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File: 1650387658319.jpg (599.04 KB, 1448x2048, gyi9zlpb55w41.jpg)


I just can't believe how easy it is now and how retarded they are to dump their "le based Azov" they've been simping for years just because of some troll accounts made on a subreddit for foreign volunteers in Ukraine, I've made one and they keep posting screencaps from my post over and over again saying transphobic shit and how "only trans snowflakes supports Ukraine", you can join me the take over if you want, the plan is easy:

>spread disinformation about Ukrainian volunteers especially Azov

Use whatever they hate the most, jews, POC, race mixing, LGBT if not all together showing their support towards Azov or any neo-nazi group, you can use yourself masked for few photo shots if you're one of them and if you own military shit just buy a shitty Azov patch from Ebay for few photos then you can burn it, even better if you're a mixed race couple POC male white female saying the girl is "Ukrainian" lol, use a somewhat old Reddit account and post into that volunteer subreddit saying you're in Ukraine then the imbeciles will spread those photos further taking supporters away, you can post more on /pol/ about "how Ukraine is globohomo ruled by Khazarian mafia and Azov are nothing more than just puppets of Israel to create Heavenly Israel" that worked the most you can collect their shitty schizophrenic photos and repost them
>demonize NATO and anything Westerner
Since the invasion of Ukraine I noticed the pro NATO posters started to appear more and more on /pol/, go further and post things how "those posters are CIA" "NATO is Globohomo golem" and even better use photos that shows the support of NATO towards LGBT, push the narrative "The West fights only for the whole world to be gay and race mixed and always fought for that"
>push them closer to USSR
Just spread anything similar with the idea "They were the last bastion of white race and they fought against globohomo" and how "in 90s globohomo successfully destroyed USSR and took over"
>push them closely to DNR, LNR and even Russia
Just say how based they are and they're "proud Christian workers fighting against the globohomo" and "how based is their ideology" and "how Putin took over Russia and destroyed globohomo and how he wants to revive USSR"
>push them closer to an Communist ideology closer to their views
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put me in the screencap


Put me in the screencap


bitch who cares what pol thinks. the success of socialism doesn't hinge on converting fascists. they get the wall


Put me in the screencap


Read BreadTube Serves Imperialism by Dr. Caleb T. Maupin.

File: 1650370213325.jpg (94.97 KB, 659x807, Stalin read.jpg)


This isn't a Maoist political thread hence why not in general.

How do you actually analyze news on these Maoist conflicts to work out what's happening, who's winning, how much progress has been made, how much the peoples army has gotten stronger ect?
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This is practically lying by omission as the Nepalese situation is way more complicated than this.

After winning and establishing a parliamentary republic, a right-wing faction within the Nepalse Nepalese Maoist movement appeared (this betrayal of the class war was headed by Prashanda himself) that tried to gravitate toward a pro-representative democratic compromise with the already existing and also influential ML-revisionist party Communist Party of Nepal (Unified Marxist–Leninist) (aka CPN (UML)). This split left the Maoist cadre and revolutionary populace out to dry for deals with international capital. As a result the Maoist people, not the corrupted parliamentary leadership, regrouped around a new communist party that again based their support in the masses and is continuing the revolutionary struggle for Nepali socialism.
The revisionist "union" if you will have managed to fare so badly that the centrist liberals Nepali Congress have gained massively the last years in Nepali elections. The Pro-China ML-revisionist party leader Handighopte Oli for example initially tried to handle the COVID-19 crisis with an appeal to folk medicine, after having won the elections of 2017 and ruled through the pandemic.


need more dunks on the person who implied that the imperial subaltern is a fiction invented by NATO


On the contrary, tactics are frequently ideology, such as syndicalism


you can easily identify maoists by shooting at each other


File: 1651025899022.jpeg (419.35 KB, 2000x1500, BourgeoisDemocracy.jpeg)

>After winning and establishing a parliamentary republic
>This split left the Maoist cadre and revolutionary populace out to dry for deals with international capital.
Top kek
>regrouped around a new communist party that again based their support in the masses and is continuing the revolutionary struggle for Nepali socialism.
Honestly, it would be funny if it weren't so sad.
Then put on your shoes, and get on the court. Right now he's just dropping deuces on your boys.


Why do farmers larp as working class and get portrayed as working class?

Video attached is CPI second in command, Christian, trans chaser, fascist, Holy wars Christian Templar, larping reactionary farming capitalist Keaten Mansfield.

"Oh yeah I am working class. I am a farmer unlike those liberal
Starbucks faggots.

You see I am working class because I own a fucking farm, that's right I own a fuck ton of land Capital and a big fucking house.

I am working class that is why I employ foreigners on visa programs for less than minimum wage to use my capital to make me profit whist I myself don't work."(ITG)

File: 1650217747968.jpg (716.22 KB, 3229x2480, 1615192938301.jpg)


Cruising around Tokyo, windows down, playing some Johnny Rebel. It was nice to listen to Coon Town, knowing the nearest 'coon town' was a twelve hour flight away. Sure, there's some Nigerians who'll bother you in Roppongi if you choose to pay them attention, but they don't have the numbers to chimp out or create a ghetto. I got back to my apartment, turned on the TV, not a groid in sight. No Jews kvetching about whatever the latest 'problematic' issue is.

I cracked open a tin of Japanese brand beer, no cars playing groid noise outside, just calm and quiet. I couldn't help but think of Marx, how globalization was supposed to be an inevitable feature of human development, that the swarthy hordes which have flooded the West are as inevitable as death itself. Sure, there's a McDonalds here and there, a Starbucks…but I know its different. It's not London. It's not New York. I never look around and think 'Wow, what a total shithole, I do not feel safe here'.

I sat on public transport once, was clean and quiet. Try that shit in the west. Groids playing their shit out loud, making a nuisance of themselves, punching each the for a world star video, robbing people, whatever. Posters all over talking about how much white people suck or how we should worship a transvestite or something.

It's just been on my mind, that night, enjoying the music of Johnny Rebel during a night drive around Tokyo. I saw some Koreans screeching about 'anti racism' once, but they were outnumbered and met with enough resistance to know not to push their bullshit too far. Other than that, I fucking hate what leftism has done to the west. And I get it, wahhh wahhhh it's capitalism's fault this isn't real leftism. All I know is, mega corporations are as happy with this shit as the average 'revolutionary marxist' is. And have you ever tried strawberry sandwiches in Japan? Shits cash.


File: 1650217978072.gif (48.79 KB, 448x480, tenor (3).gif)


File: 1650218091558.jpg (197.93 KB, 566x622, 1642757098487.jpg)

like one of your memes huehuehue


That baby has a weird fucked up head


cheers mate


If you really want to save the white race try going to the Philippines, which is even more based, red pilled, and traditional, marry a Filipina and raise your kids as white.


As long as systemic racism exists this post will remain here. General discussion of racism is welcome here, the impact of racism on people of color and how the ruling class enable and empower racists. Sky News gave $33 million dollars to Black Lives Matter, given the history of black suffering in American, this seems like an insultingly small amount of money. The persecution of Jussie Smollet continues. For the crime of raising awareness and starting a conversation about lynching, he faces prison time. The system is still designed to exploit people of color.

Fight Racism. Fight Imperialism.
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File: 1650215325789.jpg (591.13 KB, 1280x867, 2-dsc-0580.jpg)

Oi James, mate, check out me new car bought for 20 quid. proper bargain like


File: 1650215421127.gif (3.96 MB, 249x255, 1649548081177.gif)


File: 1650215489283.mp4 (5.14 MB, 406x720, now that's new york.mp4)



bee, just wanted to say i waited out my ban
i just want to apologize
i never actually got pol to do anything and after a few days of being vindictful i calmed down and stopped trying to get alts in the matrix
i'm fine if i'm still not wanted around here just wanted to say this


dont care didnt ask


Glad you're feeling better, hope things go well for you.


Appreciate that, maybe it would be best to assume a new identity on the quiet cause your old one has some connotations.


Lo.la*fa*n Fo*ru*m キディラブ

http://v l ink.cz/24772
http://v l ink.cz/24772

http://v l ink.cz/24772
http://v l ink.cz/24772

http://v l ink.cz/24772
http://v l ink.cz/24772


Mod notice:
Broke up links and leaving here so devs can write a script.

File: 1650078519372.png (584 B, 800x480, trans flag.png)


Most women on leftypol are trans and trans issues are in the media with MTF people being this generations Jews to rightoids. Lets have a trans general. FTMs are of course welcome here and actually make up most of the trans population but it seems like the MTFs are those under attack.
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It is much easier for a FTM to pass as a man then a mtf for a women. Also if FTM don't pass people don't view them as trans and just see them as a weird girl or a lesbian.

Lots of people even feminists hate MTF and rant about them in the media whist most people don't care about ftm.


Dear god let this dumbass thread just be some polfaggot trying to bait users for shitty screencaps

I know that’s specific but that’s how I feel about this thread considering pol faggots will come to this dumbsss site screeching about trans people endlessly


File: 1650079570627.png (347.8 KB, 600x434, f03.png)

I think this is Spiderman thread.


Isn't that more reason to say trans people are the modern day Jews akin to early 1930s and need to be protected.


File: 1650968300755.jfif (39.1 KB, 756x474, FRQztsdXwAA8jGT.jfif)

File: 1650053051794.jpg (38.1 KB, 658x680, 1647899628555.jpg)


You literally can not have a conversation about communism on this board without fags and 𝖙𝖗𝖆𝖓𝖘-𝖓𝖎𝖌𝖌𝖊𝖗𝖘
showing up and talking about how tax payers should be forced to pay for their transltion and dillation dildos


This is one of the reasons why


File: 1650053116692.gif (409.04 KB, 801x580, 1648301070601.gif)

No, same 𝖙𝖗𝖆𝖓𝖓y mod nonsense.
You're all pathetic(>spending all day at least 200 days of the year seething aimlessly and thatis your life >nuh ur degenerate)


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