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File: 1663999961718.jpg (14.39 KB, 362x218, 1651080216854.jpg)


it's ok to quote and rely extensively on anything from Marx. the issue is whether you're trying to figure out "what Marx truly meant" (dull, pointless) or picking and instrumentalizing from the various contradictory and ambivalent strands in Marx to work on something (good).


Have you considered reading Marx through dialectical and historically materialist lens?


>it's ok to quote and rely extensively on anything from Marx
Thank you for your approval. now please go back.


I prefer not to read him at all.


Where do most normies work?

Do all of them work in McDonald's and went to college?

Because I don't believe it.



Don't be stupid, how tf does normie or not-normie apply to employment.

Anyway different industry sectors will have varied population sizes, probably not one heavy leaning to one side for working but there's probably a predominant industry or industries for people to work, again probably across age and other demographics as you are identifying university students and graduates working in the service sectors.

Your question changes depending on country etc…It isn't a set, fixed thing.


leftism and religion are incompatible. Christcoms get the bullet
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File: 1663926718786.mp4 (363.45 KB, 888x488, sway had the answers.mp4)

Why does christianity make you talk like MJ


forgiveness is the first step. kayne is apologizing to sway for yelling at him all those years back.




you will eat the bugs


Hey sisters I just finished my HR duties, can I please get a link to that possibly canceled pod?



I’m not really feeling confident about this mobilization, lads. A lot of Russians are protesting it, some have or are fleeing for other countries and Ukraine is receiving endless amounts of money from NATO to continue this war. The referendums starting tomorrow will only make matters worse for Russia because it’s going to energize the west and get them more involved. Lavrov even said it’s Russia vs NATO now, not Ukraine.

The SMO was a mistake because depleting Ukrainian military capacity means nothing if the west will give them more in perpetuity. Maybe a full mobilization would’ve helped, but this half-assing against Ukronazis isn’t going to bode well imo, not to mention we’re losing the propaganda war online because NAFO bots are endlessly harassing and reporting accounts on Twitter that report on this conflict objectively.


What Comrade Brigid and friends have been doing over at Probably Cancelled is great. Everyone should listen https://probablycancelledpod.libsyn.com/


Glad to know there’s still some reasonable anons who will give new podcasts a try. I have an assortment of ML pods I listen to in between work, the gym and shitting my guts out everywhere.

Fuck you and fuck that nazbol.

So getting vulnerable women away from a predatory industry is bad now? Is that what you’re saying? Just wondering because you look pretty bad right now.

File: 1663466491451.png (Spoiler Image, 616.18 KB, 593x594, 672.png)








Best Howard Stern guest


if u HAD to have sexy time with a non-human aniaml whi
ch one would y


Easy: horse


File: 1663301221014.gif (Spoiler Image, 2.42 MB, 320x270, 1500_animated_closeup_huma….gif)

Without question, this.


>HAD to
and what are you going to do if I don't


>when you’re an anti imperialist supporting NATO & the entirety of the western military industrial complex
Why do people still take this fat ass walking L seriously?


This deserved a thread.


rare Agent Kochinski dub + sage

File: 1663214063972.png (715.14 KB, 1286x1362, professor pepe.png)


When leftists, such as you for example, use the word "racist", what exactly do you mean by that? And what exactly are you referring to? I don't necessarily hate other races although I would prefer to be in a homogenous society with other people similar to me but this doesn't have to be necessarily race-oriented. It could easily just mean other people with similar ideas or values.


When we say racist we're usually referring to people who want to base all the country's political policies on preventing the "uyghur down the street" from having anything good in life. The uyghur could be metaphorical or literally black, but generally it is about enforcing austerity to prevent "scum" from potentially having nice things. This is something we hate because "uyghur down the street" racism prevents railroads being built because "there might be crackheads", peoples' basic needs like water or housing being met because "nobody will have any incentive to work without the threat of death" or drugs being legalized because "uyghurs will be released from prison". Hope this helps.


why dont black people just say "I do not consent" and "I am a natural living being and a free citizen not bound to the laws of your country" to the police officers of the USA?


File: 1663040710905.png (236.78 KB, 400x393, ClipboardImage.png)

we found the magic words!
inb4 american mods delete obvious parody thread


ample melanin keeps their brains healthy


Why don't they say that they have a cop proof shield.

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