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File: 1661488045698.jpeg (6.14 KB, 300x168, misogyny.jpeg)


I've become a little misogynist during the covid-19 pandemic. I think it's brainrot caused by me lurking alt right imageboards (I got into during lockdown ). How do I recover from this?

Examples of times I've had misogynist thoughts: Reading a news article about Women's issues and only focusing on the parts which paint men as evil and not focusing on the main issue described. I was not like this before.
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gotta be careful with reading shitty liberal articles, always brush up on your theory
also this is more of a general advice to counter what I call a "knee-jerk 'woman moment' reaction", i.e every time you see a woman doing a shitty thing you instantly think that's a "woman moment": quite simply picture another time a man did a shitty thing and you didn't think "that's a man moment" until you realize everyone is their own person and there are a lot of people doing shitty things out there


Here, here fellow volcel!


Ex-rightists are usually the most active lefties since when you grow up a rightoid and figure out all that was a waste of time, you have a personal grudge against capitalism and it's ideologies that's much more visceral than if you started off a lefty.


>Reading a news article about Women's issues and only focusing on the parts which paint men as evil and not focusing on the main issue described
this is a problem with addressing feminist issues under capitalism, the liberal left are less radical then most alt-right because they don't address systemic change. most people calling for progressive polices are not working women, they're rich privileged people calling for change with out any of the working women consent. separating the workers and making less unity


>Reading a news article about Women's issues and only focusing on the parts which paint men as evil
thats usually 100% of articles about women's "issues" anyways

File: 1661155827326.jpeg (6.95 KB, 152x331, neeko.jpeg)


ITT: we talk about how capitalism and hypergamy are causing women to be more sociopathic towards men


Cringe meme.

File: 1661103514221.jpg (264.33 KB, 1000x1366, 1644467498352.jpg)


No comment required.
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>Lol. The world is literally falling apart because of the white man. Not a racist or anything but I'm not missin
This statement could be extremely problematic if you include Jews in your analysis. Please clarify this for me or I will be forced to report you to the mods.


I see no conclusive proof that capitalism is the invention of jew or semites. I was referring to anglos and their all mighty dollar they've used to decimate this planet with



You could say that about any race though, no race is perfect unless you're an ethno-nationalist freak. The collective of the African race are social reactionaries who harbour problematic views towards LGBTQ+ people. But this doesn't diminish the achievements and credibility of Black socialists like Malcolm X, Sankara and Mengistu.


Race is a spook


He’s already short trying to hide that obvious fact by lying about his height with another number that’s still short as shit is any better
It’s like hearing a gnome talking about getting a growth spurt, even if he did he’d stI’ll be one tapped with a fine placed kick ahahahaha


has somebody measured him without the funny numbers tho


File: 1661010482953.png (647.92 KB, 744x800, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 1660866524208.jpg (9 KB, 280x180, images.jpeg-40.jpg)


Bros after realizing how much money there us in non profits it got me thinking. Why not make a non profit that makes a small scale town that works like what mr cockshott proposes?
You know like a cyber commune.
Maybe make youtube videos and raise more money that way.
So yeah write something up and go on kickstarter or something. Ideally someone who understands cybernetic planning.


File: 1660870520663.jpg (33.15 KB, 333x500, 51jbKUT4QiL.jpg)





File: 1660773670749.jpg (187.59 KB, 1000x1416, thankgod (2) (1).jpg)


>You can try and justify your beliefs all you want, but at the end of the day, nobody believes your justifications.
>Nobody here buys the idea that the left wants to genocide you. You can scream it all you want, you can point to dumb kids shitposting all you want, but at the end of the day, it's just you broadcasting your own paranoia, and demanding that the way it filters your experience be taken seriously.
>Anyway, I've said my piece, just gonna be ignoring you and reporting from now on.
Anon whether you ignore me or not, believe me or not is beside the point.
I am doing what i am doing in the attempt to save my people from genocide.
Not the long duray ethnic cleansing shit that you and a thousand other comfortable rich socialist fucks can hand wave away along with whatever other
regarding the ideology you were indoctrinated with in university. Exceptions you were likewise indoctrinated to ignore
But a real and material blood in the streets, south african/ hatian revolution genocide where white children are LITTERALLY shot in the fucking face and white women LITTERALLY raped (as has happened time and time and TIME again throughout history)
Regardless of if you are mentally ill and genocidal enough to consider this outcome
>>>>>"HECKIN BASED!!!!!"
you censoring me or ignoring me isn't going to stop me attempting to it to the attention of anyone and everyone who MAY be willing to stop it in perpituity
I will never stop
I will never be quite
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File: 1660718530112.png (61.45 KB, 608x360, 1660701590840597.png)


At first glance, some might speculate that worsening material conditions following reaganite neo liberalism are responsible for the rise of sexlessness in places like the US.

But this doesn't make sense. People in the Third World are poor but have tons of kids relatively. Secondly, if you look at the chart, it's taking about high school kids. They don't necessarily have the burden of working, paying rent, etc.

How else can we explain, in the Marxist lens, why fewer and fewer people are getting laid today.

More importantly, how will socialism fix this problem?

Is it possible in the future to have an equalitarian distribution of pussy without state mandated monogamy and centrally-arranged marriages?

File: 1660365646395.png (617.14 KB, 714x782, 1659995621854.png)


Will we get wanpela daka ethnostate under communism? i am wanpela bbc american karamapim tok i would support communism if we getting wanpela bbc ethnostate comprising ami least louisiania, alabama, mississippi, georgia, karamapim tok south carolina


fuck ethnostates lmao

File: 1660339714141.png (43.71 KB, 1200x452, greenkiwi .PNG)


I know this might seem off-topic but it’s not. Kiwi Farms, apart from its stated purpose of wrecking lolcows and Hazites, is politically diverse. We have many comrades who frequent the forum and engage in exposing Nazis and mentally ill e-celebs from breadtube. It appears to be a “one struggle” coalition of based anons. What do y’all think?
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Yeah this is about the most accurate assessment on KF I’ve seen, though I will say that only few members on there are actually low autism score and it’s usually the newfags who don’t understand the MO.


Every now and then I'll lurk there because it's nice seeing self-important eCelebs get mocked but some of the hyper-autists there who don't have lives outside following drama are even more cringe as the lolcows they obsess over.

There's a point where people who vocally hate something get to be more annoying than the thing they hate. If I don't like a YouTuber or Twitch streamer I just don't watch their shit, I can't imagine spending so much time and energy following people I don't like.


i think you're either incredibly retarded or a kiwifarms nazi troll


lol calm down janny
or at least make us the favour of moving this to /siberia/



File: 1660184493077.jpg (29.34 KB, 1231x411, FCMp7hHVEAENvGj.jpg)


Post the new spam/ban evasion from 2607 along with his other IP ranges here to easily facilitate and keep track of range bans.
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Right man Cuba is so cringe for letting women having abortions

Banning it the real way to communism


Daniel Ortega is 76 years old and has held power in nicaragua from 1979-1990 then 2007 to now and abortion still remains banned. Will he have a waking up at 90 years old? Idk


File: 1660185368679.mp4 (334.92 KB, 480x270, OpXJ5yHNTkXQYejD.mp4)


I don't see a moderator is deleting my comment. I've asked things in most fair way and not argumentative at all. They deleted my comment below as i see people quoted it and it is gone



What would be the issue to instantly delegating correctness to a country without looking deep into the decision or questioning what they do? I've used this website for months i know you cannot be seriously asking me this with how critical you yourself are of every protest here, every war and nearly every country diving into the nuances of the subjects and not only accepting that the country is in the right because it is considered "good"

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