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So… How was it?


Will comment soon going to watch it today or tomorrow


Was great. I hope he returns to it again soon.


never found borat that funny. Think the peak was "throw the jew down the well"


Is Sacha Baron Cohen open about his politics or does he keep his dumb actor mouth shut?


I hated every fucking moment of it. Its the kind of edgy "humor" that's bordering on "hurr sandniggers all fuck donkeys durr" that /pol/ loves.

For one thing he doesn't even look Kazakh, he looks Caucasian… as in from the Caucas mountains, an Azeri or Georgian more specifically… or a Yugoslavian.
Secondly the 'village' and all that shit are fucking caricatures of Yugoslavian villages from ages ago. The humor is all shit and frankly is boring as fuck. Fuck this film.


Just finished it today. The first one was better, this one was meh. Too much of the new side character chick he brought in as his daughter and the reactions weren't too great. I think it's because too many people recognize him now to do Borat properly, he was in some other disguise half the time but still kept doing the borat voice (shoulda just made a new character or kept the mossad one). Knowing how retarded americans are, he could have done much better. This one didnt have too many cutscenes where he interviews, it was mainly following the story with him and his daughter. I'd pass


One thing i learned is rightoids will actually hang out with brown looking dudes as long as they act like rightoids. Im kinda surprised i thought theyd just be outright racist


the average rightoid isn't like a poltard

they are full of hypocrisy and contradictions that's why SBC's various shiticks works


Unfunny and edgy.
He's more of a Balkan parody then a Kazakh parody. Hell they even use music from artists in balkans like Goran Bregovic


Yugo here, the movie was hilarious. We don't need some suburan whitoids feeling bad for us. Besides, the village in "Kazakhstan" is actually in Romania. Romanians will talk your ear off about how they're not Slavic, so fuck 'em.

And yeah, they talk about Melania, but the funny thing is, she IS some poor village girl who married rich. Many girls do do that, I mean they interviewed that sugar baby who knew what she was doing (does that make her more class conscious than /leftypol/?).

Getting mad at Borat is like getting mad at South Park, what the fuck did you expect? "Oh no, insensitive racist jokes!" get fucked loser


File: 1608526707168.png (96.97 KB, 896x311, tradcath conquistador here.PNG)

dude what


watched borat 1 and 2
and man it kinda lost most of it's edge
still funny at times but the awkwardness cringe humor has been kinda been played out for me

i'm not sure if the people going along with borat's wild antics were innoit because the movie became very famous or were really that bankrupt to go along with it for money

anyways both movies had a kinda sweet endings
Borat 2 ending scene is fucking BASED LMFAO. Don't want to spoil it but leftypol will love it.

First half is pretty much the trailer and meh, The sappy sentimental part was boring in the first movie but in this one it's pretty okay.

5/10, one time watch flick
gonna watch The dictator next and look at the YT comment section of all the bits of the movie

>who knew what she was doing (does that make her more class conscious than /leftypol/?)
did you blow in from stupid town or something?


File: 1608526707707.png (206.41 KB, 593x373, Screenshot_3.png)

Lmao Taleb is such a pussy


He is mostly quiet, tho he did come out hard against Facebook for spreading chud shit not too long ago. He is probably pro-Israel tho considering he used to live there for a time


didnt he played a mossad spy who was oppresed be the evil arabs?


I thought it was a meme, but they are one of the most despicable people on the planet. Just look at Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio.


>suburban whitoids
I'm also a slav you tard.
>we don't
You are not representative of Yugoslavia. I never claimed to represent all Kazakhs or Yugos or slavs/
>fugg Romanians
That's not the problem. I don't have a problem with edgy ethnic humor when its done right. Borat does it in a fucking hamfisted manner that I detest.

>Borat is like South Park

South Park is 50% ironic and a cartoon that buffers a lot of outrage. This is just shitty 'humor' by losers who secretly hate themselves and think that mocking others tastelessly is a good method of coping


He's wrong that it's the most racist movie, but it is offensive and tasteless and he is right that liberals are fucking retards, spazzing out over bullshit while ignoring actual examples of "politically incorrect" content.


yeah those brown people are the "good ones." The KKK even tolerated black people who "knew their place."

>He's more of a Balkan parody then a Kazakh parody.
Burgers and bongs don't understand anything about global ethnicities. Balkans are about as foreign as you can get while still being seen as vaguely human.

I think I've heard him comment about Israel positively but I don't really recall.

He played a Mossad (sorry, not Mossad) agent to own republicans. He was mocking how afraid of Muslims and cucked to Israel they are but wasn't really commenting on Israel I don't think.


Weren't the Romanians huge Nazi collaborators during the Second World War? I've heard there were a ton of concentration/death camps built there.
Yeah but /pol/acks don't like it as it highlights the racism that a lot of white Americans have.


>Weren't the Romanians huge Nazi collaborators during the Second World War?
So where Yugos, ever heard of Ustase, Domobrani, Chetniks?


never cared for SBC, especially considering his views on israel, but holy shit has it been funny to see the same rightoids who talked big game about the day of the rope cry about him being mean. the craziest take i've seen is that the reason SBC chose kazakhstan is because he, as a jew, has a burning ancestral hatred for the cossacks (lel) who perpetrated the chmielnicki massacre. he also gave some sort of speech to the ADL on how facebook should take down more bigoted shit (standard #resister opinion) and now he's The Facebook Censorer and a mossad asset in their eyes


Regardless of the more explicitly political content of Borat 2 that's way more pronounced and way more spineless than the original simulatenously, I think the discussion of Borat's cultural background is less important than people here are making it out to be.
Perhaps I hold too high of an opinion of Sacha Baron Cohen, but I've interpreted the somewhat ambiguous portrayal of both Borat and his village/country as more of a general critique of the intense socio-economic backslide the majority of post-soviet states went through. Intense poverty, corruption, rising inequality and a cynical attempt by their new neoliberal orders to cling onto communist-era aesthetics is something countries like Romania and Kazakhstan and a lot of former Yugoslav republics all had in common.
If one interprets SBC's mockery of all the aforementioned cultures more as a mockery of their position coming out of the '90s but not yet enjoying the EU blood money that would come a few years later, one could make the argument that he's actually more sympathetic to actually existing socialism than he seems.


>I don't have a problem with edgy ethnic humor when its done right.
Translation: i don't have a problem with edgy ethnic humor when it's about another group of people.

I have mixed feelings on the Borat racism thing. I understand that it's meant to parody American exceptionalism, but all a lot of people got from it was "funny stupid foreign man say my wife :DD" On one hand, he probably did make some Kazakh immigrant kids' life in America hell for a couple of years. On the other hand I HIGHLY doubt that it lead to any actual discrimination or hate crimes against Central Asians. SBC should've just made up a country and this all would've be avoided.




No, fuck off with that, I don't mind racial/ethnic humor about anyone including my own ethnicity, I've had plenty of laugh about that before. I just prefer it be done intelligently and with actual humor regardless of who is being parodied. I don't take kindly to any ethnicity being heavy-handidly mocked like this.
>meant to parody American exceptionalism
Was it? I don't see much of that at all.
>lead to any actual discrimination or hate crimes against Central Asians
That's not the problem really; the issue is that
A) It's low-effort garbage
B) It's a matter of pride and public image of one or another people.


>/pol/acks don't like it
Are you kidding? Every /pol/fag I've ever seen mention Borat loves it. They don't have the intelligence to see it 'highlighting American racism', the same way they didn't realize Tanya the Evil's author was mocking her nazi fetishism and not supporting it.


>I just prefer it be done intelligently and with actual humor regardless of who is being parodied.
What are some examples of this? Not trying to gotcha you, genuinely curious what you think.

>Was it? I don't see much of that at all.

That was literally the purpose of the "we support your war of terror" scene. The entire movie was SBC trying to see how much bigotry he could pull out of his interviewees.

>That's not the problem really

So we can agree that there was no serious harm done.

I can understand why Kazakhs hate Borat. I would hate Borat too if the country used was the one I'm from. SBC shouldn't have used a real country in my opinion. But it's far from /pol/-racism (more like south park/family guy-style stereotypemongering) and these posts just look like you're getting offended on behalf of someone else.


>It's a matter of pride


what are the chances that this is a good-faith take?

there shouldn't have been a sequel imo, borat (and its willingness to use stereotypes like that) is a product of the 2000s and should've stayed there


File: 1608526716189.png (1.33 MB, 1204x1146, Screen Shot 2020-10-25 at ….png)

The takes don't stop coming


Based as fuck. The first one was better, that's almost always the case with sequels, but it was still great.
Do people really mix up Kazakhs and Cossacks? Well, I shouldn't even ask, I know most people are ignorant…
This is also how it seems obvious to me. Many people take Borat at too much face value, and while I understand Kazakhs being offended by it because it "misrepresents" Kazakhstan, 99% of those offended won't even watch either the first or the sequel. If they did, they would get it. Even Nazarbayev got it after he watched it, and even referenced it in a speech!

Ultimately what Baron Cohen is doing is critique of problems that are nearly universal in societies, with a focus on the US from the perspective of "even in the most caricature shithole things are better".
>On the other hand I HIGHLY doubt that it lead to any actual discrimination or hate crimes against Central Asians.
Not sure about the US, but where I'm from it did increase genuine dislike for Kazakhs and many kids saw it as mocking Kazakhstan and liked it for that reason… but I'll argue it must however be an improvement, because old racist stereotypes were replaced with fictional stereotypes from Borat. Of course old racist streotypes didn't disappear, but they're less common than before Borat.

What is unfortunate is that some very uneducated people may see Borat and don't know Kazakhstan is a real country, so they'll think it's fictional if they meet Kazakhs. These are the people who couldn't even name more than three foreign countries and are proud of their ignorance, though.
>SBC should've just made up a country and this all would've be avoided.
This, I agree with. Most Americans are too stupid to know it wouldn't exist. Especially when the first Borat was being made, no one would even remember what he said long enough to look it up later. Now they might look it up on the spot, but probably wouldn't in his face, so it would still work.
Many do, but they are only showing their stupidity by liking it. It's good if they then talk with their non-/pol/ friends about Borat and it opens discussions about racism. I'm not even American but one of my friends exposed his racism by missing the point of the first Borat (he thought it was making fun of Kazakhs), and then I could explain to him what it was really about and his eyes opened. I don't know if they stayed open because we're not friends anymore, but they opened at that time because of Borat.
>I can understand why Kazakhs hate Borat.
I believe most Kazakhs who actually watched it didn't hate it? My only source for that is a Kazakh friend who I'm no longer friends with, though, but he said it was just those who refused to even watch it that hated it and nationalists. Well, Kazakhs are often very nationalistic so that could include many people…
>I would hate Borat too if the country used was the one I'm from.
I don't know, if it was done as it is with Borat but with my country, I'd still find it just as funny. The problem would be that he wouldn't make it the same way, at all…
>SBC shouldn't have used a real country in my opinion.
>But it's far from /pol/-racism
Cringe. I bet these right-wingers are trying to pull in the support of leftists by doing this.


>I bet these right-wingers are trying to pull in the support of leftists by doing this.
highly doubt it, she's doing this bc she doesn't like the ADL. she doesn't actually give a fuck about anti-asian racism


>she doesn't actually give a fuck about anti-asian racism
Of course she doesn't, but what I mean is some left-leaning people might fall for it if they don't know she and others making such tweets are right-wingers full of shit. Think of the normie who tweets #BLM and talks about the rich, etc. but is scared of the word "socialism". It isn't anything new for right-wingers to adopt left-wing talking points to win normies over, and then they'll claim they're not left vs right issues.

It's true racism and such really shouldn't be left vs right issues (in the strict economic sense of left vs right), but in practice we all know they are and if the right wing can convince normies they're against racism just as much or more than the left, normies will flock to the right. The right wing tried it over #MeToo, with only limited success, but with racism they could conceivably win normies over if they argue "left vs right is economics, racism is not about economics".


This. Even if Borat isn't cheap trash as is my opinion, it is a product of the 2000s and it's sequel is just politicized money laundering through a 'sequel' as is typical of Hollywood




I generally hate seeing people being put in awkward/embarrassing situations so I dislike SBC. Shit is just not funny.


This, this is a good summary of most of my dislike for these types of "movies"


The theme of The dictator aged better than borat because it wasn't mockumentary based



>But he's very serious regarding his concerns about Trump winning another term.
>Cohen and said he was determined to have his new Borat film out before the election.
>"We wanted it to be a reminder to women of who they're voting for – or who they're not voting for," he said. "If you're a woman and you don't vote against this guy, then know what you're doing for your gender."



>vote for me, or… you ain't Kazakh


>complete with bad teeth
lol let the man live he's just British


Why is EVERY single piece of media doing this


How expected nd boring.

The Dictator was actually funny nd had some met commentary.

Top kek


>"If you're a woman and you don't vote against this guy, then know what you're doing for your gender."
Am I insane or is this just disgustingly patronizing and sexist?


No, you're not insane. It is patronizing and sexist


Just saw the 2 movies for the first time.
They were extremely KINO. When you make both /pol/ and /leftypol/ extremely asshurt, you're doing something right


nuleftypol is full of closet trumpfags and christcucks so of course they got triggered by the movie




>Muh orange man
>Muh christians
>/pol/ and /leftypol the same
&ltbeing a lowbrow retard is totally humorous and not hamfisted shittiness
Yeah, reddit is on another site, go back.

Also /pol/ fucking loves Borat, the fuck are you talking about.


Holy seeething chrstcuck. Back to the religion thread


When did the site turn so reactionary? You got several threads unironically arguing for religion and Trump.


Being a lowbrow retard has been the quintessential form of humor in image boards. You go back


File: 1608526748594.jpg (164.03 KB, 960x699, christian communism.jpg)

Hobby is a leftypol board and humor on leftypol has always been at least somewhat intelligent, even when going for low fruit. Borat is a lazy shitty movie with no effort and borderline racist depictions that - even as a person who does not find ethnic humor offensive and enjoys at actually good jokes - finds it grating. Reddit is the place where people whine about "muh leftpol and pol being the same" so go back r/socialism fag

For someone claiming that I'm seething you sure seem to be assblasted.
>arguing for Trump
Because you faggots got /b/ made and now /pol/ camps there and is infecting the rest of the boards, along with redditors like you
&ltmuh reactionaries
Stop using words you don't understand. Even if your hilarious claim of "so many drumpf supporters" was true, being one does not equal a reactionary, not to mention the sheer futility and meaninglessness of the accusation at this point. Literally anyone who isn't "le uber intersectional black trans feminist Ridin' with Biden" is a "reactionary" by this standard, which means Marx, Lenin, Cockshott, Stalin, Castro, Guevara, and a hundred other prominent socialists, living or dead are now "reactionaries". Fuck off.
>Muh religion
Marx did not argue against religion, he argued against organized religion and its relation to people as part of the apparatus that keeps people docile. This is how you know someone is a fucking no-read faggot when they bitch about Christianity yet ignore how a large portion of Christian tenets are identical to Communist ones, with "he who does not work, shall not eat" taken LITERALLY out of the bible by Lenin.

Fucking read a book nigger

PS I've noticed that Christ-com posters tend to have relatively calm posts, while people raving about "muh religion" are the most childish, poorly written shitposters I have seen outside of /b/ and /pol/. You're the edgy remnants of that "New Atheism" shitshow from 5 years ago, pathetic.


That movie was great. It did everything right that Borat did not.


Crossposting my review:
>Borat 2.It was funny, but I feel like it was a bit underwhelming: like the funniest stuff was all shock humour as opposed to something actually comedic. Also the satire felt a bit, weak? Like yes singing about giving Obama wuhan flu as a rally and people unironically liking it is funny, but like, it feels a bit weak compared to say what Eric Andre does.


KINO af even though it triggers leftypolacks


>Like yes singing about giving Obama wuhan flu as a rally and people unironically liking it is funny, but like, it feels a bit weak compared to say what Eric Andre does.
What's funny is that the song made rightoids at the rally s33the and they unironically blamed the act on the democrats lul. He was booed off the stage and chased off.





Just watched it. It sucked. Totally unnecessary sequel. It was much less ambitious or outrageous than the first, and barely had any decent gags. All of the stuff they were mocking are things we all already know about. There's nothing funny or revelatory or even interesting, really, just laughing at dumb Americans. If anything what's on display here in parody is more tame than the reality. The brand of humor feels extremely dated, too, which brings me to my other takeaway.

It feels out of touch about racism. Cohen is more interested in anti-Semitism specifically, which is whatever, but any other racism at most gets a throwaway line (kids in cages). What's even weirder is the one black person in the movie functions as a "magical negro" (both for Tutar and Borat) in the story they're telling to connect the skits together. With everything happening related to racism, that's all they could come up with?


>If anything what's on display here in parody is more tame than the reality.
Case in point >>>/leftypol/1083252


funny i think it would have been funnier if borat said "mah wife" lol


File: 1614795218990.png (280.95 KB, 600x400, turanic.png)

So I watched these films just now. Well, watched might not be right, saw the first 30 minutes of the first one, then about 20 of the second one and proceeded to delete both from my hard drive.

These movies make me hate US more than I did before. Literally the peak example of burger exceptionalism as well as the most-of-the-time covert liberal racism and chauvinism. Its the modern version of having "Laugh at the nigger in a cage" circus attraction colonialist powers loved. All of the humor can be sorted into two camps of vulgar "lmao benis xDDDD" shit, and INCREDIBLY racist "laugh at the slavnigger savage" crap. Or more likely a mix of the two: "XDDD Borat eat wife breast cheese", "LMAO Borat retard son rape sister", "Borat want bussy magnet XXD" "XDDDDDD Nazarbayev skinned a mans dick". Second movie starts with a fucking gulag joke, in 2020 Kazakhstan. Lmao slavs love them gulags, am I rite XXDDDD. What is more strange… THIS IS A FUCKING LIBTARD MOVIE. The retards who get their pants in a twist when you raise the question that zoomies turning "non binary" on mass might be just a result of youth rebelliousness happily soyface over this racist shit inb4 I am called a /pol/yp for this. As I said, its peak liberal chauvanism: "America can have its problems, but we are the land of the free, unlike those problematic savages". Khruschev should have vapourized your nation off the face of the planet. You all deserve the Utopia of the rest of the world that Handmaids Tale scenario would be. DIE


yeah, I watched Borat 1 as a teen and it was burger as fuck, mostly cringe

an example of a good culture-mocking movie from that time would be Jay & Silent Bob, they even shat on capeshit before the rise of Marvel

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