from the Pentagon itself.


>Call of Duty
>made for children
lol no. Although the DoD would love children to play these games, since they're US Army-approved.
How about you prove there are no politics in war video games? Really, a more reasonable objection would be to call something like Tetris apolitical, where the politics involved are not obvious (or non-existent). But something like Call of Duty, where you play as an American soldier? Come on.


File: 1620875090129.png (433.72 KB, 644x362, ClipboardImage.png)

Also lol

>“The eSports Team blocked the term ‘war crimes’ in its Twitch channel after discovering the trend was meant to troll and harass the team,” Kelli Bland, a spokesperson for the Army, told The New York Times. “Twitch members used creative spelling to continue related posts. Following the guidelines and policies set by Twitch, the US Army eSports Team banned a user from its account due to concern over posted content and website links [that led to information about US war crimes] that were considered harassing and degrading in nature.”

>degrading in nature

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