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File: 1649369684794.jpg (33.42 KB, 607x686, 1532026027638.jpg)


why would I lie anon? I don't plan on coming back here ever after tonight, and my IP was literally banned (and NOW that I'm ban evading, I guess it'll be a life ban)
the "horsecock" as you call it is an inside joke from a place I don't want you in
I have more than one dw


File: 1632459949656.png (498.77 KB, 1920x1080, Sep24::0505.png)

File: 1649291807644.jpg (109.31 KB, 957x1200, lmao.jpg)


This is why gay marriage / adoption should not be a thing.
t. homosexual


Let Israel to their own devices. If they can defend their own land, good, if not haha 7 million jews btfo


Was the DPRK lending support to the Aryan Brotherhood ever a thing or was that just a case of pro-DPRK w*gger nationalists doing so?

File: 1649289163577.png (Spoiler Image, 217.3 KB, 500x632, janny.png)



>cope and seethe

>cope and seethe
>cope and seethe
>cope and seethe
>cope and seethe
>cope and seethe


Prefer to move here instead of deleting it. We can still access non-deleted posts in the archives.
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File: 1649221875633.webm (2.9 MB, 1280x720, 1649213477366.webm)

So they just released a drone video today of the massive trenches, fortifications and fighting positions the Russian soldiers were digging in the Chernobyl red forest.
So these Russian boys stayed out there for close to a month, in the radiation pits, wearing the same clothing covered in radiation every day, for close to a month straight. Breathing in the nuclear dust day after day 24 hours straight. Basically living and sleeping in those horrifically toxic radiation filled trenches.

How fucking cooked are their bodies and how horrific will their deaths be?
Also how much more of a coverup will the Russian government make compared to the original Chernobyl nuclear disaster?


File: 1649222624583.jpg (95.37 KB, 1905x886, red forest.JPG)

The red forest is one of the most radioactive areas of the entire place. They buried the entire forest, they buried equipment, they buried materials. It was all buried to try and cover it up.
Now imagine digging all of it up, and crawling down multiple feet straight into it, and then wearing the same clothing while living in the holes you dug for a month straight breathing it in constantly. Eating, drinking. Probably filtering water from the area and drinking it.
Holy hell those boys are fucked. They are going to experience a ghoulishly horrific slow death, and I imagine instead of rich elite party officials covering it up, this time it will be wealthy corrupt czarist Z officials covering it up.

History does repeat as we can see.
And the young Russian conscript soldiers suffering a horrible torture because of the Russian government ghouls are the ones who will pay the price and suffer for it.
Their families will receive no word of what happened, no payment will be made because they did not die in combat. No burial, no bodies returned home to the families. No medals. No peace, no rest.
No military will arrive at the mothers front door to comfort her, only the police to threaten her if she talks. Think about the rest of the family, you don't want anything to happen to them if you talk right?


That's odd, because this drone footage clearly shows the Russian APC mowing down the unarmed civilians on the street?
Go to 1:50 in the video to see the APC opening fire on the civilians.
Was this another water droplet "showing an arm moving"?
What do you think the excuse will be this time?


File: 1649230121161.jpg (246.08 KB, 750x655, 1649206203398.jpg)

Oh shit oh shit oh shit WTF DO WE DO RUSSIAN BROS?!?!?
Our own military officers are defecting and taking state of the art classified military equipment with them!


File: 1649234756712.png (79.95 KB, 1119x771, 1649233856861.png)

>Strelkov to Putin TLDR: Call it a war, purge liberals in media and spokesman Peskov, stop negotiations, airstrike the Kiev military HQ, lower interest rates, mobilize Russia, airstrike and destroy Azovstal and the port, occupy Ukraine temporarily, and kill Ukrainian POWs.

File: 1649128265112-0.jpg (124.96 KB, 728x673, fail.jpg)

File: 1649128265112-1.jpg (144.46 KB, 1263x606, larp.jpg)


Indian Maoists only managed to get 50 million people to strike which is like only 7% of India's population. LMFAO even the news calls it "low turnout" you lamaoists baby boiling ultras will never be popular.
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>50 million people

<muh statstical average blah blah



>Only 50 million

Is this satire?


>50 million
<lib media calls it low


It's the Gonzalo poster, he's false flagging to stir up trouble, ie by making inflammatory comments under the guise of "attacking Maoists" in order to build sympathy for his position.

Support a strike =/= organizing/running a strike. This was not a "CPI (MAOIST)" organized strike, it's one they and probably like 50 electoral/reformist parties supported too.

There's clearly a lot of confusion and self-hate and anger going on in your head. You may think you are "helping the cause" or contributing to the Maoist movement, but you are not. You are in fact harming it. Your personal & emotional problems are just too deep for you to be involved in politics or organizing in any meaningful form, and bogging yourself down in this mess is not the treat you need. I get that this is a coping mechanism for you, but it's not helping. You are only dragging yourself down further into the abyss and exasperating your emotional problems. You should spend more time away from the internet doing things that don't upset and confuse you. Consider meditation and some kind of physical hobby you can busy your hands with. Depending on where you're at gardening, fishing or some kind of physical handicraft, ie woodwork/fletching can do wonders for the soul. Next time you get the urge to try to behave like this online, try ringing up your mother/grandparents instead and chatting with them.


For anybody interested, the strike was primarily organized by the CPI and the CPI (Marxist) mass & labour organisations along with a bunch of smaller electoral parties.

The CPI (Maoist) supporting it is the correct move and a welcome shift away from their previously sectarian position towards cooperation with the mainstream/non-armed struggle parties. Ironically this is a actually an indication of a shift away from a previously hardline/sectarian "maoist" position, which is probably the opposite of what OP thinks is going on.

It's unclear whether he was aware of this & just trying to stir confusion or whether he picked up on this from some kind of very confused information bubble (I wouldn't be surprised if he confused CPI (M) with the CPI (Maoist)). Either which way it helps to investigate before posting or responding to these things. Given that western Gonzaloist circles are prone to promoting all kinds of "endsieg" type falsehoods as a recruitment/retention strategy (and as a kind of personal emotional cope) and are generally unaware of the actual conditions of the movements they are cheerleading, It's very likely he is legitimately confused.





File: 1648795696181.png (241.99 KB, 937x763, trans community.png)


I am a trans meta attracted AGP repressor as the trans community lingo goes I know the lingo I am trans so don't delete this post thinking it is a false flag.

Pornhub had comeout supporting trans rights on trans awareness day, is this good or bad?

Trans people seem to like pornhub doing this pic related.

I think it will make trans women viewed less as women and more like whores to fetishize.

I think it is good for more people to view us as a sex object but bad to be viewed less like a girl.(Spam)
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Based and Pol Potpilled


File: 1648799151861.jpg (6.24 KB, 229x220, exasperated pepe.jpg)

>le exploitative capitalist corporation supports le idpol cause, is this good?


i dont know whats more retarded, op or the replies


>go be some farmer’s slave in the middle of nowhere

Very problematic language. PC inclusive term is "European Backpacker".


Why is this thread still up? OP needs a 3 day for making slide threads.

File: 1648786889063.png (193.36 KB, 502x601, FAA.png)


I'm doing a poll on what autistic people believe politically



File: 1648787185782.png (343.48 KB, 562x392, 1892647325239.png)

>ukraine flag
<political compass
>linking twitter


1. Twitter polls are notoriously awful for research
2. Political compass


Boomers are autistic, so I would say autists are politically conservative.


It's not that serious

File: 1648702461628.jpeg (10.93 KB, 201x251, download (4).jpeg)


I noticed transgenders are cocksucking whores.

Are women like this too but just have higher standards as they look better?

Like honestly I find it easier to get my cock sucked by a transhumanist than a woman I think.


why are all these transhumanist b8 threads popping up recently?
it can't possibly be one guy obsessed with them, can it?

File: 1648625422391.jpg (257.28 KB, 1200x1800, woman.jpg)


Women are not proletariat they literally have simps give them money and can suck cocks for millions.

Explain how women are proletariat.

To me all women are at least petite bourgeoise.

Literally the way families move up an economic class is they give birth to a hot woman that marries a man from a richer family.

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