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There one film or TV show, or vidya that you can't help but enjoy, even though you know it's not that great or anti-communist af, or any other reason, feel free to post them in this thread

For me, pic related is definitely a guilty pleasure lmao


Law & Order and similar shit




As for vidya, I consider Pokemon a guilty pleasure of mine. I don't see anybody on this site talk about it so I automatically assume I'm alone in liking it. I know the games are shit compared to pretty much any other game and I've hated the franchise since Gen 7, and under this system there's nothing I can do to stop that trainwreck of a series. But I like the monsters and characters, and the setting has so much potential. Which is exactly why I hate it because it's all wasted. Not to mention that they're still selling 2 versions of the same game which in this day and age could be easily replaced by some pokemon randomization per player like what they did with the Friend Safari in XY, but for obvious reasons they'll never do something like this. It's disgusting to see, but I can't help it, I still like Pokemon to an extent. Unfortunately if I tried to hack the games to make them better in any way, and share it with the world, I'd end up in some top secret Game Freak/Nintendo list, after which I'd get sent a C&D letter or worse, men in black would visit my house and physically threaten me so that I stop all "violation of intellectual rights" forever.


File: 1612580470542.jpg (269.24 KB, 1280x1143, 1564476967987.jpg)

You're not alone, comradeanarchismAnarchism


File: 1612587814751.jpeg (67.14 KB, 1024x554, salo2.jpeg)

youre brain damaged if you cant enjoy things that don't have communist branding.


It's not things that aren't communist. It's things that are blatantly anti-communist or things that promote the worst ideas of neoliberalism, it's hard to ignore once you start noticing it. Of course, sometimes you're able to enjoy that stuff in an ironic sort of way which is not really a problem when the piece of media in question is just ridiculous or not taken seriously at all. So it depends.


Stranger Things (Either is genuinely anti-communist or plays it up for fun)
Marty Robbins (Wrote an anti-communist song)
Maybe billy joel…? I don't think he is openly political

He toured the USSR and wrote leningrad and we didn't start the fire but I'm not sure there's much politics in them other than just "events and stories that happened to billy joel"

Also maybe Holiday in cambodia, which I am not sure if it's supposed to be making fun of intellectual communist professors or radlibs

I haven't read up on pol pot regime so that's why I'm confused on whether or not he was communist, or the nazi type of """""communist"""'

https://msuweb.montclair.edu/~furrg/pol/khmerrouge.html - I found this link about cambodia but I don't know if I can cite it as a real source so I'm unsure if I should read it or not


You know what really makes me mad is how the supposed anti-reactionaries lefty gamers that usually made fun of right wing gamers turned around and made fun of people who were mad about pokemon sword and shield.
Not gonna lie gamers are crazy consumerists who sometimes send death threats to devs and that deserves to be mocked

But those popular good gamer twitter accounts painted all who thought gamefreaks practices are anti-consumerist, lazy and anti-worker (not hiring enough devs and people to work on the game to make it better and pushing out a product because muh merchandising deadlines) as psychos who threaten developers and are le silly and stupid and equating them with incels who complain about misogynistic gamer shit.

Really made me rethink who was really a leftist and who were just socially leftists.


File: 1612638439939.jpg (37.95 KB, 480x360, uk police guns.jpg)

OI OI OI, what's all this oie ear about videogame discussion in 'obby? 'Ave you got a loisence for that?


File: 1612645466418-0.jpg (122.77 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (28).jpg)

This man, this corsican pimp, this back alley tunisian knife fighter, despite being a Nazi ancap faggot, and not being white at all, made me laugh so much in the past.
His impressions are top notch https://youtu.be/KyUqrUZmNhA
Probably the funniest person to never do comedy imo desuanarchismAnarchism


Sorry moite, the OP said vidya too. Either you move these posts to the new Pokemon thread on /games/ or I repost there what I wrote myself.


I like Warhammer 40k for the aesthetics but not the imperium of man one, is this a guilty pleasure, also amon from level of Korra is cool


File: 1612809503050.webm (2.21 MB, 224x288, whatisthisplace.webm)

Let's be honest, these games first functioned as propaganda to legitimize the CIA-funded mass murdering rapist counter revolutionaries in Nicaragua.


I like power metal. The cheesier, the better.


I like this dude, Rob Ager, makes pretty good film analyses and reviews, decent bloke with it, doesn’t have any dumbass film degree but is on par with anyone who does; however he also has a lot of rightoid views, used to be in UKIP, believes in retarded shit like “communist fascism”, and is a goddamned Gold Bug
Can’t say there are many things I like that can even be construed as explicitly anti-communist, however; so many explicitly anti-communist works hail from the 50s and 60s which I’m just not interested in, by the 80s the topic mostly seemed to shift from “Commies bad” to “nuclear war bad”

I guess Threads can be thought of as slightly anti-communist since the Soviets are the aggressors in the war, but the movie is still mostly about the war

I guess Rocky IV would also count as a guilty pleasure of mine that has communists as the antagonists, but again, it wasn’t really about communism imo and they did do something interesting with Drago’s character in Creed II by showing how the fall of the USSR basically ruined his entire life


>>14178 (me)
Forgot picrel


I feel like an absolute retard for never connecting 'Contra' and 'contras' until now. Though in fairness I don't like those games, but still.


>30 foot long boulder snake
>500 pounds
Is it made out of fucking pumice?


tbh this site


90’s Adam Sadler movies. Even now as an adult I still love them for some reason. Maybe due to shit taste or because they were the only things outside of ghibli movies I got to watch during elementary school. Also I have a soft spot for Kevin James garbage mall cop movie but still hate the sequel.


My little pony


Im just kidding ive never even seen it before
I do have a legitimate guilty pleasure in the form of trance music though. Like the upbeat gay shit


More of an innocent pleasure than a guilty pleasure! Not really pro- or anti- communist. More like pure escapism.
It's like an old fashioned radio series, with a 1940s noir feel but set in a post-nuclear war future .
I've been listening on the A-bomb Radio app, but it's also on YouTube.
I listened to about 5 hours so far. It's weirdly addictive.


I'm an ML now but I cant resist shitty punk
It brings back the feelings i had when I was young
Sitting on the cold street smoking and drinking all hope dead back then I was really free


Contrapoints videos and streams


Also unironically enjoy cushvlogs and chapo


Same, although I'd also add on early 2000's Adam Sandler films aswell


I have so many guilty pleasures, but my most recent and one of my most guilty is turbofolk. All the lyrics and video are pure evil, but fuck it, Oj Alija, Aljo! is a fucking banger.


File: 1614584758218-0.jpg (154.18 KB, 870x1000, s-l1000.jpg)

Mercenaries 2: World in Flames.Total CIA glowie propaganda where the point of the game is to kill the President of Venezuela and also fight the Chinese PLA. At the same time it's very fun and has awesome airstrike mechanics.


I mean I can see why Venezuela was offended by this game but at the same time, it portrays the American oil company as parasites, and later when the USA and China deploy to the country it pretty much shows them both to be equally vultures picking over the corpse of VZ for their own gain. It's hardly a 'murrica fuck yeah' narrative.


Those are generally objevtively enjoyable


Blood axis. A group who've produced some really beautiful evocative music. - Unfortunately! Not even merely anti - communist. They seem to encapsule entire fascist world-views in their albums.


This. Admech and Xenos are peak of coolness. Wish that they had kept some of the old Tyranid designs, crotch maws are cool.


To me the message of the movie was that pleasure-seeking is inherently fascist. So yeah I disagree.


Bond movies. I love spy films and franchises. Unfortunately Bond just happens to be a classic, equally beautiful and blunt imperialist tool.


The Riddick movies



File: 1619415018132.png (1.04 MB, 1200x630, ClipboardImage.png)

This old chunk of coal will always get a laugh out of me, even if he seems pretty conservative. His names Norm Macdonald I definitely recommend his standup


>even if he seems pretty conservative
Why because he didn't join the parade of hacks doing easy Trump jokes the last four years? I've never detected a hint of politics from Norm.


creepypastas and other amateur horror from the web varying in quality from hobbyist writers with their own podcasts to random anons. My favorite I've encountered would be https://knifepointhorror.libsyn.com, simple voice narration, his stories can be hit or miss but his good stuff is up there with some of the better short fiction I've read. professionally written horror consistently veers too far into bizarro fiction territory and is usually more preoccupied with developing a c tier narrative rather than any sort of compelling horror premise, someone like Ligotti that still manages to be spooky at a basic level in spite of his aspirations is rare.


what's your favourites anon? I used to be really into them some years ago. For me, nothing beats the Goatman one from /x/


I didn't get the impression from his comedy but rather his interviews and tweets. Still, I don't really care because he's hilarious.


goatman might be it honestly. That uncanny feeling he was able to drive into was genuinely transcendent for a creepypasta, the look into black rural culture was a bonus.


Any of the ones dealing with the surreal backwoods parts of the US for me, like people getting lost in corn fields on dirt roads that seem to change direction or goatman >>15296
A mistake a lot of writers make is revealing too much. The key to keeping something creepy is mystery and ambiguity.


I enjoy reactionary shit like Yukio Mishima, that kind of grandiose hatred of the world, enjoying your own negativity and (self-)destruction too much, etc., Although I don't feel completely guilty about it in front of others because I think it has some value from a purely artistic standpoint. I'm just afraid people will think I'm an incel, because these days every past work of art that talks about alienation and negativity is now considered to be incel.

What I hide more is my enjoyment of Asian and specifically Chinese art cinema, because I don't want to come off as a fetishist of Asia. I'm just tired of the pretentious yuropean woke realism that takes itself too seriously to play with style.


Wind of change, rockin' in the free world etc.


Joel's a dem and I would guess he's a pretty typical lib on that front, but I get the impression from his songs he's very "people orientated". Even if he thinks the USSR was dumb, he admired the people.

I think wiki even has a story about that time there where one of the lighting people shone a light on the crowd who were visibly uncomfortable, so he stopped the show and went off on that person.

He has working class roots and clearly has an affinity for those people, but by that same token, I take Angry Young Man as firmly anti-revolutionary.


File: 1620072357016.jpg (36.36 KB, 828x426, 5whaj2kr4wi31.jpg)

I really enjoy those roided-out action movies like Rambo, Commando and Predator. I find that the atrocious fucking politics and blatant propaganda somehow adds to the experience
>Chinese art cinema
Got any recommendations? I've watched my fair share of Taiwanese and HK stuff but I haven't really seen anything from mainland China.


I once unironically enjoyed "Charlie Wilson's War" before I saw the light!


>Got any recommendations?
Jia Zhangke - pretty much everything by him is good. If I had to single out some of them… Platform and The World are good examples of his early style. Ash is Purest White is a good example of his later style and it recycles some cool details from his previous films. The themes of his films are also interesting, they're mostly about globalization, alienation and rapid development after Deng's reforms, protagonists are people from less developed regions or on the edges of society.

Diao Yinan - The Wild Goose Lake. He's more style than substance but to me his style is delicious, especially in this last film.


>I find that the atrocious fucking politics and blatant propaganda somehow adds to the experience
Yeah, I enjoy over the top fearmongering about Russia and China from Westerners. They're so passionate and creative. It's like consuming spicy food for the taste alone, without absorbing it into your body.


Its so kino


Americans larping as guerrillas doing ppw is hilarious shit and v entertaining, shout out to homefront the game as well


was homefront a fun game because it looks fun


At least he did this bit.


I have nostalgia for pokemon, but the gameplay was objectively shit grinding, and the message and content hyper consumerist low effort shit
Gave up on it long time ago, but that opening still gives me goosebumps


>is this a guilty pleasure
not really, the origins of 40k are rooted in punk and counter culture, even if current day evolutions couldn't be farther from it


File: 1622854329118.jpg (37.16 KB, 562x518, 1413171085511.jpg)

I honestly had a really fun time with Game of Thrones even after the writing went to shit a few seasons in. The actors really were giving it all with terrible material and I respect that, plus the visual design at least kept things interesting to look at even if it was mindless fluff at best.

Also a big fan of tokusatsu even when they're bad, since the colorful action lets me turn off my brain and enjoy some cool fights.spurdoSpurdo


A large portion of Adam Sandler films, although some are straight up unwatchable.

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