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Almost 20% of people surveyed consider Obama to be a rapist when he read specific books to try and woo various types of women.

Source: https://aella.substack.com/p/the-rape-spectrum-survey-results
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>woman in repressive culture internalizes repressive norms is rape, but fucking a prostitute without paying, outright lying, or even pedophilia isn't rape

western supremacist ideology seeping through


It's a joke / grift inclusion. If you're dating someone long enough to fuck them, you already know they're trans. If it's casual sex then it wasn't relevant in the first place.


I’ve never understood how people can just “pay for sex” and not feel weird about it at all in general. Reminder that’s your body your using against someone else that your fully committing yourself to, I rarely talk to people these days unless I already know them and if they’re talking to me directly and even then that’s rare, the idea of being so open to the point where you could go up to someone and blow massive cash on them just to sleep with them with zero understanding of who that person is or what they want probably with no understanding of how sex works is so alien and disgusting to me it doesn’t feel real


>a person has a rape fetish. Their friend, trying to be helpful, gets a stranger to abduct and forcibily penetrate this person
OK, what the fuck?


alright fuck this thread lmao

File: 1661991979090.png (155.04 KB, 853x800, ClipboardImage.png)


this is what my fiance's yoga instructor's face looks like when he nuts in her just as i enter after a long hard day as an unpaid security guard at the local church
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good thread


thr sounds



ca n anychristian broyher post uplfting CHRISTIAN content t o uplift mysoul in thrse time


File: 1661988659871.png (381.96 KB, 1400x1630, soyjakers.png)


anyone wanna steal my dad's virginity? I raided his jock strap awhile ago and I think it'd be funny if I made another asinine falseflag thread on 4chan/soyjak.party with this screencap while molesting my father


I'm MTF trans and I've been on various blockers/replacement therapies for pretty much my whole life. I never experienced puberty as a boy and I've been raised as a girl from before I was a teenager, so I am 100% passable to anyone who doesn't know about me. I don't know if that makes a difference, but it does make the transition easier and I want everyone to know that. I have a lot of privilege being both white and well off/supported and a lot of our community is marginalized. Sorry I didn't want to go into a rant or anything I just want to acknowledge that I'm a privileged trans person and I recognize that.

So, my dad and I always hang out on the weekend and watch movies. Lately, he's been kind of busy with his on and off again girlfriend, but this weekend he said he was finally done with her, or maybe she was done with him. And because of that, he wanted to drink. I'm kind of like his girlfriend in all but our relationship, so I usually get him beers and cook meals. I know, weird, but he's been alone since I was a kid and I like the whole "housewife" thing, even if he never picked up on it. Mostly everything I do goes over his head.

I'm usually really good about restraining myself and being careful, but something in me just snapped and I said oh well. I found myself getting worked up just thinking about it. It's seriously been what, a year since I started thinking about this? I brought him beer after beer and even made him a vodka mixed drink or two. He's offered to let me drink but I never wanted to mess with it too much because of my medication/therapy. So, I just keep bringing him what he wanted.

finally I just said screw it and started to flirt with my dad, like harder than ever before. I was already just wearing a tank top and I felt myself being turned on by some of the texts I was reading. So… I did what any crazy trans girl might do and I told my dad I thought he was handsome and that any girl should like him. And I think he took it sincerely as flattery. And he started talking about how I've blossomed into an amazing woman and how I stand out so much now. And I felt really flush about instantly
I told him how I admired him and how strong and manly he was, and that how sad I was about mom and my last girlfriend. I really do sympathize because they're both pretty much leeches that abuse his good nature. And maybe I am too but I don't want to think about that right now. I guess I started gushing a little Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


can someone clean this degenerate filth? thanks


why did this trigger janny?




File: 1661981309940.jpg (65.16 KB, 548x689, za.jpg)


What's the matter fellas? No USSR? No genoicdal lunatic leaders who betrayed their own people and comrades to maintain absollute power? No mouth-watering stuffed crust pepperoni pizza?

File: 1661973478875.jpg (14.48 KB, 494x621, schp.jpg)


Give me good reasons why I should become a communist. I honestly can't find any, it seems that the left always protects the weak, ugly and poor. It always sounds like an ideology of losers, I'm not cussing the line of thought itself, it just doesn't seem right to romanticize defeatism the way you guys like to do. It seems like anything strong and beautiful, you guys are always against. I have a good standard of living, my grandparents have several rental properties, this brings excellent comfort to me, so why should I sacrifice all that for this ideology? Why do I have to blame myself, for the failures of others?
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>it seems that the left always protects the weak, ugly and poor

>It always sounds like an ideology of losers

nah, ideology of losers is your self-hating nietzscheanian masturbatory fantasies how the weak deserve to be stomped on

it's quite ironic that Nietzsche was a loser who died of syphilis


Why should we argue in good faith when you are arguing in bad faith?


>heritage is….. le bad!
kys, Marx


this meme has visible trichromes


pffffllllllllllllllllllp i shitted and fardded

File: 1661930605701.jpg (42.79 KB, 768x512, ielts-student.jpg)


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Post too long. Click here to view the full text.(are polyps pretending to be commercial spammers now)




i saw that show on PBS too


Theres was tgst cliffhanger dude sketch in the show

File: 1661734441758.jfif (120.82 KB, 1080x1325, FbRXfbhXgAQ779p.jfif)



Does being a manchild ever get exhausting?


File: 1661562310819.jpg (40.48 KB, 526x296, OIP 2.jpg)



To be fair, he didn't win the war itself, but did he not make gains at the cost of liberal and socialist nations? Did he not corrupt europe? Isn't it evil that wins in the short term, and good in the long term?
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The best thing about ThingNoticers pedo friends is how they're all to autistic to understand that 'chad' is supposed to be ironic, identifying yourself with it doesn't make you based, in fact it makes you cringe.


Seriously, is this poster a real person? Sometimes I feel it's actually a bot.


I love you Eureka flag but you have to stop wasting your effort posts on bait/slide threads that will just get deleted. <3



Cheers anon, but I'd rather effortpost with some hope that someone may JUST may learn a thing or two, or at least someone replies to me so that I too may learn from them.

File: 1661499160127.png (1.17 MB, 749x2975, ClipboardImage.png)



Ayn Rand on Lolbertarians


<What do you think of the libertarian movement?
>All kinds of people today call themselves “libertarians,” especially something calling itself the New Right, which consists of hippies who are anarchists instead of leftist collectivists; but anarchists are collectivists. Capitalism is the one system that requires absolute objective law, yet libertarians combine capitalism and anarchism. That’s worse than anything the New Left has proposed. It’s a mockery of philosophy and ideology. They sling slogans and try to ride on two bandwagons. They want to be hippies, but don’t want to preach collectivism because those jobs are already taken. But anarchism is a logical outgrowth of the anti-intellectual side of collectivism. I could deal with a Marxist with a greater chance of reaching some kind of understanding, and with much greater respect. Anarchists are the scum of the intellectual world of the Left, which has given them up. So the Right picks up another leftist discard. That’s the libertarian movement.


<Libertarians advocate the politics you do, so why are you opposed to the Libertarian Party?
>They’re not defenders of capitalism. They’re a group of publicity seekers who rush into politics prematurely, because they allegedly want to educate people through a political campaign, which can’t be done. Further, their leadership consists of men of every persuasion, from religious conservatives to anarchists. Most of them are my enemies: they spend their time denouncing me, while plagiarizing my ideas. Now it’s a bad sign for an allegedly pro-capitalist party to start by stealing ideas.


Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 1661571260505.png (66.2 KB, 255x215, 1622071213044.png)

>siding with ayn rand to own le anarkids epic style

Since when did people ITT think that being red /pol/yp is a good idea. Fuck off the lot of you.


So are we Ayn Rand simps now?


please fuck off


who that?


>GET wasted on salt

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