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2600:1003:b13c- etc.

IP location changes over time.
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Being a westerner and supporting NATO is literally the lowest lQ NPC take currently circulating on the internet.

Imagine defaulting to supporting NATO because to do otherwise would be having the same opinion as a 'Tankie'. It's so algorithmically decided that even I start to believe the NPC meme. Supporting NATO is a pre programmed stance.

Nobody actually likes NATO. Not a single soul currently posting from their comfy computer desk, wrapped up in a blankie looks at NATO and thinks "oh wow, I sure wish my government would spend their 2% of their GDP on F-14s and Ballistic missiles systems. I hate having healthcare! I wish I was conscripted into an a war with China with civilian population centers for objectives that were bombed days into its inception".

Nobody, in their heart of heart listens to Zelensky speak about the evils of opposition parties and Putin and actually believes he's saying anything of substance. He's literally just pushing the on off switches of the NPCs listening while anyone with an actual soul sits there confused.

Supporting NATO is the hallmark of the death of thought and a brand of learned helplessness. A position so indicative of weakness that the person holding that opinion would rather freeze to death in their own country than taking part in building it. "Oh save me NATO, a Authoritarian Totalitarian Dictator control my country, please nuke me!"
God forbid you actually go download from the Z-Library and read Marxist-Leninist theory we approve of to yourself.


I would be happy to do my part and kill some ukroid swine. I'm sure other comrades feel the same. Doesn't change the fact that Russia has more than enough men and isn't taking foreign volunteers.


Gay peeepoool are the spawn of satan. It is no wonder the United States of Amerikkka is the gay capital of the world and the seat of satan in this world.(may be the same guy judging by timing)


You can't support Russia and support the globohomo fascist agenda at the same time. It doesn't work that way, jannie.


3000 cops were involved in the arrests so I expect that number to increase.
Even then, they were apparently rather deranged so dont expect logical planning. The Reuss house actually previously distanced itself from this particular Heinrich for being a schizo.(see note)

File: 1670472445408.jpg (71.19 KB, 474x660, 1670347453343098.jpg)


The Crusades. A bunch of kooks from Europe invade the Levant because they think they are entitled to it and establish a state that lasts less than a century. Their state failed because they were unable to become a majority in the area, never were able to support themselves without lots of help from other Western nations, and the enthusiasm for their crazy crusade wanned. This reminds me of something recent… what could it be?
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File: 1670491304063.pdf (490.87 KB, 164x255, Israel and Zionism.pdf)

Yep, got this from here and it's probably the most indepth takedown of Zionism I've ever seen.


>most indepth
Said the guy gone barely ankle deep.

Read Marx. Knowledge will make you free.


Okay bombing Gaza next week


File: 1670496018202.png (114.27 KB, 430x519, ClipboardImage.png)

>Zionism has failed to establish a Jewish majority.
Yeah if you include the Palestinian territories. Do you read your own article? Also, Jewish birth rates in Israel are stagnant/slightly rising, while Muslim, Christian, and Druze birth rates in Israel are stagnant/falling. Not sure if this count includes the territories tho


File: 1670496115915-0.png (151.33 KB, 835x619, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1670496115915-1.png (110.61 KB, 400x435, ClipboardImage.png)

>Muslim, Christian, and Druze birth rates
Other charts show that


If Dialectical Materialism is true, explain how the big bang functions or how Quantum Physics work?
General consensus is that Materialism has been debunked scientifically.
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File: 1670468830199.jpg (434.88 KB, 1435x1435, 1670025813955916.jpg)

How does qm.and the big bang not fit into a materialist explanation of reality? It's a non sequitur. Dialectical materialism is a methodology for logic not an explanation of the universe which is itself material though and nothing of any supernatural origin has anything to do with it.


Still waiting for the a relativistic extension of pilot wave theory, which also deals with fields. Shouldn't be that hard for this oh so materialist interpretation


>muh sciencefaggot physics nerd shit
<how do you liek Materialism nao marxoids
why do you, or you people?** keep making these threads?
I'm pretty sure nobody cares about this 'epic gotcha' you think you have as it failed to stand up every over time you tried this shot, go to a science image board fam.


<writing (You) after links manually
this should be a bannable offence.


lolwat? I am pretty sure that is just someone copy-pasting their post includng the (you) stamp. When you do that it is full size

File: 1670428733854.jpg (18.44 KB, 622x447, FB_IMG_1670346163835.jpg)

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Probably not really the worst, but people in lefty spaces online are always so much more concerned with whether white people are allowed to say the N word or who is technically the most oppressed than actually liberating the intersectionally largest group of oppressed people in the world (the working class).(ban evading spam and astroturf)(Mentally ill fag that spends hours of his life nearly every day trying to spam and spread right wing astroturf and generally shit up the place)
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Lassalle was literally mixed race, no shit


My father got beat up for being mexican when he was a kid and working at a sweatshop in the USA, the kids who abused him were from union families that wanted to keep out immigrants to corner to labor market. Intersectionality is a good development in the backwards society of the USA, libs obviously push it so as to choke out class consciousness, but its still good.


oops, meant to reply to OP


File: 1670456511211.png (228.12 KB, 429x511, ClipboardImage.png)

That was another Engels quote. My bad.


File: 1670444750145-0.png (345.29 KB, 485x600, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1670444750145-1.png (326.79 KB, 1618x1131, ClipboardImage.png)

Not antisemitic at all. How many times can you have it explained? It's about being mixed with uyghur and not pure superior Jewish blood. Is this meme anti-white?(not pol, it is explaining pol logic)

File: 1670390225862.jpg (31.93 KB, 1200x800, 3g9738xmq9b91.jpg)


As an Iraqi my perception of Spain (and Portugal too) is extremely negative.

Look up what they did to Morocco in the North (Ceuta, Tangiers, Melilla) and what they did to Canary Islands. Complete genocide, they have colonies in Africa to this day as well. Also complete hypocrite who expelled all their Muslims/Arabs along with Jews but are only allowing Jews to have a right to return apologizing for the ""Reconquista"" but all the North Africans are left out, when it was them who built that civilization. They can't even give back Ceuta.

They have done horrible things to African and Native Americans, crimes against a group of people that has rarely if ever been matched in human history

I find the civilizations contribution to the culture and human history to be much lower than what their grip extended.

Very fascist in mistreating their ethnic minorities (Catalonians and Basques) and have a similar enemy mentality to the entire Arab world to this day

They're an unproductive welfare economy where the people enjoy a standard of living much higher than they contribute, with high unemployment. When I visited it I didn't think it was very clean either.

I also read it is a country with the highest amount of infidelity and promiscuity. Such loose morals are not attractive to me either

Also the language in Spain sucks compared to how the Latinos speak it, I found the food to not be very good, the Spanish Empire was even more brutal than the British one, the style/aesthetic doesn't please me, etc. the only positive thing I can say about it is that their descendant countries in the New World have produced very vibrant and diverse locales, only possible DESPITE the problematic Spanish influence not because of it
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>Arab never had colonies
All the slave involvement in east Africa and Central Africa were thin air I guess then


>I present you Exibite A: quetzalcoatl the 'white god'.
I mean that was the aztecs religion, Spain had no hand on this aside from their skin colour.


>Spain was a colony

It literally wasn't lmfao, again, Arabs never had colonies, and if count the conquered territories as colonies then the Greeks, Persians, Mongols, Romans, Carthaginians also had it


>All the native cultures and religions are extinct thanks to their genocidal conquests.

Complete racist orientalist bullshit, Arabs never genocided anyone, and only in the Mashriq Arabic became the majority language and even before Muslim conquests Arabs were the plutarity of that region, as it was literally divided between the Arab kingdoms of Ghassah and Lakhd who were vassals of Byzantium and Persia, and it was a natural and slow process because the region already spoke a Semitic language (Aramaic), everywhere else people had their language and culture preserved (Iran, Spain, Caucasus, etc).

Now compare it to what Europeans did to the New World, or what the Spanish did to North Morocco and the Canaries, complete genocide and settler colonialism, besides a pew pockets there is virtually no indigenous languages and cultures left


>Slavery is still widespread in their society.
Load of racist crap, give me proof insititutionalized slavery is legal in Arab country

Awful working conditions isn't restricted to Arab nations but White dogs like to point fingers because they hate us and want to kill us all

File: 1669452061843.jpg (40.16 KB, 460x452, aokemxm_460s.jpg)


A) allow Jewish supremacism to continue until all whites even at some point logically Jews too bred out til we have one race one culture one nation etc. Not a bad plan.

B) System disruption and infiltration of every sector to push it towards a singular Ideology that's Totalitarian but for the every man ie Noctulianism.

C) Blackmail due to infamy and crimes and shit high tier targets and get funded and placed in the limelight etc.

D) Civil disobedience, sabotage, protests, rallies and marches, insurrection, revolution legal and illegal means, cultural terrorism and psychological Ops. De centralized leaderless movement.

E) Noctulianism is Anarcho-Nihilism with Agnosticism, Mysticism, Ecofascism and Technocratic principles added. Elitism and Social Darwinism comes as a natural by product of petite burgeois and burgeois and retarded normies being incapable of following us or being like us.

F) No racism or antisemitism allowed. Noctulian means new species Homo Galactica.


For more.

File: 1644551841082.jpg (42.27 KB, 615x620, 1200078.jpg)


Reference materials.
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https:// lyupz. com/FNcxN(MOD NOTICE: Edited post to break up link.)


full collection extreme loli kids porn files 2022


hard 65gb c - p

+ scat c - p



fat women are disgusting.


mods are pedos tho'

File: 1667238443822.jpeg (63.41 KB, 721x515, FfXxxD6XEAQDfzu.jpeg)


I should've killed myself a long time ago. I was more innocent, delusional, in love, I would've died a blameless, uncomplicated person. Instead I chose to keep living, I corrupted myself, I lied to people, did wrong in the name of good. Now I can't be honest with anyone. I should've killed myself
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When I say innocence I mean moral innocence, not virginity or anything sexual. She made me a better person i think


I knew what you meant.
Innocence as in idealism.
You're talking to newgene..

I disagree with the notion of positivity/idealism as the mandate for youth.


even so I can't live with myself


do you think this world is full of angels lol


Why does it matter what other people think when you're dead, it's not like they'll be holding you accountable

File: 1667173305312.jpg (160.11 KB, 1080x1168, 1662160305282137.jpg)


>Kanye says schizo antisemitic shit that doesn't make sense
>Cancelled, openly mocked, brands stop doing business with them.

>Artists openly call for the abolishment of capitalism, private property, etc.

>No corporation cares.

Okay, so what is the dialectical materialist explanation of this? Are big capitalist just aware they are invincible so they dont bother persecuting commies or what?(Is Coffee good for you?)(:^))
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Black people do not institutional power. Jewish people do

This is why you can say bad things about black people and keep being promoted and move on but you cannot about Jewish people


Do not have*


>Can we move past the "umm it doesn't actually happen" phase of the discussion, I don't want to discuss this, it happens a lot that celebs have left-wing POV's. I get that right wing celebs gets cancelled because they are a liability, but I want to know why you think left-wing celebs don't.
It isn't a matter of "left-wing" or "right-wing" positions per se. It's more that identifications of supposed "Jewish power" or "Jewish control" are taken themselves to be calls for violence against Jews, and have been taken this way since World War II, while left-wing sentiments aren't currently taken to be calls for violence by themselves (otherwise these views would also be getting censored, much like they have in the past). You did see a "genteel antisemitism" that was acceptable among the wealthy and middle classes prior to World War II, but this disappeared afterwards. The censorship is more a function of the right's relative level of power to upset the functioning of capitalism, and the left's relative level of impotence.

If you wanted an actual "dialectical materialist" explanation, though, you would have to go back further than this and give a synopsis of all relevant positions on the problem of "free speech" and, especially, speech around race, then locate the practices underlying these "discourses" and how the positions within the discursive "regimes" relate to immanent practices.


Kanye is a major mainstream celebrity that millions mindlessly follow for starters.


No shit you dumbass, we all understand why, I want to discuss why anticapitalism propaganda ISN'T censored by the ruling class(14 a) argue under false pretences)

File: 1667155785750.png (1.25 MB, 988x1000, ClipboardImage.png)


Guys what’s going to happen with the zoomers using based or cringe as well as the rise of the multipolar Have. Sex.
Have. Sex.
Have. Sex
Have. Sex.
Have. Sex
Have. Sex.
Have. Sex
Have. Sex.
Have. Sex
Have. Sex.
Have. Sex.
Have. Sex.
Have. Sex
Have. Sex.
Have. Sex
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File: 1667156809451.gif (971.8 KB, 270x270, 1653495357427.gif)

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