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"Our hands pass down the skills of the last generation to the next"
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they have some OK bits but holy hell has their fandom turned awful since the MDEgenerates rolled in


yeah but there's no need to ever to interact with the fans. the podcast is brilliantly funny regardless of the fanbase.
I'm gonna miss the Jeff Goldblum bits from the recent episodes if Nick is done with them. I gotta say the ad reads bore me tho


I never got the hype


I can't get into it. Having a bunch of dudebros talk semi-comprehensible in-joke filled conversations that are half Joker laughter is amazing, but only when you are part of the dudebros. Otherwise it just looks and sounds weird, and that is how I feel about cumtown. If anything it only makes me miss my dudebros.


this. cumtown just feels like a friend simulator


The cum boys are usually better when they're guests on another show tbh


I only listen to clips of their bits, and those are generally pretty funny.
Love Blackface John Wick VS 8chan Neo.
Never listened to a whole episode and don't intend to, so can't comment on that experience.


I'm gay actor Michael Douglas


My favourite moment from the cumbois, Charlie Sheen:


Yeah, clips are the highlights. They're basically just riffing, and the clips are the good parts.


No it isn't funny but I listen to it anyways because nick mullen is my close personal friend

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