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what about helping others so they have a chance to help themselves and get stronger in the first place? isn't it unrealistic and nonsense to apply ideals to the real world in such a piecemeal manner?


As soon as this happened I left her on the ship and never took her in my party and at the end of the game I killed her despite being Light Side. Dumb nietzscheans deserve to die.spurdoSpurdo




sucks and is always wrong


anyone remember that big like 2 hour long video some lolbert did idolizing her viewpoint lmao


he was a lolbert? But yeah, closed that BS 20 minutes in.


I thought she was based, misguided but based. Fuck the force. It's literally something that controls destiny and causes wars.


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I choose to pay this twi'lek to suck my beat saber. what do you think of that blind hag?




On my first run, I managed to get that Trayus cutscene right on Telos station, figured she will betray me eventually and I will lose her, so I benched her for the rest of the game.





She's 14 you sickotranshumanismTranshumanism


Does every humanoid in the galaxy share humans' life cycle? What is the age of consent for Yoda's species?


pls don't lie and go flagfag
this isn't ahsoka

They grow up fast and become 17 by age 12
Child - 1-12
Young adult - 13-15
Adult - 16-44
Middle age - 45-59
Old - 60-79
Venerable - 80+
- Ultimate Alien Anthology

"Hey, don't treat me like I'm a little girl. I ain't no kid—I'm fourteen years old."
―Mission Vao
The writers knew what they were doing, i hate Knights of the Old Republic more now


File: 1625370015571.jpg (222.43 KB, 1920x1188, shan.jpg)

Bastila > AllspurdoSpurdo


for me;
Kotor 1, Juhani
Kotor 2, Visas Marr


so what


>so what
anon stfu
she an even adult anon, so what the fuck are you even saying


so what if she wasn't an adult, who cares, I'm playing a game where I murder people and can even become magic space Satan

you have brain damage


Revan is unironically a good leader all the war crime shit was done by Malak.


force cope


It's true Taris gets destroyed when the Sith still have forces on it and the Admiral protests until Malak uses his big dick energy to force compliance.
Revan's people are genrally pretty good but Malak was just an unhinged sadist.


>so what if she wasn't an adult
I just said she was an adult, why are you defending kid fucking out of nowhere


good luck with your brain damage


>good luck with your brain damage
where's the argument


she's space legal and being are space knights you are above the law anyways.


>being are space knights you are above the law anyways.
oh NO! that's baadssssss anon

>she's space legal

She legal xenobiology wise, again she's over the age of 18 in human years


Do the people who post this crap think this is a real critique or do they know better and are just lazily shitposting? Not helping the beggar also leads to a bad result.
The whole lesson is that she wanted you to think about the consequences of your actions rather than doing a simple good guy or bad guy response. It's a deliberate response to the black/white morality of the first game.
Also charity doesn't solve poverty, if that was possible it would have already.


Don't you think that message is undermined a bit by the fact that she turns out to be the villain at the end.

Morality isn't really that complicated, in almost all cases it's better to give the beggar a credit than not.


Yes,but charity doesn't create MORE poverty.
So it's not a zero-sum game,especially for this beggar individually.


File: 1630819470810.jpg (267.41 KB, 639x1441, sankara.jpg)

>charity doesn't create MORE poverty
It does if you take developmental economics seriously.



>While being light side

This is literally exactly what Saradomin's soldiers did to hobo-hating Zarosian nobles when they stormed Senntisten in the Runescape lore universe.

An empire known for hobo genocide, not enforcing laws against killing/eating them. Also measuring everybody's utility according to how useful they are to the system, and completely ignoring and forgetting anybody who doesn't immediately benefit it.


Exactly what happened* was a better term to describe what I just said I think.

But overall I found this as a pretty good example of 'light side' characters storming the gates of a hobo-hating 'dark' empire.

Your playstyle would fit in quite well among Saradomin's early third age forces storming the Zarosians if they made a game based on the god wars lol.




I mean, Kreia literally is a sociopathic lolbert. The handout scene is well made to be honest, as it makes you consider your actions better (though it is a bit retarded since your only option is to torture the guy, which also pisses her off), but then you have some peak NAP respecter moments like where you help a husband and wife reconnect and she goes full schizo "wooo wtf did u just resolve the issue for them and deny them the chance to grow through personal struggle wtf" and comes off like some 12yo "deep thinker".


I’m glad I’m not the only one who remembers and hated that shit.


File: 1632338960923.png (49.66 KB, 204x247, ClipboardImage.png)

shes literally ayn rand but in star wars


nice and based



yeah comparing ayn rand to kreia was rude

at least kreia had a brain


>at least kreia had a brain
this, comparing people to ayn rand so rude owo


I hate that Rand seems to be the go-to for le strong women political philosopher when there are tons of female leftists that make her look like the little baby she is.


File: 1632684984213.png (2.46 MB, 1090x1389, ClipboardImage.png)

It's because we don't advertise our wimmin enough




anything with rosa is based


File: 1632703258116.jpg (268.45 KB, 1000x793, 1632700046902.jpg)

I was JUST looking for something like this. Thanks a lot comrade


File: 1632714017725.png (44.4 KB, 639x639, ClipboardImage.png)

Glad to be of use


I prefered KOTOR 1 to KOTOR 2.

KOTOR 2 tries to sell itself on "Muh moral ambiguity" but I had more fun doing Dark Side decisions in KOTOR 1

That Romeo and Juliet quest? Both families are aristocratic scum, have no problem inciting a war between them for no reason. Feudalists killing each other is based, and since they have robots no people get harmed.


robots are people too you b1g0t


rude owo


Star warz is for children


Is that a male or a female I can't tell please reply quick I'm about to bust a nut


Try to guess based on what that poster was replying to.


Chin and chain around neck tell me male but they might be female too. Anyways I already splattered my batter on the screen so its all good now


congrats, you're now gay
or bi, idk


She was right about apathy being death, though. That resonates even more in current year.


your a faggot the second you post on an imageboard


bro that section fucked me up so bad, I still remember it.


Its mainly capitalist bureaucracy and laws which stifle their potential to build their own life.

In almost any capitalist countries any kind of construction must be connected to an electric or sewage grid, also meet building codes otherwise cops tear it down.

The monopoly on violence also ensures cops can harass or shoot the homeless and tear down anything they build.

Literally you cannot make your own life and it is all about conformity to a single borg.


it's a dude, you gay now


I'm just gonna go ahead and say it, I preferred KOTOR 1 to TSL. It was just…more fun. I will now turn in my gamer card.

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