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File: 1659924007750.jpg (113.07 KB, 900x510, Capture_Cropped_(2)_1.jpg)


Kazakhstan has joined a long list of conservative nations by halting distribution of the children’s cartoon feature film Lightyear because of a scene featuring two women kissing.

Culture and Sports Minister Dauren Abayev wrote in a post on Facebook on July 14 that the decision to pull the movie, which is produced by Pixar Animation Studios, a subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company, arrived following “numerous queries from citizens and the media” about whether it would be released.

The movie was due to start screening this week.

The clamour for Lightyear to be banned from cinemas in Kazakhstan has been some weeks in the making and follows similar prohibitions enforced in countries like China and a raft of mainly Muslim nations, including Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, Egypt, Lebanon and Qatar.

Conservative and religious activists have argued that a scene showing evidence of the existence of same-sex relations goes against Kazakh family and moral values.

“We need to stop this obscene propaganda. They [Disney] can do whatever they want, but don’t pump it into the heads of our kids," filmmaker and actor Nurtas Adambai wrote in an Instagram post in which he tagged President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev. “Don't turn a blind eye to this.”

Adambai’s objections are particularly ironic as he has himself been the object of criticism from moralists in the past. His movie Kelinka Sabina, in which he dressed up as a woman for intended comic effect, was written as a polemic against gender inequality. Last year, however, Adambai made a public show of enthusiastically embracing Islam and expressed regret for his work on Kelinka Sabina.

An online petition to ban Lightyear from being shown in Kazakhstan has to date racked up 34,000 signatures.
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I'm not a fan of gay stuff in kid movies since it's rarely done well, but this is retarded. For real it's the most subtle and casual thing - a simple lesbian peck on the lips, LMAO. Also Kazakhstan is genuinely going to shit. Cap this, Kazakhstan is going to become Ukraine 2.0 if Russia doesn't step in ahead of time.


It's just a movie LMAO, it's not like Star Wars that has specific film canon, it's basically a fanwork based on the idea of Buzz and trying to not be a rehash of the animated series, a good attempt, just kinda mediocre for Pixar IMO.




yea,even then i liked it, not as much as the main toy story movies, and there much that could be done to make it better, but it was serviceable.
though it made me wonder for more animated movies and cartoons set in space.


Yeah me too. I don't understand the Western mindset of brand loyalty - I just like what I like and dislike what I don't based on my experiences and understandings, there's some stuff that's blatantly bad or clearly good, but most things are in the middle for people to decide, yet people make everything a battle today.

File: 1659931065236.png (443.21 KB, 1379x643, 1659930521552037.png)


How has the american far right become pro Russia now? Reagan and McCain would be rolling over in their graves witnessing what is happening among the American right
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Remember that Putin is funding pro Russian right wing parties across the West to destabilize it.


Interesting post but I'd bet you give them too much credit. Russia is the enemy and being contrarians with no real principles, they support it.
I was assuming that the well read fascists were supporting Ukraine and the larping fascist supporting Russia out of contrarianism but idk
and thats a good thing!


Is Putin also using that strategy to bait-and-switch anti-American citizens to adopt leftism later?



I know, but is this a short-term strategy for a long-term goal designed to make conservatives attracted to leftism?

File: 1659921849169.png (352.08 KB, 640x360, ClipboardImage.png)


Free Brittney Griner!
>The basketball star is an innocent victim of the reactionary conflict between US imperialism and the Putin regime in Moscow.

The USSR and the USA used to trade captured spies, which each considered an asset. The haggling was done quietly and behind closed doors. Now, the US and Russia - and others - frame and use just about anyone as a bargaining chip for geopolitics.

In this case, obviously politics is overriding justice. Ms. Griner's medical records and doctor's prescription are evidence of medical necessity. She was not using hard drugs for recreation or entertainment. She should have never been arrested or imprisoned. Putin's regime is opportunistic as are others.

In a capitalist dominated world, everyone is treated as a commodity and disposable (at minimum expandable). Worse, even entire countries are being used as proxies, such as Ukraine and Taiwan, not just ordinary citizens. Millions of human beings suffer as a result of geopolitics.(wooswoos spam)
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Hello wooswoos anon


I know, /pol/.


File: 1659930249342.jpg (3.38 MB, 1890x2464, pffft hahaha.jpg)

>they’re a hermaphrodite
<according to twitter
LMAO I can't even…


>m-muh Z
>most burgers want Russians to kill this WNBA chick
Ok and? Either you're implying that most of burgerland is /pol/, or you're implying they're looking to make them a martyr, how is this a "Zigga moment"?
>you are in total agreement with MAGAtards
2016 was 6 years ago, your redditspeak is boring. Nor does anything you say have any truth to it. Not to mention just because /pol/ says something vaguely similar, doesn't make it total agreement, you tool, by that logic socialism and fascism are in 'total agreement'.


>where is the proof any of this is real
It's kinda kept on the down low, but people have been cutting mary jane using Ketamine, Vitamin E and Phetanyl recently (especially East Coast USA) and part of that goes into CBD used for THC vapes and the sellers know this and don't care.
>t looks like she’s a pawn in negotiating prisoner exchanges
In this situation yes, but in terms of fucking around with Russia by selling them drugs, the CIA is glad to have free assistance. Who do you think supported the funneling of Heroin and Krokodil into post-Soviet Russia, raising the HIV rates from almost 0 to high percentages, helping in the fucking up of a generation of people.

The main issue is that they're a martyr figure for the USA - almost caricature like: the likelihood of a black trans person going to Russia and getting arrested for drugs and then getting used in a public prisoner exchange during a US-Russia proxy war, sounds suspect, no?

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A historical survey of Marxism and queer life, from the young Soviet Union to Stalinist homophobia.

For decades, common sense dictated that Marxism focused solely on class antagonisms and ignored other forms of oppression, like the oppression of women, people of color, and LGBTQ+ people. Indeed, many of those claiming the mantle of Marxism, from those in the Stalinist tradition to the social democratic tradition — including even the present-day Democratic Socialists of America — downplayed the importance of special oppression and maintained an economistic strategy that benefited only the upper strata of the working class. But the reactionary positions of Stalinism and social democracy on sexual and gender oppression do not reflect the legacy of Marxism in the slightest, as a look into the history of the revolutionary workers movement shows. Rather, revolutionary socialism in Russia, with the October Revolution, led the way toward a radical change in the material and ideological foundations of LGBTQ+ discrimination. Reactionary deviations occurred when parties and organizations, despite their socialist self-image, abandoned the revolutionary horizon and tried to come to terms with the capitalist world. This historical insight can help us clarify what kind of politics we need for emancipation today with a new onslaught of attacks on the rights of queer people, particularly in the United States, the world’s most advanced capitalist “democracy.”

The Bolshevik Advance
In the second half of the 19th century, a gay scene formed in Russia’s two most important cities, Saint Petersburg and Moscow. It created places for socializing, such as bathhouses; linguistic codes (tetki, which roughly translates as “auntie,” a word that was applied to homosexual men, both by them and others); elements of a dress code; and, at least in private spaces, cross-dressing. As historian Dan Healey describes in his influential work on the history of homosexuality in revolutionary Russia and the Soviet Union, Homosexual Desire in Revolutionary Russia, it would be “heterosexist and nationalist chauvinism to claim that in tsarist Russia or in the USSR, this homosexual subculture was imported from abroad or created by Communist misrule.”1
At the same time, same-sex intercourse between men was illegal under the rules of the Orthodox Church. Until 1917, consensual “sodomy” was punishable by exile to Siberia. But the this threat was unevenly realized. The abolition ofPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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This is an idpol bait thread and should have been taken down.


>Great except we're talking at least 20 percent of the population

Yeah and people who accept gay rights are more of the population, you can't please everyone


Most responses are well grounded anti-idpol. It is important to teach our fellow comrades proper anti-idpol, and stamp out reactionary "anti"-idpol which is also idpol.


I'm going to weigh in on this as le closeted trans woman (potential AGP, not sure)
Basically, I want to see a world where nobody gives half a flying fuck if I'm trans besides maybe other trans people. It's the most basic response that you can give, sure, but it's one that's the most well-applying for me. I don't want there to be any stigma or preconceived idea of me for being trans. It already pains me enough that I'm not cis and have to deal with dysphoria, so I'd rather not have being outed also find its way on the list of things I need to worry about.



This anti-anti-idpol is just lefty idpol all over again.

LGBT+ ideology whether for or against is just market segmentation of various consumer lifestyles. Culture war resultant is just emergent phenomenon of competing brands combined to media profiting off the attention grabbing that conflict generates.


File: 1659698177009.png (899.92 KB, 530x745, Mammal_Diversity_2011.png)


Basically my theory is that the human preference for mammals over non-mammaliform animals is directly tied to our preference for humans over non-humans and is tied even more directly to White Supremacism; humans not only prefer mammals but even animals that are very distantly related but reminiscent of them, like birds; basically if you prefer mammals or humans you also prefer whites and are a nazi

File: 1645174115779.jpg (57.38 KB, 770x744, 300276.jpg)

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Other general leftychan spam/gayop repository
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Mods don't even check /meta/. You've had about a dozen threads with great suggestions in the last few years, and you've implemented exactly 0. Even when you created a /roulette/ board, you still didn't listen to users, but decided to do what you wanted. That's why /roulette/ is a failure. Only board with any activity is /leftypol/, so you can forgive us fools for thinking that it might be the best place for the discussion about the site.


These are good suggestions but won't happen because it raises restrictions on the mods and lowers restrictions on the users.
It's pretty funny they made /meta/ to kill off all discussion of meta and then proceeded to do the exact same for various other topics but for the opposite reason. Like when they cycled the Ukraine thread because it was slow going and then a week later uncycled it because it was slow going. Absolute galaxy brains.


File: 1662185344208.jpg (45.1 KB, 750x505, badg1p68wq781.jpg)

we WILL criticize the mods and they WILL NOT like it.


>t. tupamaro


>they're the only thing stopping Leftypol from turning into a literal glow op like some other chans
<implying this hasn't already happened to leftypol

Once again,
>t. tupes(short for tupamaro)




File: 1659281190070.jpg (878.25 KB, 1080x2007, 1659281149521.jpg)


why are lolifags so insufferable?


oh jolly a twitter thread


uygha you making a thread because twitter, close that shit and touch some Lenin.


Business idea: A website where you can discuss tweets


who gives a shit

File: 1659172842659.jpg (22.59 KB, 400x400, QqlLAC4j_400x400.jpg)


is there still hope for autistic bros?

>A sex worker gave my autistic son the gift of confidence – and I organised the encounter

>Parenting takes you on some interesting twists and turns, but as I lay in the maternity ward gazing into my newborn’s eyes, never in my wildest dreams could I ever have imagined that 21 years later I’d be trawling the websites of sex workers looking for a suitable young lady to take his virginity. Yet that’s exactly where I found myself earlier this year.



This is the very definition of hopelessness. I've always thought that I'd rather kill myself than see a prostitute. Not because of any moralistic feeling, but because I'd rather not make it a fact that, out of everyone in the entire world, I need to pay to have somebody touch me.


File: 1659174816490.jpg (160.69 KB, 948x960, guardian shit.jpg)


> It's the year of the bush - time to rediscover all female body hair

File: 1659157972935.png (685.22 KB, 640x982, Whitoids.png)


I remember people posting the Nazi self contradictions.
Anyone has the
BLM man says
<Uga Buga whites are oppressing us and stole our money
Then the white man goes
<Ha HA Stupid N**** it is because you have a low IQ, if your autism score was bigger you earn more

And then after the jews are mentioned the white man goes

<Uga Buga jews are oppressing us and stole our money

So Nazi self contradiction thread.
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The classic
<If jews are so inferior why dothey own all the whites ?


are you really going to say this shit when leftypol is full of people who calls anything out of the ordinary decadent?


People all around the world love whites.

It's only people educated in the United States who have that sort of loathing.

Almost as if idpol isn't is a symptom of decadence in the imperial core.


>If "every race hates whites", why do they move to white countries?

<99% of them do not.

If whites hate non whites why do they keep on moving into Africa ?



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