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Any interest in a stoner thread?

I usually smoke with my bf and he's not really political, it'd be nice to have a place to discuss thoughts or just discuss stoner shit in general


File: 1610294832745.jpg (92.66 KB, 720x233, 20210110_103644.jpg)

Not sure if this is the right place but stalin and co. smoked some dank shit apparently


I'm pretty sure this is just an edit, unfortunately.


wageslave life without weed is hell on earth. I am not sure whether to envy or pity the rare worker who isn't addicted to something. weed, booze, pills, football, gambling, evangelism, and masturbation are the most common, of course.


This. I don't do drugs nor drink alcohol.
However, I am an internet addicted coomer.


I can't be a true stoner because it makes it hard for me to think, but I started smoking really frequently since I started dating my qt stoner gf. It's really funny because I smoke maybe two or three times a week with her, but never enough to get a tolerance, so I'm always getting completely blasted off of just a few hits while she finishes the rest of the blunt in one sitting.

Stoners, if you avoid getting a tolerance, you will save so much money.


That's the life man. My bf uses mine but unfortunately he's just as much of a stoner as I am so we use quite a bit.


your bf sounds nice what’s his number


How rude(ralis)


will weed help me stay awake if im falling asleep


it will probably do the opposite



Depends. I've noticed that getting high keeps me awake but when I start coming down that's when I get tired. Generally speaking, higher THC strains will keep you awake.

I used to use carts alot, those are like 90% THC and I actually used the sativa ones to do work because they made restless


Yeah, but it so fucking expensive man. I can't smoke weed on a regular basis, if all my income goes out to survive


Growing decent, cheap weed is incredibly easy, there are a ton of small scale affordable options out there. I just grow in my backyard and in a tent inside, but I know people who tried something called spacebuckets which is scalable and can be done in an apartment.

Growing good weed though? Harder, but still cheapzapatistaZapatista


In addition to what some already replied also read a quick summary of the difference between the two large types of cannabis: indica and sativa.
· indica makes you "heavy" / "hungry" / "couch potato" / "sleepy"
· sativa makes you "alert" / "energetic" / "creative"
Most that are available on the streets are "hybrids" of these, but if you're in a jurisdiction where cannabis has been decriminalized or even legalized then it'd be relatively easy for you to find a "pure blend indica OR sativa", depending on what type of high you're interesting in.


Context of this pic?

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