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In case you don't believe me
In case you don't believe me

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Support Infaread and Caleb Maupin support high growth not SJW clime change pink hair feminist Malthusians

Don't be Malthusian be smart do growth

Have children so we are not all blacked by nggers


ok jason


the day westerners stop analyzing my country through their heavily filtered ideological lense (communist or capitalist) i will paint my ass blue and fucking yodel. if you guys knew about government Document culture, how Rank to Rank communication lines work, civilian digital technology's effect on elite reputation, Fortress strategy or the Housing market China would be alot less one dimensional to you…
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Aren't Chinese citizens still waiting for universal healthcare?


>That pic
What a LARPer


I try to take a softer stance on China and try to come to a nuanced opinion with limited knowledge I have. Mostly my positions are that New Left guys like Minq Li need more political power, China has remnants of communist infrastructure that serve capitaliatic ends, and that China is a far more progressive force in the geopolitical sphere than they're not. I say this with a lot of caveats and begrudging enthusiasm.
By the way, how do we know you're actually Chinese?


Daily reminder that OP isn't chinese, he's at most a second generation immigrant (AKA white)


Nah. My guess is that he's some Chinese kid that was sent to be educated im America. I knew a few people like this.

File: 1654296227454.jpg (58.64 KB, 851x591, 7348932.jpg)


"Gender identity" and the idea that you can become a woman is at odds with every other category ever in that it has no relation to the material at all and is completely antithetical to scientific categorization. It is exclusive to the mind and can be boiled down to "I feel _ therefore I am _". It's really just unscientific bunk that should be discarded. "Man" and "Woman" are already categorizations used for objectively, physically distinct classes. Trans people have no distinct physical differences.
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Being non-binary is not real


gender isn't a real thing, it's is exclusive to the mind and can be boiled down to "I feel _ therefore I am _"


Then why does it matter if a person of the male sex wishes to dress in a traditionally feminin way and wants to be addressed with feminin pronouns?


>gender isn't a real thing, it's is exclusive to the mind and can be boiled down to "I feel _ therefore I am _"

this is what transgender people have been saying. Sex is the biological reality. Gender is the cultural norms associated with sex that go by the same names as the sexes but are in fact social constructs. A biological male can trans their assigned gender and become not a biological female but take on most of the social roles of womanhood. That is, they become a woman.

It might be possible one day to edit people's chromosomes and develop their bodies towards their preferred biological sex, but that is a technological barrier rather than an ideological one, in the same way that modern communications technology would be unthinkable to a medieval person.


yes it is. people quite sincerely identify with neither of the most commonly recognized genders. On top of this (if you think identity is a spook) there is the biological fact that intersex people exist in many forms and don't conform physiologically to either of the most commonly recognized biological sexes.

File: 1654216381822.jpg (153.88 KB, 2048x1152, FUQh6zhUEAEFLbB.jpg)


Look at this poll and how fucking boomers have a better/less negative view of trans people than young people.
It's been my experience that ignorant boomers generally don't buy into the fear mongering and propaganda, they simply don't care that much. I smoke and drink with old conservatives all the time and they're super chill.

File: 1654210848404.png (389.34 KB, 1050x580, Aboninationpng 2.png)


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That would be oppression towards the autist race


I'd go to work for her.





I want to marry her


File: 1653030260921.png (1.82 MB, 1492x998, ashbie pepe sumer.png)


I reject the concept of "autism" just not being autistic. It doesn't mean that I want to divide us, we're still on the same side. It's simply a reality that autistic people are different from neurotypicals and do face discrimination. But I do reject the "autism" as a way to reduce psychology and distract from exploitation


Is anybody else going to pic related? As a white, male communist I’m eager to get to listen to Jews and second generation Pakistan’s lecture on how awful I am and how important transhumanists are to the revolution. I feel like this could really broaden my perspective and help me understand how to be a better person. I’ll be sat at the back throughout in order to allow priority spaces to people of colour up front. Feel free to say hello, I’ll be wearing a Star Wars t shirt cargo shorts.


You guys should all know by now that /pol/ has been putting in so much effort to steal our meme and deface it.

We are seeing that our strategies to infiltrate /pol/ are not working because they have accepted the meme as a trans person or whatever and use it to mock us.

Nevertheless, we still need to fight this battle and create new poljak’s based off of the white incel meme and use it all over /pol/ like never before.

By doing this over and over again, they will become scared of it and try so hard to cover it up that they will see the truth that they do look like that.

After a while, we can slowly reclaim /pol/ because most of the polcels will leave and try to hide from the fact that they do look like that, which will drive them to the left more.

We can do this guys, it’s time to work.


least obvious /pol/ falseflag thread


Operation Drink Your Parents' Bleach (It's Under The Kitchen Sink)


go back

File: 1654048690631.png (619.8 KB, 690x681, putin monke soy gas.png)


Soyspam general. Read the notes of the next IP posted.
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It got rehosted a couple times because the farty owner couldn't be assed to deal with the autism


File: 1654102429320.png (32.73 KB, 600x600, feraljak.png)

>why are people so offended by the suggestion of maybe not grinding every standing body and piece of infrastructure into iredeemable dust for the sake of selfish+shortsighted western beliefs and interests which do not project cleanly onto eastern european history and material circumstances


>They are going to steal our get


They are going to steal our get



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