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File: 1651287698514.jpg (135.84 KB, 1080x744, productive forces.jpg)


China teaches that you should be proud of starting a business As China is the most powerful socialist state they represent the international communist line. Why are you not proud of capitalists? They grow productive forces.

I think the only real communists in America stand with Caleb Maupin, Haz etc as they think being a capitalist is a patriotic and proud thing like China.

Caleb like China has actually talked about why communists should be billionaire's as then they can help the movement more. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q3BMe6J3zQw&ab_channel=CalebMaupin

Also stopping capitalists which would stop productive forces is Malthusian this is why China and Larouche share similar political lines and Larouche has the correct polictical line for America.

Communism is not about poverty as technology develops due to capitalists/permanent NEP we will all be Billionaire's and beyond we will have robots doing things like space mining.


Tell me how I know you’re shitposting


File: 1651288462429-1.jfif (92.77 KB, 612x408, 437598347598345.jfif)

File: 1651288462429-2.jfif (81.95 KB, 700x394, 43573457934534.jfif)

The Chinese world is not as obsessive, metaphysical and mechanical to theory as the western world. The Chinese world prefers materialism and dialecticism.

So to answer the question that why and how is it that there are billionaires and communists at the same time, the short answer is because it works that way. It may sound offensive and no one would acknowledge it, but it's like a butcher and a pig. A pig needs to be fed fat until the moment it reaches its potential, then the butcher can kill the pig and sell the meat and make money while also breed more pigs so that his income and living standard will be improved. If he's rich enough and it's time to move on, then he can sell his business or close the factory and move on. The pig may bite the butcher or resist in some other ways, but the pig is always a pig no matter how fat it is, as the butcher is a butcher no matter how skinny he is.

The pig is to serve, and can even offer advice on how to make itself bigger to benefit the market and consumers and be happier in death, but it cannot get rid of the cage and its destiny to be a pig.

There's no "butcherity" or "holy pig-ism." There's only the dialectical decision the butcher should make based on the current situation and future expectations. So there may be billionaires, as well as Christians, Buddhists, feminists, pro-West, Muslims, ex-communists, corrupted communists in a "communist" country. It's not about turning everyone into a 100% communist but everyone (like the butcher, pig, seller, consumer, adviser) playing his own role in the hope that one day collectively the farm industry is rich enough to close this business down and move on to something more "civilized."


>China teaches


1. capitalism grows the productive forces at the expense of the individual.
2. yeah sure starting a business is fine, being a profit maximizer against workers is not fine but it is necessary to be good at running a business, so its a double bind and we know how it plays out

"why communists should be billionaires" is such a retarded statement, you don't just wake up one morning and say "i want to be rich", yes work is involved but 100% of the time a rich background is also involved. Ofc we all want to be as successful as possible since the higher u climb the more health, free time, and free money u have, but this is separate from being a billionaire or making that a focus like wtf lol. Yes china is based, deng was maybe necessary in order to do business with the west and take all their manufacturing, no it's not because billionaires. They're a byproduct and dangerous even in china because money is power, even when formally the state holds all the power. Thats why Xi is trying to root out corruption - there is corruption!

Larouche literally says schizo shit, read his stuff. It's literally made to act as cult mind control on your brain, he ran a cult. It's not a political line meant to be understood, analyzed, dealt with scientifically and changed if needed, and logically held to. It's meant to melt your thinking capability and make you subservient. If he says anything right, it can be divorced from him. He's dead anyways.

Also no, stopping capitalists does not stop productive forces, socialists can also develop productive forces there's no reason that capitalism is needed.

Thank you for your shitpost

File: 1651121461197.jpeg (5.52 KB, 200x252, download (7).jpeg)


Deng Xiaoping on women 1956.

"It is clear that woman prefer the bourgeoisie man. Women are upset that they can no longer sleep with landlords, prostitutes are upset that they can not sleep with men who have money.

Women are attracted to make status particularly financial status and that alone. By eliminating the private sector are we actually just eliminating the females right to feel sexual attraction.

I suspect stopping landlords was too much what purpose can a man have if he can't seek to become rich to attract women. We must stop with these rapid changes they have already gone too far. Efforts to nationalised the economy will destroy female attraction to men and mens ability to become attractive to women"


Where do these bait posters come from



>anti-"dengism" thread #43534
>mods not doing there job by keeping China discussion in the China cyclical thread #43534


>It's real although leftypol auto translated male to make in one paragraph
Did you just auto-translate that from machine language AI chan?

File: 1651041183281.jpg (125.92 KB, 1200x675, FC6nLgLWQAAPTpX.jpg)


Lets talk about Peter Coffin

Why is he preaching patriotic leftism aka nazbol?

Why did he break up with big titty Ashleigh?

Why is he cringe?
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File: 1651087266371.mp4 (2.98 MB, 640x360, PeterCoffin.mp4)


But both of those are nazbol, tankie


okay lib


>How is it Nazbol

"Nazbol" doesn't mean anything and people using it aren't actually trying to imply anything serious. The term is just a slur meant to be utilized against a specific kind of out-group, that the name happens to have been taken from something that was once a real political phenomenon doesn't mean anything, similar to the term "TERF" being applied to people who aren't feminists let alone radfems. 21st century secular Western civic religion version of the term "Heretic" or "Witch", they're really just attacking you on the basis of opposing their value system and disrupting consensus on regards to whatever current thing the managerial class, people of college, "aspirants" etc are currently being told to soy out over.

Don't try to make sense of arguments thrown out by people who have been MKULTRA mind scrambled to the point they are incapable of human being linear thinking, because you will drive yourself crazy (which is what they want to happen). If you're finding yourself getting bogged down by this shit then consider getting some kind of word filter addon for whatever browser you're using & having it filter/swap words like "NAZBOL" "TERF" "PATSOC" "TANKY" etc to Heathen/Heretic.


hes alright when he is doing book review discussions
the culture war clickbait is garbage


I’ve never met a North Korean. I’ve been to Asia, around Europe and lived in a diverse, vibrant global community in western Europe. I’ve never met a North Korean. It got me thinking, if it was so bad there and the regime was so bad, if communism had failed in North Korea, you’d think people would leave to live under capitalism. But I don’t see that happening. You’d think the anti Korean propaganda would look ridiculous in light of the fact people choose to live there in such numbers…but hey, people still buy into it. Maybe if people knew how much better things are in North Korea capitalism would collapse as a mass relocations begins, and Korea takes over the world as its strengthened further by this union of socialism and diversity.


Things aren't amazing in the DPRK either.

Another thing, the average Shit Korean probably lives in much more riches compared to an average Korean. For indoctrinated libs, amassed riches is directly correlated with a good life. So if you show a Korean person with little belongings but a full life, socializing, playing music, etc, they would still see this as worse than a Shit Korean's life working 16 hours a day but owns a PS5.

It's not so easy.


In spite of the power they hold, in spite of the institutions which they level against people of color, in spite of their majority status…my mere existence is a source of dread for so many whites. When I think about this, I feel empowered and I feel certain of my place in the world. I don’t even have to protest, I can walk into a Starbucks and sense their unease. I think it transcends the political, even if I wasn’t explicitly leftist they’d still feel threatened by me.

Pic kind of related.


I don't get insecure about the idea of being a minority tbh, I don't see an ethnofascist threat to my person emerging


Well it's not the bourgeois who are quaking in their boots when they see you lmao



Honestly, I see more of a threat to their ethnomationalist status quo. Not emerging, but fully underway. Demographically, culturally and politically. They see it too, only it must hurt to acknowledge they’re on the way out. In many places it’s simply a fact that people of color will make up the numbers on the ground during any revolutionary activity.


Yeah that's the thing, I don't even think the majority of white people actualy care about losing that status quo as it doesn't really provide for them anymore anyway



The majority were born into international, diverse multicultural societies. There is still a minority, perhaps who are older and therefore closer to death who resent their loss of cultural dominance in the West. This is reflected in the institutional racism I described in my first post, which whilst being a real issue, I can laugh about somewhat when dealing with whites face to face and seeing the ground level reality of things.


L^o^l^a ^ F^o^r^u^m ポルノ

https://gg -l.xyz/ascMZ
https://gg -l.xyz/ascMZ

https://gg -l.xyz/ascMZ
https://gg -l.xyz/ascMZ

https://gg -l.xyz/ascMZ
https://gg -l.xyz/ascMZ

File: 1650859901037.jpg (51.86 KB, 604x453, 20220317_155827.jpg)


>be me
>Sit next to girl on tram
>Her whole body is spread out
>Her legs are in the air pushing against a panel thing
>I got on Reddit
>4tran (subreddit for 4chan trans people) pops up
>She is looking at my phone knows I am probably a transhumanist
>Mogging me the whole time with her body being spread out like a Chad
>Shes letting of this sexual energy whist she is looking at me bored
>Probably could see her pussy with how wide legs were spread
>Her stop
>She takes one last look at me farts yes I think she farted the ultimate mog and then leaves
>I was scared and anxious the whole time
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File: 1650871623603-1.jpeg (15.24 KB, 206x244, images.jpeg)

>Quick rundown?
spread out over the whole seat like Jacob Rees-Mogg
How will it end
<lady looks at OPs toes and licks her lips like David Mellor


stfu tupa


It's from incel culture. It's a shortened verb form of AMOG, which stands for Alpha Male Of Group. The "theory" goes that whenever more than one male is congregating, one of them will take a leader position.

not to be confused with AMOGUS


Man's getting told to shut up before I've even opened my mouth 😭

Funny greentext though lmao

File: 1650681467469.jpg (34.65 KB, 640x800, take a seat.jpg)


Nonce spam repository, non CP.
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daddy x daughter sex is based and I can't wait to do it :)(USER WAS VANNED FOR THIS POST)



Based. People should be allowed to do what they want with their lolis.


peer review this cp


Cope. Under socialism there will be no age of consent laws and loli will be legal.

File: 1650483946506.jpg (282.48 KB, 1080x1021, 1650402465720.jpg)


Uh /leftypol/sisters, why do we love BBC so much? What are the socio-economic factors that play into this obsession? Please only post if you have peer-reviewed studies to back your claims.

File: 1650419416831.png (174.57 KB, 1113x1401, holy fuck..png)


Since 150 words is required.

I think we all know what's going on, I dont care what you are politically. I cannot say much other than this world is stranger than i once thought.

Do you guys want to know the truth?(pol schizo astroturf)


File: 1650419616191.png (418.51 KB, 674x548, 1647114786582.png)

not all of us are terrible. some of us want to help(samefagging pol schizo astroturf)

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