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It's gonna suck.


These updates seem a little too good to be true, you think paradox is gonna follow through on making communists a 'good' faction?


Communist Government in Vic2 wasn't "bad" (aside from the horrid state controlled economy where you have to micro alot). Unlike, say, HoI4, Vic2 (and hopefully 3) is mechanically closer to EU4. There is no right or wrong governments in EU4 (just shit ones, but that was not intended on the devs part); and Peasant Government (proto-Communists, basically) were one of the best government type in the game.

From the leaks in general, especially ones about pops and politics, I have very high hopes for this game. Hopefully they won't fuck it up like Imperator; and be more like CK3 launchak-47AK-47


you'd know more than me honestly, I remember being communist once and all I remember was being forced to have no citizens rights (when I say 'bad' or 'good' I'm talking from an rp view).
I hope vic3 is gonna be good, I always loved annexing countries diplomatically


File: 1621692887766.jpg (103.52 KB, 1200x675, 1621692879873.jpg)

Fuck I hate how the map and the UI looks like. It literally looks like a mobile game. Give me some hope bros, is it gonna look good later since its work in progress?


I don't see the problem tbh. Graphics look gorgeous and people often complained about the opaque UI from Victoria 2; it was due for an upgrade. Personally, I like it. More concerned about game mechanics and whether or not paradox dumbs to game down for normies.


It's gonna be good
Easiest part of the whole game to mod so even if it ships like that I wouldn't worry


What I'd like to see would be the states being smaller, so you could detail borders after a war better. I mean the map doesn't look that bad, I just want there to be more provinces or states tbh. But it makes sense not to do that too, I guess


You can break them up iirc


Wait really? That's good to hear
>>9277 (me)
I also really hope that the map is bigger and more detailed than hoi4. I've heard it is but form these pics it doesn't seem like it


>>9279 (me)
Looking at the hoi4 map, I was wrong. It does look bigger.


I've never played HOI4 but I would expect a more detailed/dense map in a world war simulator. Victoria 2 had other focuses. That said I wouldn't mind more fleshed out combat in Vic3.
Anways, as the other anon said, If theres one thing paradox does well, it's allowing their games to be highly moddable.


File: 1621694559675.jpg (522.45 KB, 1920x1200, 1621694555144.jpg)

Thank god they atleast made it so that people don't only migrate to the new world.


File: 1621694581339.png (463.54 KB, 704x914, 2352356.png)

Meh, the visceral kneejerk total anticommunism response seems to be slowly decreasing among normies. Not enough for it to matter irl, but maybe enough for it to allow "le epic communist roleplay in le bideo gaymes!"


From the reddit thread:
<The map is divided into States and Provinces. There are about 730 States at game start, which are the smallest unit you will interact with for purposes of politics and economics.
<It's possible to split existing states, such as when you demand a Treaty Port in a war or Diplomatic Play. This creates a new State that is only one Province in size. Even at game start there are some cases of having more than one State, gameplay-wise, within a single "State Area."
<Provinces are subdivisions that you usually only interact with for maneuvering armies and when colonizing (which is done one Province at a time as you add more Provinces to your Colonial State), and there are roughly the same number of individual Provinces as in HoI4. (According to Google, that's around 13,000 - roughly 18 Provinces per State on average.)
<Visually, urbanization will spread across individual Provinces within a State.
<The pre-alpha map we saw looks better than HoI4 but worse than CK3/Imperator. They did say specifically that it isn't done yet. You can definitely zoom in further than HoI4, so I'd say the map overall feels bigger than the HoI4 map. Zoomed all the way out it looks very similar to the Vicky 2 paper map. Zoomed in you can see realistic clouds and stuff drifting over the landscape. Railroads are visible.


File: 1621694833013.jpeg (9.04 KB, 284x177, 1621694830373.jpeg)

The map reminded me of that march of eagles paradox game, it looks much better than that tho. No idea why it reminded me of it.


Fuck that image is low quality


Also reminds me of total war, which is bad.


The trade routes between spheres kinda reminds me of Imperator cringe I'm not very hype for that


It's from CK2 DLC originally I think, it will be interesting playing the great game along the silk road and fucking up naval routes with embargoes.


File: 1621698866774-0.png (336.85 KB, 640x344, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1621698866774-1.png (254.45 KB, 559x326, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1621698866774-2.png (354.65 KB, 640x322, ClipboardImage.png)

Someone took some screenshots of the preview for ants on the latest PDX stream


>March of Eagles
i fucking hate paracock games


Thank god. Looks better than I thought.


Never played the game, what are they like?


Nice, this is the aesthetic that most people associate with Vic anyway


In CK2 it just pushes money along historic trade routes which encourages people to fight over them, although being Vic2 I imagine it's for the flow of goods between markets. They can be disrupted by war, and also spread plague but that's probably just CK2.
Piracy DLC for Vic3?


based on the info so far im pretty hype ngl. even if the base game is somewhat disappointing, a full pop and market simulation is a goldmine for modders


Same. Mods will double the gameplay.


If you could mod what's been announced rn what would you do to it?


>Communism itself, while it often goes hand-in-hand with a command economy, is now more directly related to distribution of wealth and political power


id mod out the memory leaks in the clausewitz engine


I think it's a pretty good idea tbh, allows for it to be more of an experimental ideology


Everything looks good the only thing is I hope they will keep the parties while keeping Interest Groups at the same time.


I really wish they go in-depth on US with both ante-bellum and reconstruction. After listening to Cushvlogs that period seems to hold amazing potential for different outcomes:
>Whigs win, avoid Civil War and transform US from a settler state to a European capitalist state after peacefully ending slavery
>Peaceful Southern secession, with North becoming a full-on radical Republican stronghold, leading to a war later on
>Successful radical Republican reconstruction and plantercide
>Worker and peasant movement aligns with blacks in case of failed reconstruction, leading to an early prole revolution
None of this will happen, but its cool ideas for thought. Maybe someone will mod it in.


File: 1621774597740.png (24.13 KB, 174x100, ClipboardImage.png)



shit wrong thread sorry


I dont think they are keeping parties but pops still have ideology along with an aligned interest group, so interest groups in of themselves can exist along multiple ideological axes. As a polsci major honestly i really like the system, it is heavily based in liberal pluralism theory but i dont think i've ever seen a game do it proper outside of like Democracy 3.


I fucking hate it. It destroys RP and is completely unrealistic. There are only minor benefits noone cares about because I will never play a democracy in the liberal sense.


>>9344 (me)
I will immediately download mods that include both party and the IG system. Fuck this.


What? It's a better system than "x party wins", it actually deals with how autocracies work, bringing in certain interest groups and marginalising others.


They should've still definetly kept parties. Each of these IG should have parties who represent them. Like a communist party for workers. Both systems should stay.


While reading on the Vic 3 sub, I saw someone mention that Vic 2 used the LTV, is this true?


I saw that too. Probably, several people said that. I mean, looking it up it shows a post on the forum complaining they use the LTV. Pretty based.

(He's being shit on by the players btw)


Tbh that would require Victoria II to have economics that are understandable. It is literally not known how it works by the devs, since it never existed on paper but merely as ideas that existed between a specific set of individuals that went onto different projects.


The marginalists sperged out so hard that the thread got locked, probably the first more than one page thread to be locked on the Vicky 3 forums.
Truly they are a gift that keeps on giving.


File: 1621800661544-0.png (30.57 KB, 1185x244, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1621800661544-1.png (1.79 KB, 142x29, ClipboardImage.png)





File: 1621804524408-0.png (164.39 KB, 513x367, ClipboardImage.png)

One of their presentations just dropped as a pdf


File: 1621804716446.jpg (15.15 KB, 204x247, 1621804708397.jpg)

>command economy


>Imagine being so much of a fag that you have to see your autistic political ideology everywhere


Vic II has it, the interesting one is that they are actually simulating social ownership of the means of production also. Respect to PDX.


I have a suspicion that paradox tries to get into chinese market. Of all the big-ish publishers only them have problems with China, HOI4 is banned there.


Damn, the guy got blown the fuck out along with other rightists. Quite a few Marxists and sympathizers among Vicky players, in that thread even a majority it seems. I'm surprised.


File: 1621870062205.png (337.81 KB, 904x675, Snieckus_INLA.png)

Another big hope for Vic 3:
Nationalism mechanics. Nationalism and national liberation was probably one of the most important social dynamics of the games historic period. It would be a great shame if it would just be "spawn nationalist rebels on cores" again. Having conscious non-accepted culture pops in your states should start factions that would start off by accelerating consciousness and their own growth, and then move on to organize politically, which will start giving negatives for the province owner, and eventually kick off a Troubles-esque situation that assfucks the imperialist states resources, that then can become a full revolt or international crisis. Also give the imperialists their wholesome 100 tools of banning native literature, hunting down illegal schools and promoting alcoholism, all of which target to kill pop consciousness.


Because almost all strategy games are planned economies. Any game that tries to portray economics usually just does plans in one way or another


Vic2 as a game is the only one I know with a Marxist design to it, even if it's formatted from an imperialist perspective i.e. "Civilized" and "Uncivilized" ultimately just being whether it's an industrializing society. It even lacks any named individuals outside of generals.
Almost everything in the game is caused by economy and the masses, and Vic3 looks like it will ramp this up further by fleshing out the different pops and their ideologies, although these groups will have leaders now which is better than the average PDX autist constantly demanding le epic world leader portraits!1 which was honestly one of the most insufferable demands for Vic3 as it totally misses the point of why they were neglected in the first place.


Apparently there will be economic crises' in Vic3. Opinion?


Hopefully they won't be simple scripted events.


How is that any different from Victoria 2?


They won't be scripted, they happened in Vic2 and weren't. Apparently they're going further and putting historical events into the game but only via the conditions that led to them, so they can happen in other places.


File: 1621872577452.jpg (99.59 KB, 715x266, 1621872570021.jpg)

>>9413 (me)
Here from the QA on reddit
As far as I know, were there economic crashes? At least not in an international level right?


Look at picrel here >>9417


Maybe you should read it again if what you're taking away from that is that it's scripted.


You're confusing me with someone else. I didn't say they're scripted


SAME. the american civil war could be as interesting as any of the wars in europe at the time if the real circumstances are modelled in a responsive way. following through with radical reconstruction would be incredible

also remember that irl marx considered emigrating to texas, that could make a very interesting mod lol


I think you can avoid the ACW entirely, as long as you don't piss off interest groups like the abolitionists and plantation owners too much. Would take some big brain plays though since it's obviously contradictory. It makes sense the other scenarios in the first post are possible.


yeah you absolutely should be able to avoid it if you play it right, should just be hard. personally i might play as the confederacy to rp a world where they win and become an undeveloped shithole banana republic that has a communist revolution in a couple decades


File: 1621904085531.png (373.31 KB, 581x499, ew2kbqna52171.png)

Just don't get your hopes too high up, lads


Seems like /v/ contrarianism tbh, all the details released so far promise a good game even if it releases buggy as hell. Paradox recently got a foot up their ass having to shelve a game and totally rework another and that's their last two studio titles. The lead dev is also the guy who lead the rework of Stellaris and was transferred over after fixing it and the Stellaris community love him. If it's going to be bad then it will start to come across in the dev diaries where things are reworked or simplified due to the requests of dipshit LARPers and kiddos in the Paradox community.
I don't really get hyped for games because they're invariably shit nowadays but I'm very bullish on this being a good game.


File: 1621913876201.png (424.78 KB, 1005x524, OnPaste.20210525-003707.png)

For all of those concerned about the lack of parties in the game, rest easy.


File: 1621945573888-0.png (1.17 MB, 1688x1688, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1621945573888-1.png (599.68 KB, 954x665, ClipboardImage.png)

I'm so excited bro's. Anyone have a guess for when the game drops? Typically, how long do PDX game sit in development after release? From what I've heard it's been worked on since 2018 already.




My guess is somewhere very early 2022 or even much earlier than that


My guess is spring 2022.


They're usually pretty speedy, since by the time they announce the game has already been in development for awhile. Vicky 3 has been in active development for 3 years now, so early to mid '22 would be my guess.


I love that you can have: private, publicly traded, state, merchant guild, and cooperative ownership of the means of production. Like the diversity in of itself is incredible.


Yeah I mean it being in development for so long means that they are mostly working on aesthetic, flavour, and balancing now. Release within a year seems more than reasonable (especially as paradox has in-house artists that they can reassign to speed up the art-making process).


Average release time from announcement is around a year so it probably will be that


hopefully they feel meaningfully differentiated, but from what weve seen so far it looks like theres enough depth to differentiate methods of production


Yeah, I think the differents will mostly be hidden mechanical, rather say active player interaction. But still, the way they are talking about profits and wages are paid out sound great, I am honestly impressed with the level of detail they are going into things that Victoria II didn't even touch upon.


same, and its encouraging that theyre talking about the specific details of the implemented systems instead of just using the kind of buzzwords and vague descriptions you often see about games in production


All I want is a Victoria game with a economic and population system accurate enough to simulate the material conditions needed for a socialist revolution to occur.

Lets hope paradox delivers instead of releasing a beta version of the game with most of the features hidden behind DLCs.



the latter will happen.
the HOI4 is still missing many features of HOI3


File: 1622238789229.png (407.49 KB, 649x463, ClipboardImage.png)


This makes me excited for the game


File: 1622255303980.png (279.56 KB, 640x534, tradtards.png)


This is a suitable lolcow. Anybody have a link to it directly?


Can't find it, probably deleted, but there is some lulz on the Vicky 3 forums



I am really interested if Paradox will dare include calssicide (or should I say POPicide) mechanics. Its not even that I am edgy or want to larp as a radical republican and hang all Dixie Landowner pops (though I kinda want to do that tbh), but its just that politicized murder of pops, be it due to class, ethnicity or level of conciousness was very common, and very important to the time periods political reality.


G*mers truly are a funny creature


File: 1622457214725.png (174.68 KB, 796x342, ClipboardImage.png)

l m a o


File: 1622457597460.png (166.79 KB, 862x521, ClipboardImage.png)

The victoria 3 steam forum is truly something


Please tell me that people in the replies at least know what the political compass is bullshit


Damn they deleted the thread I should have archived it. A dude that called him out got called a "unironic Marxist". Pretty funny stuff.


I knew this bastardization of politics would be a shit idea


Honestly I hope Vic3 educates these fucks of how politics and society even works. It's not even left-wing theory! The economics is based on the lewis' Model, which is pretty universally accepted! The politics is liberal-pluralist theory, which is anti-marxist!


>Honestly I hope Vic3 educates these fucks of how politics and society even works
lmao keep dreaming


But anon you're a G*mers as well


Its seems that they really are delivering what people were hoping for

Also, i love the idea of certain cultures developing specific -philias for some goods




>Also, i love the idea of certain cultures developing specific -philias for some goods
Yeah it's really neat. I imagine some will exist at game-start: British for Tea, French for Win, German for Beer, maybe Tobacco for Dixie or even Tobacco for muslim cultures. Fuck, the chinese being coded into getting Opium would be hilarious.
But yeah honestly it feels like they are really pulling out the stops, and like the shit they are talking about now is the stuff that will already be there: I expect layers of depth at a paradox game on launch not seen since, well maybe ever? Also feels like they are doing the right approach of a few features that are deep on launch then building out, then the EUIV/Imperator/CK thing of wide but shallow.


lel that is an aggressively terrible idea im almost impressed


to be fair they did respond to criticisms of Imperator with good free updates, and CK3s DLC policy is much better than EU4s so far. not shilling for Paradox they are scum and EU4 has an unforgivable DLC policy but as i said above, at the very least it seems like the base game will have enough fleshed out mechanically for modders to run wild


Did Imperator ever become any good?


Apparently the 2.0 update for Imperator was quite good and fixed a lot of issues, and was a solid base for further improvements. But it was a case of too little too late with Paradox abandoning Imperator soon after release.

Thankfully Johan, the team lead in charge of Imperator during initial development is not involved at all with VIctoria 3. Wiz is the only paradox team lead that I actually trust to make a good Victoria 3


At least it can probably be better modified now, since, apparently, every game update bricked old mods.


File: 1622646960386.png (46.04 KB, 556x407, ClipboardImage.png)


Rome seems like Paradox's whipping boy for working on new game mechanics, with stuff from EU: Rome being refined into ck2 and then imperator being translated to ck3.


And both were garbage at launch, haphazardly patched, then shortly abandoned.


Much like the Roman Republic itself I suppose.


yeah its a fun game now


File: 1623250931438.jpg (169.37 KB, 991x771, 1623250922951.jpg)

New pic of the game is out


File: 1623291919888.jpg (1.66 MB, 1920x1200, train miku.jpg)

we /paradoxtraingang/ now




Is this the clausewitz engine? Looks good, assuming it's not just a mockup


New dev diary about buildings
Not sure but apparently building limits will be gone


Apparently there will be an urbanisation mechanic too and you can have multiple agricultural goods in one state. So no fixed RGO's anymore.


A lot of people on reddit are talking about avoiding the civil war as america. Personally I can't wait to very intentionally start the civil war so I can slaughter confederates and then kickstart an ahistorical communist revolution straight from there.



Eh, as I said above in the thread, personally, if its possible, I'll want to do a Whig USA run where I avoid civil war through economic populism for Dixie farmers, economically genocide Dixie aristocrats, abolish slavery, stop all westward expansion, become a Britain-rivaling modern industrial hagemon instead of a settler colonial state of OTL and then get overthrown by a united Northern-Southern-Black working class in the 80's.


File: 1623963843768.png (435.77 KB, 470x771, dd4_1_2.png)


Don't like the meat icon


Ah yes, time to create the marxist linconist USA


File: 1625420574987.png (91.14 KB, 1131x390, ClipboardImage.png)

Oh wizz you.


Wtf. Is the Victoria fanbase actually based?




Based and losurdopilled.


Wizz is probably the most based out of the PDX devs


How will Nurse Reno write a guide without spheres?


I didn't recognise it at first, it shouldn't be on a chopping board


Wait there are no spheres?


Yes and no. They want to use a system where you bring a country into your market but i fail to see how it's different from spheres


whatever they end up calling it I hope it's a less shitty mechanic than sphering nations in Vic 2


Worst part of victoria 2 imo, it's so damn annoying. Oh looks like while you weren't looking the UK removed this key nation from your sphere and now your whole economy is collapsing. Oh looks like they also banned your embassy and you lost the 50 influence you had kept in reserve.


Incredibly annoying. "Oh, you wanted to try and sphere this nation? Well sorry you just can't outpace this other country that is already firmly entrenched and gets more sphere points than you. Tough luck!"


You put all your sphered nations on highest priority so that rival influence would be automatically subtracted, *right anon*?


Not him, but is that really how it works? I could swear this happens to me with nations that are on top priority.


Johan will dumb down it and add a "mana" system


File: 1626473288297-0.png (934.1 KB, 1023x654, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1626473288297-1.png (500.63 KB, 567x553, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1626473288297-2.png (278.04 KB, 576x752, ClipboardImage.png)

New dev diary dropped yesterday, a few dozens screenshots, looking sexy


Magna mundi was the true EUIV but they had to kill Ubik ….


Urgh, mods will have to fix it


it doesnt look like anything like that will be implemented


The closest thing to Mana is the authority capacity or whatever it's called, which seems to be the replacement for National Focuses from V2.

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