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Am I the only one who doesn't like "travel" ?? I see literally no point in even going to a different region in my own country, let alone another one.

I feel like saying you hate travel in this instagram era is like saying you hate puppies or chocolate or apple pie something. I really don't like the whole experience. It's exhausting. My idea of a vacation is sleeping for a week.


What has made me hate the idea of "travel" or that you have to have traveled somewhere is that text books (especially second language ones) always have some sort of activity where you're required to talk about it. Most of us, having been born to working class families, have never traveled anywhere beyond surrounding states, let alone to another country.

Maybe if your life is really fucked or something really depressing happened to you recently, travel could help. That is, if you have the means to do it.


I feel you travelling is insanely exhausting


This too, I guess.
The whole year is so busy that when your vacation starts, I just want to stay home, relax and maybe work on personal projects that I usually have no time for. But before summer everyone always asks "where are you going this August?" and are surprised when I say I won't go anywhere.

The less exhausting way to travel is by plane (not that it's that big of a difference), but one can't just afford that all the time.


I like going to the beach though


Being on the beach is nice, it's the travelling part that sucks. I'm conflicted.


I don't mind traveling actually but I usually drive myself. I do admit that airport travel is exhausting. I've never done massive rail traveling in the US.


I hate moving myself to different places. Airports + Airplanes are absolutely horrid non-places. I hate touristy shit. I want to live in new ways and connect with people that are not necessarily from where I'm from.


Maybe you are on the autism spectrum and are just uncomfortable with change. I don't mean this in a mean way or anything


My preferred vacation is an all expense paid hotel in the same town I live in, so I think I know how you feel OP


I like to travel but I don't like to reach the destination.
I enjoy sitting in a car and seeing different places and houses and people.

My main qualm against travelling is safety and having money to travel. Need me a travelling obsessed rich instagram gf who'll drag me to places. I'm too much of a hikkimori


It's a bit hard to travel when you have no money. :(


I’d only like travel if there are good food places to visit


I like travling but I hate instagram and all this shit, for me traveling is exploring places I haven't been to and enjoying new things. If you're not into it, that's just fine IMO, and I don't know why some people would be pissy about it. Of course travelling is hard without money.


I travel for the food.
If Japan is regionally accessible, just go there. You literally have to try and find food that isn't excellent. Plus, it's super cheap.
>but i cant speak japane-
still worth it

If money/work was not a concern, I would leave within 1 hour to go there.

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