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I'm gonna miss these niggas like you wouldn't believe.


I know they've made new seasons till recently, are they stopping?


What is Venture Bros?


I lost track around season 4 or so, did the writing keep going strong?


They got cancelled in the middle of season 8's production.

I'd say so. You're only missing 3 seasons.


I never understood the hype TBH. Always seemed like boring edgy shit to me.


I helps to have seen Johnny Quest.


I did see Johnny Quest, Venture bros is just not for me


How many cartoons have you seen? This is tame as shit.


>tame as shit
Did we see the same Venture Bros?
Compared to adult cartoons it might be tame, but that's not a good comparison.


Most “adult cartoons” are edgy adolescent garbage
Being the kernel of corn in a slurry of shit ain’t much


Despite being a comedy it manages to be more serious than 99% of adult cartoons in a way


well most of its humor is from parody naturally arising from introspection of cartoon actions and logic in a more grounded world, so while the show always has a stern face about it the actual world is always funny because of the banality of both good and evil as a system that seeks to perpetuate each other to keep securing funding. People having passions and dreams in such a mechanically dream-crushing system is always going to be funny and/or tragic as a consequence.


This thread reminded me of video related


Red Death is a pretty good real evil villain


ß ump


Where is Venture Bros

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