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Not sure if you nerds watch handegg and this was a boring superb owl but what is a materialistic explanation for Tom Brady's success here? Is he just very good at picking out teams that aren't shit?


Most of his success came with the Patriots franchise that had a coach and development system that could do more with less and Tom Brady doesn't demand his true market value so that the teams that he plays on always have enough cap space to sign important free agents year to year so that they can keep reloading with elite teams. He's not like Aaron Rodgers or Patrick Mahomes where he eats 25%+ of the salary cap for the next 3-4 years.


>Not sure if you nerds watch handegg

More of a basketball guy myself but I really would like to get into Football. Can someone explain it in simple terms for a Euro?


have ball. try to advance ten yards with ball. if you fail four times, other team gets ball. if you reach the end of the field, six points.


That's it?


is there any thread doing a marxist analysis on the superbowl commercials?


soldier = brainwashed prole
monster = communist


there are some additional rules, but that's really the core of it.


It is actually much more difficult than it looks.


Oh, for me it looks difficult enough, if you add all the Football lingo and rules that I have never heard of. That's why I was surprised to hear that the basic gist of it is quite simple


That's disgusting, holy shit. Poor burgers that have normalized this shit.


Sounds like you don't have what it takes to be a marine.


2001: Tuck Rule
2003: Spygate
2004: Carried By Defense
2007: 18-1
2011: lost to Eli AGAIN
2014: Saved by Malcolm Butler
2016: Falcons were cursed
2017: Lost to Big Dick Nick
2018: Dee Ford stepped offsides
2020: Refball/Mahomes ruined by injury


Unrelated but why do people say that peyton manning has a giant dick? Like, why?


Have you seen it?


No, but I would like him to fuck my gf. That is only, if he has dick longer than 10 inches


thats basically it, but you can also do a field goal


The only "GOAT" athlete I believe his talents to be genuine and simply the best is Usain Bolt. The other "super stars" like Messi, Jordan, Brady, etc. are obviously just helped by marketing and fixed matches


>soundless webm


>what is a materialistic explanation for Tom Brady's success here?
He doesn't eat tomatoes because they're inflammatory. Inflammation is what causes DNA damage aka aging. In the garden of eden there was no inflammatory food and that's how Adam managed to live this be a thousand years old. As his descendants spread out they started to consume more inflammatory foods and started to eat meat which shortened their lifespans. All the way to the modern diet that is very heavy in tomatoes.


That's interesting. We should make this to a "What makes one the GOAT" in any sport. Bolt is definitely the GOAT in his sport, while someone like Michael Phelps is the GOAT in swimming. Team sports are harder to make an assesment, but still possible.

I have a video linked about the GOAT debate in Basketball between Jordan and Lebron. He says the Categories worth looking into in any GOAT debate of a given sport are:
-The "Eye-Test"

These are very allrounded Categories and you could transfer this to most sports imo, regardless of marketability and their images as brands



The only GOATs I care about is Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.


If we take the categories as >>14215 has pointed out, then Ronaldo, wins this debate closely. At least for now


dude look at any close play by Lebron and he always chokes. don’t give me that bullshit about stats, Lebron is the most overrated played in NBA history. nobody chokes like he does.


Dude if you watch the video, you see that Lebron only wins in longevity. The rest is dominated by mj and shows how useless this debate is when it comes to Basketball


The NFL is rigged in the same way the WWE is, simple as




You really think the entire thing isn't carefully manufactured to generate the most hype and sales?


Why would the chiefs just fucking lose like that? Did you see the last super bowl, shit sucked.


im a nerd-anon how do i get into football without having played it as a kid?


Don't. Handegg is a glorified commercial show where the game keeps stopping every time the ball hits the floor.


File: 1613628817861.webm (5.42 MB, 1024x576, 1610326626865.webm)





not even football fans like football. watch literally any other sport. basketball, hockey, and soccer are all entertaining on their own merits.


College football is good


I think the sport you're thinking of is baseball, now that is a truly boring sport.
Football just has a lot of pauses but that's because it's a generally rough game.


Baseball is more of a drama than a sport, truth be told
at least American Baseball isn't played over 5 fooken days


He's an above average QB that's had insane luck and teams built around him.

This guy is mostly known for his twitter shitposting but he actually went in depth into it.


His son’s ass gives him the Super Bowl power.


Baseball players make everything look easy. Honestly it is hard for someone to like baseball from just watching it on TV or a stream. You have to have played it or at least grew up watching it. Most people who don't like (not trying to be an asshole) it don't understand it.


This is basically a 120 yard sprint.

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