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File: 1645174115779.jpg (57.38 KB, 770x744, 300276.jpg)

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Other general leftychan spam/gayop repository


1. they do a false ban
2. they say they unban
3. then they re-ban on another false charge: >>754393


File: 1645720880408.png (17.34 KB, 597x527, 1635164405815.png)

>>This is not an "invasion"
>Mate, it IS a fucking invasion you clown, if you support Russia's actiosn, fucking own it


except jannies always claimed that IP hashing prevents them from seeing the IP address. another lie.


why was I banned for pointing out jannies lied when they said that they can't see our IPs due to the IP hashing that the board does?

that is the expected "anonimity" on imageboards. if you can see IPs, then you should have a notice on the front page, advising people to use a VPN or TOR. unless you want to know people's IP? 🤔


File: 1647244814235.png (67.3 KB, 538x877, ClipboardImage.png)

yes and they keep tabs on your post history.


it's glorious to watch the burgers see this


>more muh BPD thots spam
Kek that was me


meds now


I'm jacking off to futa loli dom right now and there's nothing you can do about it.


having sex with midgets is "child coded" didnt you get the memo


Why did my post asking for clarification about your claim that leftychan is behind ukraine glowops and cp get deleted?
If you say that sort of shit you need to provide evidence or an explanation.


Can you tell me how it's obvious? I have not once suspected leftychan.
To be clear, you're going to need some evidence for such claims anon, and I'm yet to see any.


File: 1649554804476.jpg (6.56 KB, 182x192, thumb (2).jpg)

>jannies delete criticism of them


Where have you been for the last 9 months?


Based, wreckers can get rekt.


There's a whole board for this shit. If you're too much of a newbie to know what board to use, that's your problem.


Not here. I ditched the site after the dramafagging ages ago and only came back like a week or two ago.


>no you can't post bullshit nonsense on the containment board for said bullshit nonsense you need to shit up the other boards


Sorry I don't speak retardese, care to express yourself like a functional human being?


What part of me not wanting to post off topic nonsense outside of the board for said off topic nonsense do you not understand?


This image gets removed for being "spam" on /meta/ too.


Ah right. Well the jannies are still retarded, powertripping faggots who desperately need to touch grass. So not much has changed.


what, the wojak? i dont see the issue then


>be janny
>do it for free
>somebody insults your noble profession
>banhammer time
>sit smug in your soiled diaper as you ban am one left and right


File: 1649555549565.png (61.56 KB, 538x877, Datamining (1).png)

This image. I was referring to a thread in which i posted this image to begin with. Soyjaks are usually allowed even on leftypol proper


Nah, the image of the datamining from the thread that got deleted.


Did you know that most of the janitor team are NEETs? Literal anti-work faggots running a socialist imageboard, ironic right.


this is an issue inherent in how the software works, afaik some vichan forks obscure ip addresses by encrypting them

>Literal anti-work faggots running a socialist imageboard
sounds good actually


Take this shit thread to /meta/ 90% of the anons on this site do not give a fuck about your nonce shit you fucking whiners.


idk man I would like to think that most leftypol users would be somewhat interested about the datamining. That original screenshot is from nearly a year ago, can you imagine what the IP logs look like today?


>this is an issue inherent in how the software works, afaik some vichan forks obscure ip addresses by encrypting them
Im not sure what that means. You mean jannoes are making profiles on potential ban evaders?
I didn't post this on meta because its a literal soypost why would it be anywhere near a serious board


jannies have been known to bumplock or remove threads where users suddenly started criticizing them (even good-hearted criticism).


>its a literal soypost why would it be anywhere near a serious board
'jak culture is valid. you are valid.


soybros are some of the most creative, friendly and genuine people on the internet. I don't understand why they get so much hate on here.

It's only the /pol/ faggots that cause issues in their community, but the same is true for every imageboard.



jakkin is valid


The same faggots posting le wholesome epic chungus poorly-drawn Pepes are also calling for genocides, let it be known before these hacks keep masquerading as "nice", fucking johnnysun wannabes.


soyjaks used to be legitimately popular here until mods threw a tantrum and had them banned for dubious reasons.


>The same faggots posting le wholesome epic chungus poorly-drawn Pepes are also calling for genocides, let it be known before these hacks keep masquerading as "nice", fucking johnnysun wannabes.


feel like utter shit just want /soy/ back


soyjaks are even banned on 4chan lol they add nothing of value and nothing was lost. now if you want to shitpost waste people's time you have to waste your own as well.


I love you shay :)


File: 1649557713374.jpg (120.31 KB, 1042x631, jakker is sus.jpg)

uh ohhhh, stinkyyy


It's a crossover episode!


File: 1649554370601.jpeg (406.38 KB, 995x1284, Stalin (2).jpeg)

What happened to the thread about Brazils communist party going Maoist?
It was big news but I can no longer find it on leftypol. I also noticed the threads on weekly revolution updates were missing as well. It seems like Feds are coming to this site and deleting the most important marxist news.

How do we prevent feds sabotaging this site?(leftychan gore/trans spammer)


No, mods are deleting posts. Hope that helped!(leftychan tor node)


Maoist posting is fed posting tho


Mods=feds(leftychan tor node)


No they are deleting Maoist glow posting trying to lure people into adventurism. They are correct to do so.


t. Maupin paypig(leftychan tor node)


That's how selfless the mod team is here. They want to make all of us touch enough grass that they have no time to touch it themselves.


uyghas really be checking the IPs of random posts instead of touching grass.


File: 1650933630312.png (1.59 MB, 1890x2160, 1392723985239.png)

>Be careful sonic flag, you might cause another split by posting that image.


>(>replying to yourself when no one cares about your "bait")
lmao not even true. I'm posting over tor and unable post images like the reply did. Cope and seethe caballo.


>when no one cares about your "bait"
I care…


too true


sussy drama where?




File: 1650939020198.gif (316.21 KB, 220x183, el-risitas.gif)

>that filename




drewls uncontrollably


reported for cp


Ok nonce.


Why do you delete any thread that mentions the transgender aspect of the mods?


God is real, he just reveals himself in anecdotes and the Bible.


Why do you delete any thread that mentions the transgender aspect of the mods?


How is feminism not idpol?


How can some of you defend socialist authoritarianism? What is the point if you defeat capitalism/capitalist if you're going into have another form of red elite ruling over you?


>My time is valuable, so I won’t go into each and every one of these, but what’s important is the methodologies and sources used to provide their numbers.
Okay, but it's not just the black book of communism that talks about mass killings under socialism.
>Most importantly, a similar application of the aforementioned would give a death toll for capitalism that’s astronomically higher
I never said capitalism was a better system or that it didn't have a death toll, but socialist countries clearly aren't innocent either.
>And they have their own rabidly Nationalist/Ultracapitalist/Anticommunist factions like the dindutvas.
So does many places, Nationalism/capitalism/anti-communism is still not National socialism. My point stands, not everyone in the right wing is a nazi.

I never said liberalism is a better system either.


>they just want to respond to fan feedback and be slightly more inclusive. Sure, why not.
If it was just that then it would be fine, but it's clearly not just that and is being used to control poeple.


>>941358 (me)
There, I made it into a video format:
If someone could repost it ITT I would really appreciate it (torposters can't post files on .org if I wasn't clear enough before).




wtf happened to Bee anyway? I left for a bit and when I came back she was permabanned


lel but what did she actually do to incur their wrath


She got perma-banned because of matrix drama. The dumb bitch spent 6 months straight simping for the jannies and then they turned on her in like a day. Brutal.


File: 1651526454250.jpg (69.65 KB, 720x1280, bees pupper.jpg)

Yeah I liked her siberia threads even if they did make people mad
rip bupper :DDD


File: 1651527083559.png (254.83 KB, 720x404, Malthusian.png)


File: 1651668351198.png (23.25 KB, 628x338, ClipboardImage.png)

Moody wtf are you talking about, stop making shit up to make your arbitrary bans look sensible

Also ban that faggot who keeps deleting all his posts, I saw them do it in another thread too after being retarded


cope, she still won't have sex with you


>People here just tolerate her
what people? you and your janny fuckbuddies?
I was on leftypol from the times immemorial, from where leftypol was still full of leftcoms and ancoms, from where hoxha memes were born
It sad seeing what have become of this board, national chauvinist circlejerk that bans any slightly dissenting opinions as "nATo SHILL!!"

I can't even remember how many times I was banned with butthurt zigga mods


One of the jannies decided they don't like the humblebrag meme and nuked nearly every mention of the word.


File: 1654211034736.png (2.73 MB, 2121x1414, ClipboardImage.png)

How do we get our mods medical/psychological help? I'm seriously worried about them.


They're going to delete these posts when they see them, there's no point in discussing it tbh.

Oh and I hope you're using the tor node buddy. If not, prepare your anus for that 36 week long ban.


I have so many VPNs it don't matter.


It's usually just about exercising their (very little) power. Why else do you think they become mods?


Lol based.


do some mods not know theres a wordfilter function


Scumbag mods are brutally cracking down on dissent. Sage is based for making you fuckers seethe so hard. I can evade your bans all day fuckers, I have an infinite supply of proxies


Shut the fuck up janny


wobbly is in fact a hugely dishonest cunt. the mods should be doxed just so we can make fun of their physiognomy.


This is just apologia for jannoids to ban everyone who makes them butthurt. A slippery slope if you take into account that they are just a matrix circlejerk.


It's almost like the .net response to this problem, by letting the posters vote on policies with the mods, would've solved this mess, what, a year ago? More at this point? Instead here we are.


Can we try to avoid recruiting newfags from Reddit this time around? There's been a number of jannies lately who quite frankly don't appear to understand image board culture and should have been told to lurk the fuck moar.


Jesus, you guys really do need jannies


>everyone critical of my infallible moderation cult is a boogeyman


>b-ban these people! they disagreed with me and called me names!
the mark of the redditor! know him well!


Nah I think I'm done after this. Honestly, just look at the behavior from the mods in this thread.
Literally banning anyone that mentions them in a negative light, and making it so you can't even see the criticism they're responding to. They literally do not know how to moderate a site.(has been saying this every pther day for years)


people aren't dumb. They see you. nobody wants to. be a mod and actually have to talk to any of you. you've shown yourself to be a bunch of petty, petulant, high school drama seeking teenagers. this website is a shadow of what it once was and of what it could be.


You made an accusation, starting the “drama” I defended myself but that’s not allowed fuck off


>Sir this is a recruitment thread, please fuck off to impotently seethe about the shitty jannies quite literally anywhere else on the whole fucking website you ginormous autist.
weow, this jannie job is alsmost in your pocket! you would fit right in with the team!


Mods don't even check /meta/. You've had about a dozen threads with great suggestions in the last few years, and you've implemented exactly 0. Even when you created a /roulette/ board, you still didn't listen to users, but decided to do what you wanted. That's why /roulette/ is a failure. Only board with any activity is /leftypol/, so you can forgive us fools for thinking that it might be the best place for the discussion about the site.


These are good suggestions but won't happen because it raises restrictions on the mods and lowers restrictions on the users.
It's pretty funny they made /meta/ to kill off all discussion of meta and then proceeded to do the exact same for various other topics but for the opposite reason. Like when they cycled the Ukraine thread because it was slow going and then a week later uncycled it because it was slow going. Absolute galaxy brains.


File: 1662185344208.jpg (45.1 KB, 750x505, badg1p68wq781.jpg)

we WILL criticize the mods and they WILL NOT like it.


>t. tupamaro


>they're the only thing stopping Leftypol from turning into a literal glow op like some other chans
<implying this hasn't already happened to leftypol

Once again,
>t. tupes(short for tupamaro)

Unique IPs: 37

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