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Please tell me that people in the replies at least know what the political compass is bullshit


Damn they deleted the thread I should have archived it. A dude that called him out got called a "unironic Marxist". Pretty funny stuff.


I knew this bastardization of politics would be a shit idea


Honestly I hope Vic3 educates these fucks of how politics and society even works. It's not even left-wing theory! The economics is based on the lewis' Model, which is pretty universally accepted! The politics is liberal-pluralist theory, which is anti-marxist!


>Honestly I hope Vic3 educates these fucks of how politics and society even works
lmao keep dreaming


But anon you're a G*mers as well


Its seems that they really are delivering what people were hoping for

Also, i love the idea of certain cultures developing specific -philias for some goods




>Also, i love the idea of certain cultures developing specific -philias for some goods
Yeah it's really neat. I imagine some will exist at game-start: British for Tea, French for Win, German for Beer, maybe Tobacco for Dixie or even Tobacco for muslim cultures. Fuck, the chinese being coded into getting Opium would be hilarious.
But yeah honestly it feels like they are really pulling out the stops, and like the shit they are talking about now is the stuff that will already be there: I expect layers of depth at a paradox game on launch not seen since, well maybe ever? Also feels like they are doing the right approach of a few features that are deep on launch then building out, then the EUIV/Imperator/CK thing of wide but shallow.


lel that is an aggressively terrible idea im almost impressed


to be fair they did respond to criticisms of Imperator with good free updates, and CK3s DLC policy is much better than EU4s so far. not shilling for Paradox they are scum and EU4 has an unforgivable DLC policy but as i said above, at the very least it seems like the base game will have enough fleshed out mechanically for modders to run wild


Did Imperator ever become any good?


Apparently the 2.0 update for Imperator was quite good and fixed a lot of issues, and was a solid base for further improvements. But it was a case of too little too late with Paradox abandoning Imperator soon after release.

Thankfully Johan, the team lead in charge of Imperator during initial development is not involved at all with VIctoria 3. Wiz is the only paradox team lead that I actually trust to make a good Victoria 3


At least it can probably be better modified now, since, apparently, every game update bricked old mods.


File: 1622646960386.png (46.04 KB, 556x407, ClipboardImage.png)


Rome seems like Paradox's whipping boy for working on new game mechanics, with stuff from EU: Rome being refined into ck2 and then imperator being translated to ck3.


And both were garbage at launch, haphazardly patched, then shortly abandoned.


Much like the Roman Republic itself I suppose.


yeah its a fun game now


File: 1623250931438.jpg (169.37 KB, 991x771, 1623250922951.jpg)

New pic of the game is out


File: 1623291919888.jpg (1.66 MB, 1920x1200, train miku.jpg)

we /paradoxtraingang/ now




Is this the clausewitz engine? Looks good, assuming it's not just a mockup


New dev diary about buildings
Not sure but apparently building limits will be gone


Apparently there will be an urbanisation mechanic too and you can have multiple agricultural goods in one state. So no fixed RGO's anymore.


A lot of people on reddit are talking about avoiding the civil war as america. Personally I can't wait to very intentionally start the civil war so I can slaughter confederates and then kickstart an ahistorical communist revolution straight from there.



Eh, as I said above in the thread, personally, if its possible, I'll want to do a Whig USA run where I avoid civil war through economic populism for Dixie farmers, economically genocide Dixie aristocrats, abolish slavery, stop all westward expansion, become a Britain-rivaling modern industrial hagemon instead of a settler colonial state of OTL and then get overthrown by a united Northern-Southern-Black working class in the 80's.


File: 1623963843768.png (435.77 KB, 470x771, dd4_1_2.png)


Don't like the meat icon


Ah yes, time to create the marxist linconist USA


File: 1625420574987.png (91.14 KB, 1131x390, ClipboardImage.png)

Oh wizz you.


Wtf. Is the Victoria fanbase actually based?




Based and losurdopilled.


Wizz is probably the most based out of the PDX devs


How will Nurse Reno write a guide without spheres?


I didn't recognise it at first, it shouldn't be on a chopping board


Wait there are no spheres?


Yes and no. They want to use a system where you bring a country into your market but i fail to see how it's different from spheres


whatever they end up calling it I hope it's a less shitty mechanic than sphering nations in Vic 2


Worst part of victoria 2 imo, it's so damn annoying. Oh looks like while you weren't looking the UK removed this key nation from your sphere and now your whole economy is collapsing. Oh looks like they also banned your embassy and you lost the 50 influence you had kept in reserve.


Incredibly annoying. "Oh, you wanted to try and sphere this nation? Well sorry you just can't outpace this other country that is already firmly entrenched and gets more sphere points than you. Tough luck!"


You put all your sphered nations on highest priority so that rival influence would be automatically subtracted, *right anon*?


Not him, but is that really how it works? I could swear this happens to me with nations that are on top priority.


Johan will dumb down it and add a "mana" system


File: 1626473288297-0.png (934.1 KB, 1023x654, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1626473288297-1.png (500.63 KB, 567x553, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1626473288297-2.png (278.04 KB, 576x752, ClipboardImage.png)

New dev diary dropped yesterday, a few dozens screenshots, looking sexy


Magna mundi was the true EUIV but they had to kill Ubik ….


Urgh, mods will have to fix it


it doesnt look like anything like that will be implemented


The closest thing to Mana is the authority capacity or whatever it's called, which seems to be the replacement for National Focuses from V2.

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