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This book is from the creator of Youjo Senki about trying to keep Yugoslavia together. I know Yugoslavia isn't really socialist but from the point of view of the author I feel it is and wonder how he chose to write about it considering the popularity of his other work among the right. Would be cool if someone translated it (I could rip the book for them if they are unable).

Anyway, general socialist fiction thread!


I think it's funny that fascist retards didn't get the point of Youjo Senki at all and think it's about how le based fascism is
Verhoeven's Starship Troopers all over again


That's the biggest reason I'd love to see this work by him translated lol


Some fictional socialist books worth reading maybe:
How the Steel Was Tempered
Broad and Alien is the World (El mundo es ancho y ajeno, recommended by com. Laura of the PCP)


Any manga? I know two that are Japanese nationalist but zero communist ones.


There's multiple threads for that on /anime/ for example


File: 1616032003823.jpeg (264.66 KB, 1600x1109, el-eternauta.jpeg)

One of the pinnacles of comic as a medium


Apparently Netflix wants to do an adaptation of it. Wouldn’t be surprised if they took out all the political content from it and just turned into generic alien invasion shit like they did with Snow Piercer


Did Netflix modify Snowpiercer or something?


File: 1617548037604.jpeg (415.44 KB, 1455x681, RCO152_1477912208.jpeg)

Just finished this. The beginning and middle are amazing. Deeply atmospheric and anxiety inducing stuff ahead of its time but towards the end, I think it turns into silly 50s sci fi pulp with a rushed ending and lots of asspulls. Overall pretty good but the last parts turned a 10/10 masterpiece into an 8/10 for me.
I also skimmed through the 70s remake after the author went full commie and it seems that the more overtly political stuff added to the story hurt it rather than help it even from an anti-imperialist propaganda point of view, the original is far more subtle in its approach and it works for the better.


Do you have a download link for a comrade?


Fuck the Argentinian fuckwads that murdered him and his family. He was going to wrote a sequel and an autobiographical comic on the life of Che.


Have you read Ursula Le Guin?


nvm, found it.


Anyone know where I can find copies of the Noon Universe books in English?


To my knowledge and disappointment, there are no decent translations of Strugatskys to english. I saw a couple books on libgen though.


Look up,
>The Eternaut (2016) (Digital) (phillywilly-Empire)
For the Héctor Germán Oesterheld / Solano López version, and
>The Eternaut 1969 (2020) (Digital) (Dipole)
For the Alberto Breccia remake.


the "remake" sucks balls, don't bother with it


I like Alberto Breccia's art.


It sacrifices content for form, it's cool that every panel looks like an expressionist painting but they crammed the 360+ pages of story in the original into like 50 in the remake (understandable since the publication got cancelled due to pissing off the government and the writer being kidnapped not long after) IMO you should only read it if you really liked the original and want to see an alternate take on it.


Ok, this was pretty cool. Some parts were questionable, like seemingly endless supply of wholecloth rubber and scuba masks on this guy's attic, but I've got a lot more invested reading this than most media I've consumed recently.


I know this is a long shot but on a stream from a while ago now Haz was talking about some Hungarian socialist realism novel I can’t remember the name of anymore that sounded interesting. Does anyone remember what it was called?

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