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What the fuck is wrong with france in its current state for something like this to happen in broad fucking daylight?(nothing to do with politics)


increased crime rates making policing harder which in turn makes committing crime less risky


This is the legacy of Mitterrand purging the PCF from his cabinet




File: 1623099392332.jpg (230.31 KB, 720x1560, Screenshot_20210607-094136….jpg)

For clarification on the events unfolding this is an african migrant defending himself from what appears to be a group of white and european french men trying to stab him to death in broad daylight


give me context or fuck off


If this is an isolated event then you are wasting our time. Now if this is becoming the norm then you'd have a good case for making this thread. As far as I can tell this was an isolated event.


This happened just yesterday meaning there isnt a full investigation or a proper news report on this given how much crime happens in france. I wouldn't be too surprised if it was just a generic hate crime considering a week ago something similar happened with an algerians man and the death a black womans husband while the Algier was insulting the widowed woman, it got alot of reports on twitter


Congratulations on finding the only case on Earth of a white man stabbing a black man


Ein Einzelfall, zwei Einzelfälle, drei Einzelfälle,…


Aw, are you retarded?


Retarded nazi-boy? Did the OP stir up less shit than you expected? :(


I didn't post the OP, but you do think is this the norm


haha hilarious


That's not a "no"


The issue here is that OP put so much attention on one incident. The implication being that black men are constantly being attacked in France. This video is fucked up and justice should be done against these fuckers but that's one incident.


>do you think this is the norm
There are jihadist attacks recorded literally every fucking day in France

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