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Use the relevant threads you fuck


File: 1608526977945.jpg (54.72 KB, 600x900, 2987.jpg)

>Use the relevant threads you fuck
First one is an art deco thread.
Second one isn't a dedicated brutalist thread.
This third one is now a brutalist thread.
No-one's forcing you to read it or post on it.


Let me explain to your dumb ass; if you have a singular, specific request/subject you should look for a suitable thread. There is very little to be said about Brutalism except "I like it" or "I don't like it" Because it has been discussed ad nauseum and anything outside of that is already a general argument relevant to architectural structure and aesthetic, which is not specific to brutalism (and therefore goes to >>4652)
We have only 30 posters on this board, 20 regulars and a dozen or so migrants who drop in once in a while.
We have 3 threads dedicated to architecture and buildings, 2 of which are relevant to brutalism.
Now tell me, what is the point of making a 4th architecture related thread for a SPECIFIC topic that won't get more than a couple posts before dying?
>you don't have to see it
1) It's in catalog, I can't NOT see it
2) It's a waste of a good discussion subject placed in a special snowflake thread, and like every other such thread made on this board, will die after 4-12 posts. There are 2-3 dozen such threads in catalog, at the bottom, deader than dead.


The article mentions paternoster elevators in the section on the Arts Tower, UK. Back in the 90s I used to work at Northwick Park Hospital in London which also had them (pic related, another example of brutalist architecture.) They were like a sci-fi themed fairground ride; like jumping into a open bubble in a sealed off tube.allendeAllende


File: 1609589513378.jpg (34.89 KB, 225x234, erno-goldfinger.jpg)

Brutalist architect of the Daily Worker building /Communist Party of Britain London HQ, and inspiration for Ian Fleming's super villain.
>A discussion on a golf course about Ernő with Goldfinger's cousin prompted Ian Fleming to name the James Bond adversary and villain Auric Goldfinger after Ernő—Fleming had been among the objectors to the pre-war demolition of the cottages in Hampstead that were removed to make way for Goldfinger's house at 2 Willow Road. Goldfinger consulted his lawyers when Goldfinger was published in 1959, which prompted Fleming to threaten to rename the character 'Goldprick', but eventually decided not to sue; Fleming's publishers agreed to pay his costs and gave him six free copies of the book.



For me, it's socialist economics grafted onto a 50's-60's Americana aesthetic architectural superstructure.ssnpSSNP


File: 1609838227680.jpg (1.05 MB, 1250x833, dsc2885-copy-web.jpg)

Reject concrete. Embrace brick.


maybe some smaller buildings but I love thicc unpainted concrete walls


Fellas, we all can agree that brick brutalism is the way to go


yes, the attacks on brutalism being souless have always fallen flat for me, there's something about the thick concrete that makes an impression on you in a way that glass and steel don't.

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