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How has the american far right become pro Russia now? Reagan and McCain would be rolling over in their graves witnessing what is happening among the American right


why is everything a wojak these days, it has become completely subsumed by even normalfags


it owns the libs


It's provocative, it gets the people going


File: 1659931720405.png (4.67 MB, 2048x1368, putler invasion.png)


but also, liberal foreign policy has been entirely ideological and a pathetic attempt to outflank the right. to prove they're more "loyal" and "patriotic" and natsec-pilled than the "traitorous" right. Trump gave the libs Russiagate brainworms. There's a moment in the obama/romney debate from 10 years where romney goes off about russia and obama says "the 1980s called, they want their foreign policy back." Within 5 years of that debate russiagate was in full swing. the constant centrist urge to "prove" to the right that they aren't pinkos coupled with the russiagate brainworms has created a perfect storm where american libs hate russia and conservatives, to be contrarian, are saying russia is bazed. But also, russia for them represents something more conservative than america. they look up to putin for being le stronk man who baptizes himself and crosses himself and rides a horse with no shirt on. the conservatives know russia is no longer communist while the libs keep pretending it still is so they can claim the mantle of being le free-market natsec-pilled patriots from their opponents. Little do they realize that kind of thing is running out of currency, and conservative foreign policy analysts like mearsheimer are eager to point out that the democrats, despite getting more hawkish on russia and less isolationist, have no real strategy. they naively think they can just wage proxy wars and march NATO up to the border of a nuclear state with no consequences. The cherry on top of all of this is Biden's obviously corrupt personal interests in Ukraine. His crackhead son sits on the board of a ukrainian gas company collecting 50k/year. MAGAtards see all this and oppose it contrarian reasons, for strategic reasons, and for ideological reasons.


Russia is homophobic and makes libs mad. That's it.


How has the ex-USSR far left become pro Russia now? Lenin and Stalin would be rolling over in their graves witnessing what is happening among the Soviet left


File: 1659931987619.png (264.21 KB, 1200x630, ClipboardImage.png)

pic related


Good summary


this barely figures into it and you lend that undue weight. American libs for the most part don't care about LGBT outside of getting them to vote democrat. Your blue dog democrats and poll-mimicking centrists are far more common in the party than socdem squad types.

the american libs hate putin for "hacking le election". The democrat party media (MSNBC, CNN) spent 4 years of trump's term never shutting the fuck up about it and even engaged in some homophobic propaganda themselves (putin and trump are le gay together)




Well LGBT thing does play a role Putin does feed into it with statements like this

>Simply monstrous’: Putin says teaching young children they can easily swap genders is a ‘borderline crime against humanity’



Many of them see modern Russia as a right-wing bastion of tradition where wypipo and Christianity are still respected, unlike the decadent liberal West. It's mostly forgotten now but in the 2010s this manifested in them seeing Russians as based islamophobes taking the fight to Muslim terrorists and refugees


yeah i know putin is anti-LGBT but I don't think that's important to the democratic party bureaucrats. The party isn't pro-LGBT, it just pretends to be to get votes. But Putin's social attitudes aren't something they really spend that much time talking about. They're mad at Putin for

1: Invading ukraine

2: "hacking the election"

democrat party voters are barely pro LGBT either. They're definitely more pro-LGBT than the party functionaries are (again, your Joe manchin types are way more common than your AOC types, you just never hear about them) but really neither the democratic party or its voters really care that much about LGBT outside of virtue signalling. Hillary was opposed to gay marriages right up until the polls said 51% of Democrats were in favor of it. These people mimic polls, they don't have real opinions.


don't forget that the right openly wants to align russia with the west and integrate it into nato so that china will share a direct land border with nato


>The [Democratic Party] isn't pro-LGBT, it just pretends to be to get votes.
Moronic. Also completely ignorant of the fact that LGBTxy is bourgeois feminist ideology, which actively hinges on leveraging individualism, sexual objectification and prostitution to weaken a significant section of the world proletariat.


It's always fascinating to me how reactionaries have an almost magical capacity to have opinions in direct contradiction of the actual facts. Antisemites should have idolized the Soviet Union during the Cold War due to its explicit anti-Zionism and occasional anti-semitism. But as someone with an almost encyclopedic knowledge of reactionary literature, reactionary blowhards like Revilo P. Oliver (e.g. in "All America must know THE TERROR That is Upon Us"), are vehemently anti-Soviet with thinly veiled antisemitism.

During the 1920s, antisemitic literature emphasised the utter hopelessness of the situation re: Zionist power in America. This is despite the fact (see Hendrick Burton's 1923 "The Jews in America") that there was actually a shocking dearth of money-Jews in positions of influence in the citadels of American liquid capital of the time. Antisemites also unrealistically strike a defiantly hopeful note during the actual high water mark of Jewish cultural and political power in America during the height of the Cold War (e.g. John Beaty's "Iron Curtain over America"). Now, with Jewish money power declining and groups like AIPAC on the ropes (https://www.tabletmag.com/sections/news/articles/how-influential-is-aipac), and things like President Obama explicitly decrying Zionist lobbying in his memoirs, antisemites again today emphasize the utter helplessness of the fight against DA JOOZ.

Russia today is thoroughly influenced by Jewish money. MOST of their capital is stored outside of the country in funds often dominated by Jewish bankers (https://www.nbcnews.com/data-graphics/russian-bank-foreign-reserve-billions-frozen-sanctions-n1292153). Russia is also a crime ridden shithole with far worse crime than America (so much for right wing governance).

So to answer your question, I think reactionaries have an unexplained and seemingly instinctive ability to choose the EXACT wrong answers to issues of geopolitics and social policy. It's not unusual that they would support a right wing regime with a vague "tough guy" image ESPECIALLY when the facts don't agree with them.


>>4144 (me)
Also sorry for the bump. Saged, reported and hidden this /pol/ orbiting spam "thread"


I thought the right supports Russia for its anti-imperalist roots???


Remember that Putin is funding pro Russian right wing parties across the West to destabilize it.


Interesting post but I'd bet you give them too much credit. Russia is the enemy and being contrarians with no real principles, they support it.
I was assuming that the well read fascists were supporting Ukraine and the larping fascist supporting Russia out of contrarianism but idk
and thats a good thing!


Is Putin also using that strategy to bait-and-switch anti-American citizens to adopt leftism later?



I know, but is this a short-term strategy for a long-term goal designed to make conservatives attracted to leftism?

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