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File: 1651902639978.jpeg (5.6 KB, 218x231, download.jpeg)


Our existence economically is for a single reason: to trump up the economies of French, German, and UK countries.

These countries LITERALLY ravaged our economies and post-socialist countries are the most typical example: "privatize anything and everything" so that French and German companies may buy your shit for LITERAL CENTS.

Fun story that happened to me:
>meet with Nigerian cocksucker (son of an oil baron who happened to study in my country)
>he starts by emphasizing his (supposed) victim status
<I tell him that our countries literally DIDN'T PARTICIPATE IN THE SLAVE TRADE
<I try to enlighten him about how our countries LITERALLY DIDN'T HAVE FUCKING COLONIES IN AFRICA
>bourg-kid fuckface says: "Yeah, but you are white, so…"

but also
>mfw trying to explain to this mother fucker that we are literally on the "cock-sucking side" of imperialism just like his country is (WHILE, AGAIN, HE IS A FUCKING OIL-MOGUL-KID, LMAO)
>trying to explain to him that our countries are getting fucked by the central EU-countries in pure economic terms
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To be frank: "gold-diggerism" is a dialectic. It's not up to one person, one situation, in other words.

For example an African woman becomes a gold-digger because she experiences severe economic hardships and decides that feigning a relationship at the price of losing authenticity or even happiness is worth it, while le stereotypical old white dude enters into this relationship either out of nativity ("oh, wow, I'm actually loved"), or pure calculation ("I'm about to die anyway, so I might as well have this…"), or through legitimate love (lol, as if).

Like 90% of the time "gold-diggerism" is severely unhappy as a relationship, disregarding the economic background, or age differences, and so on.



ZOMG something LITCHERLY happened to me


you seem like a retard so it's hard to be upset about some other retard irritating you


>Like, I literally spent 10 hours working for this mother fucker for free
Why are you such a fucking pushover getting into these protracted situations with wealthy cunts on your free time? Like seriously what's wrong with you?


>supposedly a thread about the exploitation of peripheral eu countries by eu imperialism
<entire thread is op bitching about how much he hates some african or indian person he met
really makes you think

File: 1651897809775.jpg (2.23 MB, 3000x4000, IMG_20220507_062601.jpg)


I've just been attacked by foreigners. I'm a communist. They fucking cracked my skull with an empty wine bottle in their hand. Turns out that you don't need to be vigilant or whatever to recieve a beating. This asshole had a fucking empty wine bottle in his hand which he used to clobber my head.

I literally said not a single fucking thing and this mother fucker kept saying that I've been "racist" or what fucking ever when I literally staid silent throughout my beating.

This fucker almost clobbered me to death with his empty wine bottle, and then insisted that I was "provoking" him.

You may ban me for this post, but it literally just happened. Right now I have a black eye and a huge ass bump on my skull.

I literally did nothing wrong. I never acted or said anything racist, yet this mother fucker pretended that I did.

Fuck this shit, man. Picrel is my wound on the top of my head.


Still not racist, but fuck bourg faggots who get an auto-pass to join an university here just b/c their daddies are rich as fuck.
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where at


T. Anglo




Should have called them faggots for drinking wine


bro being a communist means you'll beat the shit out of people when they provoke you. it's not some hippy pacifist shit.

File: 1649083661942.png (6.72 KB, 304x306, burgerpol.png)


Another one of these. Post this IP range. b8 and ukrop concern trolling with IP switching most posts, indiciative of toggling airplane mode etc. Repository.
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Those are not aliens. Those are spiritual beings. Astral entities.
They're species of being that belong in the higher plane. They don't originate in the earthly plane.
Also, they seem to have an agenda with humans.


That's what happens when comedians keep doing the same schtick for fifteen years.
There's a reason why entertainers try different fields of the arts.


There was never a reason to be defensive in the first place. Having an ego and desiring to do good isn't enough to form a coherent vision people can get behind.


You have to shoot them dumbass.


>Chaz and its whites and POC only dirt patches fed anyone
Are you being serious?

File: 1651879288373.jpg (89.84 KB, 1172x662, fight dave.jpg)


As a note there is a history of Dave Chappelle being accused of spreading transphobia with jokes, I personally haven't watched those acts or read into it but I just found proof he is actually transphobic and trying to spread hate.


Dave Chapelle gets attacked by a non trans man says "hey everyone it was one of those trans people"

No I don't have any proof supporting this, let me direct hate to trans people anyways.

You might think "what's the big deal?"

As he is black I will use this example.

A equivalent example would be if a white comedian was attacked by a white man and said "It was a black man" with everyone laughing. Although I don't think that example is extreme enough as trans man is saying in this context not a real man"
So it would be more like a white man being attacked by a white man and saying "It was a N word" and everyone laughing. Keeping in mind trans are way more hated and discriminated against than black people these days in the US.
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Nobody cares
America is cucked
Leave or killself
Let it die


did it hurt to have duodecuplets in there?


it's ok since you are russian saboteur and all






Is there a book that covers the same topic of money being created by the bourgeoisie but with less antisemitism? (I've read chapter 1 of Capital before you say)
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>Hegel and Marx before reading Lord of the Rings lmfao
You idiots! You're supposed to read Tolkien first!


Nah those infographics are filled with stuff. Half of the infographics have leftist books. Lots of Marx


Nazbols don't like Nazis, retard


Right, let’s settle this shit once and for all. I’ve seen a lot of debate surrounding him but I still have one burning, important question. Is he socialist?


I’m in some telegram group chats of nazbols. I was also on some nazbol fbi.gov servers as well but those got my account disabled.

File: 1651781436245.png (470.31 KB, 685x767, FR_XqO-XMAAqpWN.png)


Why do you tankies keep posting this meme? All of these common Reddit-tier talking points are either flat out false, or, a half-truth.

> 1. There is no electricity bill in Libya; electricity is free for all its citizens.

Categorically untrue. Despite poor electricity infrastructure and poor coverage of electricity lines, even in the Capital, Libyan home owners pay monthly/quarterly (area dependant) electricity bills based on meter readings. Electricity is cut off in instances of unpaid bills. Reconnection upon payment is not instant. The electric infrastructure is weak and some areas of Libya do not have electricity available at all.

>2. There is no interest on loans, banks in Libya are state-owned and loans given to all its citizens at zero percent interest by law.

Categorically untrue. Banks all over Libya have been giving out loans for years and years. There is a percentage rate charge on all loans, which is comparable to an interest rate, but in the spirit of ‘islamic ethics’ it is not called interest, it is called an ‘Administrative Expense.’

>3. Having a home considered a human right in Libya.

Gaddafi vowed that his parents would not get a house until everyone in Libya had a home. Gaddafi¹s father has died while he, his wife and his mother are still living in a tent. Well Gaddafi abused this human right as much as he did other basic rights. It is well known in Libya that political opponents, or just successful business men/women, had their homes confiscated and handed over to regime members, usually rewards for Free Officers.

>4. All newlyweds in Libya receive $60,000 dinar (U.S.$50,000) by the government to buy their first apartment so to help start up the family.

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uyghurs tongue my anus


Didn't read.


there's no proof for either of the claims


File: 1651784763663.jpg (192.62 KB, 1080x1246, chad.jpg)

>My source? Michael Parenti on facebook


biggest point against this meme is that all of them are ultimately bourgeois, at best petty bourgeois, concerns



File: 1651675800295.gif (144.48 KB, 255x250, 1651668513170-2.gif)


>We engage in both serious political discourse and informal discussion on various topics related to leftist thought.
>We engage in both serious political discourse and informal discussion on various topics related to leftist thought.
>We engage in both serious political discourse and informal discussion on various topics related to leftist thought.
>We engage in both serious political discourse and informal discussion on various topics related to leftist thought.
>We engage in both serious political discourse and informal discussion on various topics related to leftist thought.


Someone mad at
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


I am sorry Junko but it must be done after you rejected my offer to be your bf.
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>reporting survey results is lying


>anyways what does becoming a follower even entail?
I don't know yet, just stand by while I get my shit together. In the meantime try hunting down one of those devices, it will be very fun I promise.




they can, but this one wasn't. you are a dishonest asshat

File: 1651323806278.png (265.94 KB, 383x480, ClipboardImage.png)


Fuck IT! I fucking hate it. All these philistines in India have a Bachelors in Technology degree, literally millions of them. And all of them work in these one gazillion IT companies and since most of Indian workers are making peanut wages these IT bastards think that they are all scholars. I fucking hate IT and computers so much.
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do you even begin to realize how many different orgs in India call them CPI-ML


being cute :3


No how many exactly?



I see

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